Solved: How To Fix PS4 Error WS-37469-9

Simple and quick ways to fix PS4 Error ws-37469-9

What Is PS4 Error Code ws-37469-9?

PS4 Error

Ps4 error ws-37469-9 happens when your console cannot connect with the PlayStation server. When this arises, you will not be able to play Playstation games online, visit the PlayStation store, or even acquire your account details.

The error code ws-37469-9 caused many players to have console issues. When a connection to the server is disabled, this error just appears. Subsequently, it can be an issue with PlayStation’s internal servers or your internet connection. Moreover, when the PlayStation Network Servers are unavailable, the PS4 error ws-37469-9 can happen.

What Causes Ps4 Error Code ws-37469-9?

Usually, when the PlayStation Network Servers are offline, the PS4 error ws-37469-9 appears. Lousy wifi can also bring on an issue. Almost all of the time, when these problems appear on your screen, all you can do is wait while PlayStation’s service status resolves the technical issue. PlayStation goes under maintenance break to give its consumers the utmost experience.

It is among the most common problems that PlayStation users experience. It is quite frustrating since it prevents you from playing any of your favourite online PlayStation games, but now that we have remedies to fix the Ps4 error, let’s get going.

How To Fix It?

Ps4 error code ws-37469-9 happens when the servers are down, it can be annoying and frustrating. It is a minor glitch and can get fixed real quick. Restart your router in safe mode first. After turning it off, don’t resume it right away. Take a five-minute break from it before starting it up again.

Restarting your router in safe mode helps the error get fixed because it changes your IP address, allowing your console to connect with the PlayStation server to play online games. It also happens when the PlayStation servers are down and on maintenance break.

You can check the official website of PlayStation to confirm that. Furthermore, you can change the DNS setting or try modifying your wifi bandwidth frequency to prevent the error from getting fixed. I have listed down the methods to fix your error. 

  1. Restart Your Router
  2. Check PlayStation Servers
  3. Restart Your Ps4
  4. Change DNS Setting
  5. Change wifi Bandwidth

Restart Your Router

Turn off your router, wait for at least five minutes, restart it again, and see if it works. If you’re still having trouble, use the following ways to fix the ps4 error code ws-37469-9.

Check PlayStation Servers

Occasionally ps4-error-ws occurs when the servers are down, which can be irritating and frustrating. Don’t forget to check the Playstation Network Service to see if the servers are down or on maintenance break. PlayStation goes under maintenance for new updates to provide you with the best experience. If servers are not down, adopt the following ways to fix the ps4 error code ws-37469-9.

How To Check If The PSN Servers Are Down

You can use the PlayStation 4 to check if the PlayStation Network is down. Simply go to the console’s Settings menu, choose Network, then pick View Status of PlayStation Network Services to use. Even more important is to check the PlayStation official website to see if the servers are down in your country. If servers are running well and fine, you can follow the other remedies to get your error fixed.


PlayStation Network

Restart Your Ps4

Even more critical is to restart your PlayStation4. It will help your Ps4 to get rid of glitches and to give your console a fresh and new start. It would just take five minutes but will help your console remove bugs and supply you with the best experience. If this does not help, use the following ways to fix the error code ws-37469-9

Change DNS Setting

Furthermore, you need to change your DNS, which is known as Domain Name System. If none of the above ways mentioned could fix your console, then you need to change your DNS setting, and if you don’t know how to do that, then don’t worry because we are here to elaborate on everything.

First, you need to choose Network from the Settings menu.

Network PS4

After that, you need to select Set Up Internet Connection.

Internet Connection PS4

Next, Select wifi or LAN, depending on your liking.

Wi-Fi Network PS4

Then, Select the Custom.

Custom PS4

Next, choose WPS Button or AOSS, depending on your preferences.

WPS AOSS Netowrk PS4

After that, You can select any of your liking IP Address Settings.

Auntomatic IP Address PS4

Then, Select Do Not Specify.

DHCP Host Name PS4

Next, Select the Manual.

Manual DNS Setting PS4

Then, Write down the values of Primary DNS and Secondary DNS according to your

internet and country.

Primary Secondary DNS


There you go, your Domain Name System is changed.

Change wifi Bandwidth

If the issue persists, change the wifi frequency from automatic to 5 gigahertz and see if it fixes the error or not. If not, change it to 2 Gigahertz, and if it still doesn’t work, change it back to automatic.


So with the guidance of this simple instruction, I hope you can fix this error. Sometimes when the servers are down, there’s nothing that you can do. When the sites have bugs, developers need to take the sites to go under maintenance to work on the fixes of the error. The issue must be on your end if the servers operate normally, but you can’t connect your console to the PlayStation Network Service.

It’s better to start by restarting your router since this helps the user the most in most cases. You can update your PlayStation firmware if it’s not completing the system updates automatically. Resetting your Ps4 Network setting has also been really helpful for many Ps4 users. It will not delete any saved files; you have to set settings such as date and time.

To summarize, all the methods that are mentioned above are the ways to fix your ps4-error-ws-37469-9. That’s all you need to do to fix your error. If you still have problems, I recommend you seek professional help. Contact the PlayStation team; they will surely reach out to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is DNS On Ps4?

Domain Name System, or DNS, is essential for translating IP addresses into domain names. The physical locations of gaming servers on the internet are transmitted to your PS4 via DNS servers. Most frequently, DNS errors are caused by network modifications and failed attempts to set up the new network settings.

What Does The Error Code ws-37469-9 Mean?

Error Code ws-37469-9  means your attempt to connect to the PlayStation servers failed, according to error code ws-37469-9. You cannot play any PlayStation online game until you reconnect to PlayStation servers. To best satisfy its users and emphasize users to interact, ws-37469-9 occurs when the servers go offline for maintenance. To check whether or not the servers are down, you may visit the PlayStation website. It's possible that your weak wifi caused the issue. If an outage occurs, you won't be able to access the PS4 database because the PlayStation server can be down for maintenance.

How Do I Reset My Ps4 Network Setting?

Click Settings on your PlayStation's home screen. Then, Scroll down to the Initialization option. Next, Choose Restore Default Settings. Press Restore to confirm that you want to move forward. Any data that has already been stored won't get lost. Therefore, you will have to re-configure settings like your date and time.

Will I Lose Everything if I Reset Network Settings?

All of the info from your internet, Network, and associated devices are erased when you reset your network settings. Resetting your Network setting will not delete any of your files or bookmarks. It's completely different from the factory reset. Reset Network Settings is not harmful to your ps4 because it does not touch any of your files.

What happens when a server undergoes maintenance?

When a server is undergoing maintenance, this could mean that the site has bugs or faults that the programmers are working on fixing, or it could mean that the site's server is experiencing technical difficulties.

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