How To Fix DNS Error NW-102311-8 On PS5

In our guide, we are going to talk about how to fix DNS Error NW-102311-8

If you are experiencing the DNS Error NW-102311-8 on your PS5, you’re not the only one. Users of the PlayStation 5 frequently report this error, and numerous known error codes and fixes are available. Being such a mainstream platform, the ps5 is bound to run into errors eventually. Moreover, we have previously talked about various PlayStation errors and how to fix them, such as; An Unidentified Error, Error ce-10002-3, Error-CE-10005-6, Error ws-37469-9

Users of the Play Station 5 report encountering the mentioned DNS error when connecting to the PlayStation 5 network platform and that this restricts their connectivity to the platform. We’ve made an effort to provide you with instructions for fixing this error in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • A domain name system, or DNS,  is the mechanism used to track and control internet domain names and addresses.
  • Having a network issue is what can cause the DNS NW-102311-8 error on the Play Station 5.
  • It might make it impossible for you to use the PlayStation Network.
  • Manually changing the DNS settings on your PS5 is one approach to fixing this issue.
  • By accessing the PlayStation Network’s Service Status page, you may rule out a server outage as a possible reason for DNS problems.
  • We will walk you through a sequence of steps in this article to fix the DNS error nw-102311-8.

What is a DNS NW-102311-8 Error on PS5?

Domain Name System, or DNS, is essential for translating IP addresses into domain names. Error messages will appear on your screen if you try to connect to the PS5 using the incorrect DNS servers and an active internet connection. Most frequently, DNS errors are brought on by changes to the network and unsuccessful attempts to configure the system to the new settings.

Problems with users’ console systems are a common source of DNS problems. For instance, there could be an issue with your network or internet connection, or your DNS settings could be incorrect. In addition, a clogged cache or an out-of-date browser can also lead to DNS problems.

You may encounter the error code NW-102311-8 or “a communication error has occurred” when attempting to access the PlayStation network, which prevents you from connecting to the network. It can also be classified as a network connection error. Below, we have provided some helpful recommendations you can utilize to help resolve this issue.

How To Fix DNS Error NW-102311-8

By restarting your PS5, practically all common issues can be resolved. It is one of the most common and effective ways to remove the majority of error codes, including this one. If you’ve previously tried that and it doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem, try rebooting your internet router to see if it helps. However, if you continue to encounter the issue, we advise that you try the below-listed fixes.

Check The Status Of The PlayStation Network.

To find out if there are any server outages or scheduled maintenance, visit the PlayStation network status page. The steps to do so are shown below.

  1. Visit the settings menu and choose Network
    DNS Error NW-102311-8
    PS5 settings menu
  2. From the options that appear, choose Connection Status and then opt for ” View PlayStation Network Status”
    PlayStation Network settings
    PS5 network settings
  3. You will be directed to the network status page. If you notice that the servers are down, you simply need to wait till they are fixed. However, if the servers are up and running, we advise following the additional recommendations below.
    DNS Error NW-102311-8
    PlayStation Network Status: Operational

You can also visit to check the network status.

Change The DNS Settings On Your Console

The easiest way to fix this issue is to simply change your PS4’s internet settings, but this time, manually enter your own DNS servers rather than allowing the PS4 to select them for you. Your PS4 will use your ISP’s default DNS servers while it is set to Automatic; these servers may be unavailable at the time, which is why you are receiving this error.

You can work around this issue and regain access to the internet by switching your DNS servers to a new pair, such as Google DNS or another free provider. For the vast majority of instances of this error code, this fix is effective.

