Editorial Guidelines

A Little about Emopulse

Emopulse is all about troubleshooting the smallest to the most fatal error, issues, and problems that occur when users interact with modern gadgets, software tools, and more. We know the frustration that comes with these issues because have walked in the shoes of our customers. It is now our mission to help our customers out of these troublesome scenarios so they can have the joy of playing their favorite game or getting back to working on their device rather than wasting hours in figuring out a solution to the problem.

Emopulse consists of founders, managers, auditors, editors, and writers who all happen to be tech-enthusiasts with a passion for solving the most difficult software and hardware related problems. We wish to make this website a universal database of solutions that computer users, gamers, and technology users around the world bookmark as their go-to repository to solve their Windows, software, console, computer, smartphone, etc. related problems.

The Emopulse Team

It is not possible to offer our readers great guides and articles without the involvement of several fantastic people with great abilities and passion for technology and problems pertaining to it. Emopulse doesn’t rely on a one-man-army to produce these guides as we are fully aware of the consequences of such a mistake.

Emopulse Team
Emopulse Team

The team that contributes to our guides consists of three segments: writers, editors, auditors. Here is what our readers should know about them.


These are the genius minds that also happen to be great computers users, gamers, and tech reviewers. They love to help solve problems related to computers, smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. and thus they share the same vision with us.

Our writers are responsible for taking a particular topic, which is usually a problem, research it on the internet, collect all the valuable data, and even use hands-on experience to come up with several solutions to the problem at hand.

They are also responsible for following our writing guidelines and protocols to ensure every guide they write has great value for our users.


These are individuals with a sharp eye and also great knowledge of several tools and programs that help them with the editing of the content. They are responsible for editing, amending, and improving the content for the final adjustments, after which a guide is ready to be published online.

These experts stay tenacious to Emopulse’s writing guidelines and ensure these guidelines are followed by writers across the board. It is their hard work that ensures the uploading of great content on the website with a consistent flow.


They sit at the top of the pyramid of our writing team. These individuals are managers who have spent years solving computer, gaming console, and smartphone related problems. They can instantly spot when a piece of content isn’t original, doesn’t follow the guidelines, or isn’t original.

While editors follow a well-defined process to ensure the quality of each piece of content, auditors use their experience to make sure nothing slips through the cracks and users get guides and instructions that are truly helpful.

Type Of Content We Write

In a sentence, we solve commonly and rarely-occurring problems with computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, and software tools and programs. Whether it’s a problem users have just started to face or an issue that has been plaguing them for months and years, we put our experience to use and write detailed step-by-step guides to solve that problem.

We are not limited to a particular platform, operating system, or ecosystem. We love solving problems whether for our users regardless of their device, operating system, and program preferences. We like to compile our instructions into several easily understandable steps and also ensure that we offer customers all the alternative solutions that exist for a particular problem.

Why We Write What We Write

We write for our readers and to make their life easy as a computer or technology user. The founders of Emopulse have used computers, consoles, software programs, smartphones, and all the gadgets under the sun throughout their lives. Whenever faced with pestering issues while using these technologies, they always struggled to find a reliable online place for a quick and understandable solution.

The painful process of looking through forums, blogs, and websites and still not being able to solve the problem is quite familiar to them. The creation of Emopulse is their step to eradicate this problem once and for all and provide our readers with troubleshooting solutions that aren’t generic, but tried and tested in nature so they can trust them without hesitation.

We Write For People

Our process of writing is focused entirely on our readers i.e. people who are actively seeking a solution to the problem they are facing with their computer, gaming console, or a program they are trying to use. The main aim of writing these troubleshooting articles and guides is to bring our readers value.

We won’t suggest a solution unless we have tried it ourselves even if a sponsor is paying us a big sum for it. We don’t primarily write for the purpose of marketing, but we do follow SEO best practices in the process to make our valuable solutions discoverable to people as much as possible.

Values We Uphold While Writing

At Emopulse, we have clearly defined values that we uphold while writing all of our contents. Doing so brings consistency in our work, helps communicate solutions with more clarity, and set certain standards that our readers can always expect while reading our guides.

Our Values
Our Values

Here are the values we strictly follow in our writing.


We know the world of technology can be overwhelming with its jargon and complex terminologies. While these terms are difficult to avoid in certain scenarios, we make sure to avoid them as much as possible and use terminologies and jargon that are most well-known to ordinary computer users.

