PS3 Error 80023102 [SOLVED]

PS3 Error 80023102 can arise due to server issues and some other reasons. Learn how to effectively solve it.

You are trying to add funds to your PlayStation wallet but encounter PS3 error 80023102 instead. The error can persist even after multiple tries entering your credit card information in the login bar.

So don’t worry. I am here to guide you with my effective fixes. This error was also reported on Reddit.

PS3 Error 80023102
PS3 Error 80023102 – [Image Credits Emopulse]

Key Takeaways

  • Error 80023102 is often a server glitch on the network’s end due to high traffic.
  • You can fix the error with a few easy processes, like restarting your internet device, restarting the console, adding correct credit card information, etc.
  • Many PS3 users encountered the issue while adding credits to their Sony account for PlayStation Store purchases.

Causes Of PS3 Error 80023102

I’ve made an attempt to cover all potential reasons for this error and present their respective fixes in the methods provided below:

  • High traffic on the server.
  • The Email isn’t authenticated.
  • The ZIP code doesn’t match the billing address.
  • Issues with the PSN Servers.
  • An unstable internet connection.

How To Fix PS3 Error 80023102?

There are several solutions that PS3 users have tried to kick away the issue:

  • Check the PlayStation Server status.
  • Restart your console.
  • Power Cycle the Internet device.
  • Update your Credit Card information.
  • Authenticate your Email Address.
  • Check your ZIP code.

I’ll now explain each fix in detail.

Check The Playstation Servers

The smartest thing to do is to look up if there is an ongoing problem with the Sony PlayStation servers. If that is the case, there is nothing for you to resolve, and all you can do is wait for the servers to be live again.

Restart Your PS3 Console

Restarting the console helps fix many errors. Please turn off the system, wait a minute, and then turn it back on. See if the error is still there. If yes, head to the next step.

Power Cycle Your Internet Device

As I mentioned above, one of the causes for the error is a poor-functioning internet. Power cycle your router to eliminate errors.

Use A Valid Email Address

Ensure you use an authentic email address when signing in to the PS3 account. You will undoubtedly encounter the error if you use a fake, randomly generated email for the sign-in because it is essential for the network to verify the user.

Update Credit Card Information

It might be possible that you are using an outdated or expired credit card to add funds. Go to the payment options and check if your card details, such as the credit card number, expiration date, etc., are correct.

Remove All Saved Payment Methods From PS3

Remove all the saved payment methods from your PS3 if the error pertains.

PS3 Error 80023102
Account Management – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  1. Go to “Account Management.”
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Go to “Payment Management.”
  4. Now, select the payment methods and click on “Remove.”

Add funds to your PlayStation wallet through other supported devices, like mobile phones, browsers, PS4, or PS5. Once the funds are transferred, you can buy games from the PlayStation Store from your PS3 console.

Check ZIP Code

Sign in to your Sony account from any other supported device, like mobile, PC, etc., and see if your ZIP code is correct. It should also match the ZIP code of your billing address for the error to go away. If there are any mistakes, resolve them, and check if your PS3 still shows the error.

Contact PlayStation Support

Of course, the last step to send away the error is to contact the support team and let them in on the details of your problem. They will find a solution for you to continue with the PS3 experience.

An Important Tip

Please note that if you encounter this error when adding credits to your account, you should not repeat the process until it is resolved. Instead, fix the trouble before you proceed to add funds.

Why is it important? Suppose you consistently fail to add funds to your wallet or enter your credit card information. In that case, the Sony server will lock you out of your account for the next 24 hours due to a failure in identity verification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PS3 error 80023102?

The error is related to account management issues and internet problems. You may encounter this because of low-speed internet, entering incorrect credit card details, and PSN server maintenance issues.

How do I fix PS3 error 80023102?

You can resolve the error by restarting your internet router, restarting the PS3 console, adding the correct credit card details, using a valid email address, and more.

Why am I getting error 80023102 when adding funds to my account?

You are getting the error because there may be high traffic on the Sony servers, or your credit card details are incorrect.

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