  1. Go to the settings menu and select network in the same way as in the aforementioned fix.
  2. Go to the settings option rather than connection status.
    Settings Option
    Network Settings
  3. Select the option “Set up internet connection.”
  4. Locate the network you are connected to and select it
  5. Instead of selecting automatic, click the settings button on your PS5 controller and select either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz.
    DNS Error NW-102311-8
    Network Options
  6. Afterward, choose Advanced Settings from the menu shown.
    Advanced settings
    Advanced settings
  7. Navigate to DNS Settings and choose Manual.
  8. The Primary DNS and Secondary DNS will then appear.
    DNS Error NW-102311-8
    Primary and secondary DNS settings
  9. In the Primary DNS field, put in “”.
  10. Put “” under the Secondary DNS field.
  11. Click the OK option on the right after that. Wait for your PS5 to perform a network test. Connecting to access point

After finishing, you should verify that the error has been corrected.

Disable Your Internet Router’s Firewalls Temporarily

Because of interactions with your firewall, the PS5 DNS error could occur. Your firewall needs to be configured. Copying the IP address found on your router will allow you to connect to it. As an alternative, you might connect your PS5 or another computer straight to the router. You may need to get in touch with your ISP to ask them to turn off any ISP services you may be using, such as Parental Control, which may restrict incoming connections. Here are the general guidelines for momentarily disabling the firewall on your router.

  1. Access the settings page of your router. Use a laptop, desktop computer, or even a mobile device to carry out this task. You will need your router’s IP address, which is typically provided on the router.
  2. Type the IP address on the router into your browser and click enter.
  3. To log in, you might need a username and password. These login credentials should be on your router or were given to you by your ISP when you installed the device.
    DNS Error NW-102311-8
    Firewall Settings
  4. Look for terms like “Firewall,” “Security,” “WAN Settings,” and other similar terms on the menu page.
  5. In the menu page, look for terms like “Firewall,” “Security,” “WAN Settings,” “Filter,” or “Packet check.” Depending on your router, the precise setting name may vary.
  6. Disable the firewall after finding the appropriate setting and making sure to Apply changes or Save changes
  7. To ensure that the connection works as intended, check your PS5.

Update The System Software

You can also attempt updating the system software to fix this error if none of the preceding fixes are successful. The system software needs to be updated using a USB flash drive since the NW-102311-8 issue is a network connection issue. The following are instructions for updating the system software:

  1. You should format the USB drive as FAT32 after connecting it to your computer.
  2. Then, on the USB flash drive that has been formatted, make a folder called “PS5”.
  3. Make an additional folder called “UPDATE” inside of that one.
  4. Save the update file to the “UPDATE” folder after downloading it. Save the document as “PUP.”
  5. Connect your PS5 console to the USB drive that contains the file.
  6. Shut off your PS5 system.
  7. To start in Safe Mode, press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeping sounds.
  8. By using a USB cable to connect your PS5 controller to the console, couple them together by pressing the PS button on the controller.
  9. Choose option 3 to Update System Software while in Safe Mode.
  10. Select OK after choosing Update from USB Storage Device.

Power Cycle Your Console

All services will restart after a power cycle, giving the computers a fresh start. This might stop any DNS errors and restore proper operation. Additionally, we advise power cycling your gaming console and internet network. A power cycle can be carried out as follows:

  1. Turn off your console and internet router,
  2. Unplug their respective power cables
  3. Afterward, wait for about 3-4 minutes before plugging the power cables back in
  4. Lastly, turn your device back on
  5. When your device has restarted, check to see if the NW-102311-8 is still present.

Contact PlayStation Support

If you’ve attempted the aforementioned solutions and the DNS error still doesn’t appear to be fixed. We advise getting in contact with PlayStation’s official support. They will be able to identify your particular problem and provide suggestions for resolving it.

Final Words

To fix the PS5 DNS error NW-102311-8, we have offered a number of possible solutions. All of these are doable without expert assistance at home. Additionally, you can post on the community forums for the PlayStation 5 to connect with other PS5 users who have dealt with this issue previously and may be able to assist you in solving your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a DNS error on PS5?

You can try the following methods to resolve a DNS error:
-Reload the system settings and clear the DNS cache.
- Verify the DNS server is operating properly and the network connection.
-Refresh the software on your console device.

How can I restore the default DNS settings of my PS5?

Using a DNS management tool like NetworkManager or DDNS Client will allow you to reset your DNS settings back to their default setting.

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