Our writers have been instructed to explain any terminologies that might be new or so rare that most readers might not know their meaning. By doing this, we make sure our guides are as valuable for an experienced tech-user as they are for someone who has just bought their first gadget.

We also follow the same guidelines while writing instructions and step-by-step guides for our readers. We keep our words simple, sentences short, and instructions as concise and to-the-point as possible so our readers instantly know what action needs to be taken to solve a particular problem.


It is one of our primary aims to provide our readers around the world with original content. We don’t copy paste instructions to take the short cut. Our hands-on experience with most of the gadgets that the problems are pertaining to allows us to write original, fresh, and valuable content for our readers.

However, we may take help from other sources to explain things better to our readers, but whenever we do so, we give credit to the owners of the content we took the content from. We credit their work by clearly stating that it’s from them, and hyperlink when necessary to their media to allow our users to view the original.


We avoid generic and obvious statements at all costs. We know what our users are looking for when they are faced with a problem with their computer, console, game, or some other program. Making generic statements rather than offering a solution will only waste their time and may even add to their frustration.

At Emopulse, we like to keep our instructions as actionable as possible. We are clear about the instruction or the step that users need to take to solve a particular problem. The practice of giving out actionable instructions is followed in all primary and alternative solutions we provide for various types of problems.


Bias kills the essence of the message and takes away the intended value of the content. We don’t subscribe to, endorse, or promote bias in any form. In fact, we take all necessary measures to ensure our content is free of any bias.

The same non-bias is practices in or internal matters, such as the hiring process wherein we make sure to include new members to our team regardless of their faith, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, etc. Similarly, our content is not aimed at pleasing a specific group of people.


Emopulse takes all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of the content shared on the website. We like to conduct our research using only the most reliable sources. Furthermore, we resort to our personal experiences while suggesting troubleshooting solutions and resolutions.

This sense of accuracy at a personal level is further supplemented by introducing multiple layers of audit and checking of every single guide we write. Through the addition of these layers to the process, we make sure everything shared with our readers is as accurate as possible.

We take great pride in our quality check and assurance process that consists of several expert personnel, guaranteeing the accuracy of every statement, fact, figure, and statistic in our content before it is published.

How We Research Our Content

First of all, our writing professionals have been given complete guidelines on how to research the content, in which they have been clearly advised to use only the most reliable online sources for the purpose of research.

However, we don’t deem it complete research to find one reliable source and use it as a foundation of our content. We continue our research on the given topic until we have shortlisted a few reliable sources of information.

The next phase involves the tallying of information from these sources to narrow down to the solutions that are most accurate, applicable, and practical for users. We also take into account the acceptability of a solution based on the overall feedback and response from the users.

We are computer users like our readers and our interaction with a variety of devices has given us hands-on experience with most of the problems we aim to solve at Emopulse. As a result, the most crucial part of our research is our own experience that we have gained over the course of many years.

We have fixed computers, graphics cards, processors, motherboards, smartphones, tablets, etc. and documenting our first-hand experience is the most crucial part of our research. Additionally, we personally try many of the solutions that we recommend.

In conclusion, Emopulse offers applicable, implementable, and practical solutions, many of which have been tried and tested by its own experts.

How We Write Our Content

We have clearly-defined guidelines that we follow while writing every piece of content. Our writers have been given these guidelines and are frequently communicated further changes, modifications, and improvements.

The main aim of our writing guidelines is to make our guides as valuable, actionable, and informative as possible. We have a special focus on the readability of our content to make sure people of all ages and backgrounds can easily understand the instructions and steps we write.

Scan-ability of the content is another one of our main concerns while writing because we understand how busy everyone is. When our readers don’t have a lot of time to read long instructions and guides, they can go through the summarized versions of our instructions or use the table of content to access the exact portion that concerns them.

Here are a few key components of how we write our guides.

  • A summarized version of the instructions for easy perusal
  • An easily scan-able outline laced with headings and subheadings to allow for a quick read
  • A logical structure that smoothly transitions from one idea to another to allow for maximum retention of information
  • Short and easy sentences, each carrying a single idea to keep instructions understandable
  • Addition of images and visuals to make instructions easily comprehendible
  • Use of simple language so everyone can implement the suggested solutions

We continue to learn new ideas and implement them in our writing to give our readers the best guides that help them solve their tech-related problems.

