PS4 Error WS-37469-9 [Fixed]

Changing the WIFI bandwidth may fix the PS4 error WS-37469-9. Here's how to do so, and various other fixes.

The PS4 error ws-37469-9 is mostly due to connectivity issues and PSN Server Status. So, the fixes I will provide you are only scarcely helpful, and most of the time, you’ll have to wait for the PSN Servers to be up and running before accessing any network-related features.

PS4 Error
Ps4 error ws-37469-9 (Image by Emopulse)

Key Takeaways

  1. PS4 error ws-37469-9 is often related to connectivity issues and PSN Server Status.
  2. The error may occur due to bad internet, PSN server downtime, or WIFI bandwidth interference.
  3. Potential fixes include restarting your router, checking PlayStation servers, restarting your PS4, changing DNS settings, and adjusting WIFI bandwidth.

I suggest you to attempt these simple fixes before delving into advanced solutions:

  1. Update Firmware
  2. Checking Internet Connection
  3. Clear Cache
  4. Check The Router Setting.

Check PlayStation Servers

Occasionally, ps4-error-ws occurs when the servers are down, which can be irritating and frustrating. I suggest you check the PlayStation Network Servers to see if the servers are down or on maintenance break. One of my colleagues checked that the PSN server was down due to maintenance issues. So, we waited for the server to go back online. This was the case for some Reddit users as well.

Restart Your Ps4

Even more critical is to restart your PlayStation 4. It will help your PS4 eliminate glitches and give your console a fresh start. It would just take five minutes, but it will help your console remove bugs and provide you with the best experience.

Change DNS Setting

Furthermore, you need to change your DNS if none of the above ways mentioned could fix your console.

Change WIFI Bandwidth

If the issue persists, change the WIFI frequency from automatic to 5 gigahertz and see if it fixes the error. If not, change it to 2 Gigahertz; if it still doesn’t work, change it back to automatic.

Final Verdict

This error usually occurs due to a temporary server glitch. Outdated systems can contribute to such glitches, so checking for updates might help. Generic fixes may work, but checking PSN server status and waiting for the server to be online developers is a potential fix.

If all else fails, it may be necessary to contact PlayStation Support directly. They can investigate the issue and provide specific guidance tailored to your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is DNS On Ps4?

Domain Name System, or DNS, is essential for translating IP addresses into domain names. The physical locations of gaming servers on the internet are transmitted to your PS4 via DNS servers. Most frequently, DNS errors are caused by network modifications and failed attempts to set up the new network settings.

What Does The Error Code ws-37469-9 Mean?

Error Code ws-37469-9  means your attempt to connect to the PlayStation servers failed, according to error code ws-37469-9. You cannot play any PlayStation online game until you reconnect to PlayStation servers. To best satisfy its users and emphasize users to interact, ws-37469-9 occurs when the servers go offline for maintenance. To check whether or not the servers are down, you may visit the PlayStation website. It's possible that your weak WIFI caused the issue. If an outage occurs, you won't be able to access the PS4 database because the PlayStation server can be down for maintenance.

How Do I Reset My Ps4 Network Setting?

Click Settings on your PlayStation's home screen. Then, Scroll down to the Initialization option. Next, Choose Restore Default Settings. Press Restore to confirm that you want to move forward. Any data that has already been stored won't get lost. Therefore, you will have to re-configure settings like your date and time.

Will I Lose Everything if I Reset Network Settings?

All of the info from your internet, Network, and associated devices are erased when you reset your network settings. Resetting your Network setting will not delete any of your files or bookmarks. It's completely different from the factory reset. Reset Network Settings is not harmful to your ps4 because it does not touch any of your files.

What happens when a server undergoes maintenance?

When a server is undergoing maintenance, this could mean that the site has bugs or faults that the programmers are working on fixing, or it could mean that the site's server is experiencing technical difficulties.

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