How We Audit Our Content

Emopulse has created a 3-Is (read Three Eyes) philosophy to ensure the quality of its content before it’s published for readers. We have never endorsed or implemented a single-step audit process because our experience tells it doesn’t work.

We have installed several checkpoints in our content writing and publishing process to minimize the chances of errors and inaccurate information slipping through the cracks to near-zero. Here is how our 3-Is audit process works.


Emopulse has created a detailed document that entails all and everything that a creator needs to know before writing for us. This document is handed over to every writing expert before they are made a part of the team. They also have to take a test to prove their understanding of the standards.

It is only possible for a candidate to become a part of the team when they have successfully taken the test and understood all the readability, formatting, and structural standards set forth by Emopulse.

We also have our auditors revisiting the documents to make amendments, improve it for future use, keep it up-to-date, and remove any information or guideline that might have become outdated. The updates are then communicated with every writer through the provisioning of the updated document.


The inspection of the content takes place several times. We inspect the instructions that have been given to the writers to follow while writing. At the same time, the content is inspected as soon as it is submitted for publishing.

We have an entire team of editors and proofreaders that goes through the content in as much detail as possible while ticking the boxes to make sure all standards and requirements are followed. This process is followed consistently with every article that’s submitted for review.

Audit Process
Audit Process

Here are the elements that our auditing team reviews in the inspection process.

Typos: Typographical errors might not affect the value of the content, but they can surely give a glimpse into the quality check and quality assurance practices that a company follows.

Lingo: While we allow our writers to stick to their style of writing to keep the content original and natural, there are certain conventions that we can’t breach. Through the checking of the lingo, we make sure our content always reads and sounds professional.

Structure: We have a well-defined structure that is to be followed in all our guides and articles. We have come up with this structure after years of experimentation and experience. We make sure every piece of content written for us adheres to these guidelines for consistency.

Facts: This type of audit is conducted to make sure the content states only facts as facts. No generic statements or made-up facts, figures, or statistics are allowed in our articles.

Readability: We know we are writing for ordinary users who run into problems and don’t necessarily have the technical knowledge to resolve the problem right away. For this reason, we like to keep our language informative, educational, and yet very simple for every layperson to understand.

Visuals: Auditing the visuals is an important part of the auditing process. First, we make sure the article contains visuals for the ease of our readers. Secondly, we only allow images that are easy to view, non-pixelated, and add to the ease of information for readers.

Fluff: We like to keep to the point. People are looking for a solution and we offer them just that. We don’t like digression and saying things that don’t offer any value. We disallow any fluff or filler that wastes several minutes of our readers’ time before they can read the actual solution they’ve been looking for.

Accuracy: Troubleshooting solutions can be quite tricky. A solution that applies to Windows 7 might not apply to Windows 10 or 11. To ensure our readers get only accurate information, our auditors inspect every solution thoroughly for accuracy and correctness.

Originality: Our auditors and editors use the latest software tools to ensure the originality of the content. In addition to using these tools, they also manually compare the guides with other online articles to make sure we provide our readers with fresh, original, and non-plagiarized content.


If any of the issues stated above are found in the content, it is sent back for correction and revision. This is an important part of our writing process as it not only allows us to deliver high-quality guides to our readers, but also internally streamlines the writing process so we can offer such top-of-the-line content to our users more frequently.

This part of the process also helps us discover helpful resources to give our writers. More importantly, it allows our experts to share their knowledge with writers to help them create content that resonates with our readers.

How We Update Our Content

An integral part of online guides is to keep the content up-to-date and fresh according to the changing requirements, protocols, and standards. A troubleshooting solution we offer our readers today might not remain applicable in a few years.

Also, the continuous technological evolution begs more information to be added to the guides over the course of time. We understand this challenge fully well and thus have a proper process in place to ensure the relevance, practicality, and up-to-date-ness of the content.

We revisit our previously written guides after a set duration of 6 months. We create a list of all the guides and pieces of content that need to be modified, amended, improved, or augmented for the purpose of relevance and being up-to-date.

We leave timestamps and logs with all the changes and updates so our users can see when they were made. Also, whenever applicable, we keep these updates on top so our readers can instantly view them as soon as they open the article.

How Our Team Works

Irrespective of who they are and where they are from, the only thing that every member of the team at Emopulse has to ensure is their love and passion for technological gadgets and fixing their problems. Anyone who has this passion is one of us, even if they are not working with us.

The first thing we ensure at Emopulse is the clear definition of roles. We clearly define roles and the hierarchy of the team to enable free flow of information and uninterrupted communication. Through a clear hierarchical structure, every person knows their point of contact and can forward their queries to that person and get a response.

We believe in DEI i.e. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. By adhering to this philosophy, we have structured a team that consists of people from various backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and races. We believe this diversity gives rise to the harmony that makes us who we are today.

Customer Feedback Matters

Customer service and experience are our top priority, and we stick tenaciously to them in our creative work. Our product is information that solves problems, so we have to guarantee our customers receive it in the finest form.

Despite all the efforts we put into the creation of our guides, there is nothing as important and essential as the customer feedback. It’s the customer feedback that helps us know that we are offering them value and a helping hand at the time of need.

The most important thing about customer feedback is that it helps us improve our content and create more content that is in line with customer needs. We can safely say that user feedback is what helps us create new guides because our readers tell us the problems they are facing and we take it upon ourselves to find a solution as soon as possible.

What We Don’t Do

We cannot promise our readers to give them the best guides and articles unless there are certain things we avoid at any cost. There is a list of things that we don’t do because it either doesn’t offer any value to our readers or misguides them. Here are the things we don’t do.

Writing for Promotion

We don’t promote and praise a product unless we’ve made sure that it holds true to its claims. If there is a piece of content that has been sponsored, we’ll help our readers know through a label that says “promoted or sponsored” on the content. We will not promote a software program or product as a solution unless we know it works and does what it claims to do.

Writing for Sensationalism

The purpose of creating Emopulse is only to help computer users and gamers, and tech users in general, find information about the problems they face time to time. Our guides are fact-based and to-the-point because we know the purpose and objective they have been created for.

We tell it like it is and consider it our duty to give our users accurate solutions to the problems they are facing. Sensationalism is not our cup of tea.

Imposing Opinions

At Emopulse, we have vowed to help our readers with accurate solutions that help them get out of a frustrating situation before they have to pay a professional to solve the problem. It is common knowledge and our understanding that users of all platforms and device types run into problems of the same nature.

It does not matter whether someone is using an iPhone, Pixel, Windows computer, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, or some other platform, they can run into bugs, glitches, hardware failures, software problems, and what not. We research and perform fixes ourselves before writing the guides that are intended to help them.

It is never our intention to impose a particular opinion in the guise of providing a solution to change people’s minds. We are problem solvers, not mind changers.

Copying Others

We don’t copy others and believe the act of copying to be intellectual dishonesty. Our relationship with our readers demands that we are honest with them, and one way to be honest is to give them original content consisting of real, applicable, and actionable solutions to their problems.

However, we also believe in going the extra mile to help our readers and if we have to use someone else’s data, visuals, or other creatives, we are not shy to acknowledge that and credit them for this. We give proper credits to the original creators of the content and have never shied away from doing so.

Complicating Things

Emopulse was created to help people troubleshoot problems on their own with online guides and instructions. We have dealt with traditional instruction manuals and can confirm how difficult and frustrating things can be when not explained in an easy way.

Keeping things simple and plain is inherent to our writing guidelines and thoroughly checked by our editors and auditors to make sure the content is valuable and helpful for every reader irrespective of their background, experience, and understanding of computer parts, consoles, etc.

 Ignoring Rare Issues

We do not ignore certain issues only because they are faced by a very small group of people. The truth is, we have been in that small group of people several times and know how painful it is to run into a technical problem whose solution isn’t available online.

In addition to keeping our finger on the pulse of the ongoing trends, Emopulse is always researching the rarely faced problems to find their solutions. We’ll walk the difficult path to solve even the rarest and most difficult problems for our users.

Open to Corrections

Despite our best efforts in ensuring the accuracy and correctness of the content, certain mistakes or errors might make their way into our published content. To err is human and hence we expect such incidents occasionally occur despite due diligence.

We are open to corrections and feedback. Upon noticing incorrect information or errors in our guides and articles, our customers are advised to get in touch with us to notify us of that. We listen to their feedback and make the required corrections and changes as soon as possible.

Get In Touch

We love to hear from our readers and it brings us great joy when they share their suggestions with us. If you have anything to say, a query to raise, or a correction you want to notify us about, you can do so by sending us your feedback at [email protected]