SOLVED: PS5-ERROR-CE-10005-6 [8 Methods]

Getting an error while downloading any game on your ps5? We have simple fixes for you.

The market for PlayStation gaming consoles is enormous. Everybody has played with a PlayStation console at least once in their life. We all experience errors from time to time, and PlayStation users are no exception. In this guide, we’ll specifically discuss the ps5-error-ce-10005-6.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 5 is a home console for video games. Announced in 2019, the PlayStation 5 was released on November 12, 2020, in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North America, and South Korea. A week later, it was released globally. PlayStation is a video game system brand that includes five home video game consoles.

Furthermore,  Sony introduced the PlayStation 2. By the end of 2012, the PS 2 had sold over 155 million units, making it the most popular home console of all time. T

he PlayStation 3 was released in 2006 and had sold over 87.4 million units by March 2017. Sony’s next device was the PlayStation 4, which was released in 2013, and it quickly sold a million units, making it the fastest-selling console in history.

The PlayStation 5 was introduced in 2020 and sold 10 million copies in its first 249 days, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation system.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 stunning looks

Additionally, the main hardware features of the PlayStation 5 include a solid-state drive optimized for high-speed data streaming and an AMD Graphics card capable of a 4K resolution screen at up to 120 frames per second. Hardware-accelerated ray tracing for realistic light sources and reflections, and the Tempest Engine allows for hardware-accelerated 3D audio effects.

What Is PS5-error-ce-10005-6?

While downloading your preferred game, you may not be the only one experiencing the ps5-error-ce-10005-6. When trying to download any game from a physical disc, users have reported experiencing the same issue, which is ps5-error-ce-10005-6. Your PS5 not being able to read the disc is just one of the causes of this problem.

ps5-error-ce-10005-6 pops up

Furthermore, we recently discussed the PS5 Error ce-10002-3, making it difficult for users to update apps. This simple user guide is available here.

Additionally, now that you are aware of what the error is, let’s discuss why it occurs and how to fix it.

Causes Of The Error

There are numerous causes of PS5 error code 10005-6. When downloading the game, errors can happen if your internet connection is slow. Ps5 error will appear if your internet connection drops while installing the game. Aside from that, the disc you are using to download your game is broken. A scratched or damaged disc will prevent your PS5 from reading it, resulting in the ps5-error-ce.

Furthermore, there is an excellent likelihood that you will have the error if there is dust on your disc. Debris, dust, or fingerprints on the optical reading portion of the disc can cause the laser to lose focus on the data even more than a scratch does. Dirt or dust on the disc obstructs or reduces the laser’s light intensity, and users end up facing the error.

Additionally, you will get the error if your PlayStation storage is full and you attempt to download any game. Despite the inbuilt SSD’s 825GB capacity, the exact PS5 storage space is 667.2GB; it is because parts like the OS, firmware and patches take up some space. The 158GB is essentially a chunk of the Storage unavailable on the PS5 system.

Moreover, you can check PlayStation servers if you believe you are not at fault. You will experience the error if the PS servers are down. Additionally, now that you are aware of the cause of error. Arises, let’s see how can we can fix it.

How To Fix It

Now that you are aware of what error ce-10005-6 is and why it happens, let’s talk about how to solve it. There are numerous causes of ps5 problem ce-10005-6, and several fixes are ready for you to choose from. We will make sure to give you easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step procedures to resolve the PS5 issue, just as we do in all of our other guides.

Furthermore, PlayStation errors are not particularly difficult to fix, but you must first comprehend the error in order to do so. The fixes to the PS5 error ce-10005-6 are listed below.

  1. Restart The PlayStation 5 Console
  2. Clean Your Disc
  3. Free Up Storage Space
  4. Restart Your Router
  5. Check The PlayStation 5 Servers 
  6. Reboot Your PlayStation 5 In Safe Mode
  7. Factory Reset Your PlayStation 5
  8. Contact The PlayStation Support Team 

Restart The PlayStation 5 Console

We advise you to restart your PlayStation console because it is quite helpful to many users. Restarting your console will give it a fresh start and eliminate any bugs causing problems. Restarting the PlayStation usually solves many issues.

Additionally, when performing this step, remain calm. Don’t simply unplug and replug it; give it some time. A simple way to restart your PlayStation 5 properly:

ps5 turn off
PlayStation 5 turn-off option
  1. First, you can shut off the console by pressing and holding the Power button.
  2. After that, wait until the power light stops blinking.
  3. Next, pull the power cord out.
  4. Then, wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Finally, reconnect the power cable and turn the PS5 back on.

Clean Your Disc

Cleaning the disc has helped fix the ps5-error-ce-10005-6, as per multiple users. You should clean your disc twice to ensure that it is completely clean and that no dust is left on it.

ps spider-man disc
PlayStation 5 disc

The error is also brought on by a damaged or scratched screen because PlayStation cannot read the damaged disc. To clean your disc, use some alcohol and a cotton cloth. You can also clean the dust from the disc drive.

Additionally, after cleaning your disc, wait for at least five minutes. To check if the error has been fixed, open your PlayStation console.

Free Up Storage Space

Many console users reported that cleaning out their console has assisted them in resolving the problem. We advise you to free up storage space if restarting the console and clearing the disc did not resolve the error.

playstation5 storage
playstation5 console storage settings

Furthermore, we advise you to delete any games you no longer play or did not particularly enjoy to resolve the ps5-error-ce-10005-6. In addition, if you’re wondering how to clear space on your PlayStation console, we’ve got a straightforward guide.

  1. Firstly, open the Settings menu on your PlayStation 5 console, then select Storage, followed by Games and Apps.
  2. Then, there is a three-lined, arrow-pointing sort button on the left. You may do different kinds of filtering for games and applications.
  3. Next, you may tick the boxes to pick the games you wish to delete by browsing the list after sorting. Click the delete button. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision to remove the listed games in a pop-up window, displaying how much space each game is currently taking up. You can confirm the deletion by selecting OK.

Restart Your Router

You may occasionally see the ps5-error-ce-10005-6 when updating any game while connected to the poor internet. Restarting your internet connection is what we advise you to do to repair it.

Additionally, if your signal is weak, you won’t be able to update any games or play any; thus, it’s best to restart your router. During this process, we also advise you to keep your cool. Avoid unplugging and replugging the router. Allow your router to rest for at least five minutes before restarting it.

Check The PlayStation 5 Servers

If you’ve tried all the methods we’ve listed above and you’re still getting the ps5-error, something else is wrong. It’s possible that the error is not on your end. We advise you to check the PlayStation servers to determine whether the issue is not your fault or a problem with the PlayStation.

playstation5 netowrk
PSN servers

Furthermore, visit PSN Servers, the official website for PlayStation, to check on the status of the PS servers. If the servers are up and operating, you can try one of our alternative methods to resolve the error.

Reboot Your PlayStation 5 In Safe Mode

Many PlayStation users report that restarting their console in safe mode solved their PS5-error-ce-10005 issue. Your data won’t be deleted or erased if you reboot your console. Below is a straightforward method for rebooting your PS5 in safe mode.

playstation5 restart
ps5 restart option
  1. First, to shut off your PS5, hit the power button located on the front panel.
  2. Then, hold the power button until the second beep sounds, at which point the console will start up in Safe Mode.
  3. Next, pair the DualSense Controller by pressing the PS button on the controller.
  4. Lastly, press X to restart your PlayStation in Safe Mode after selecting Restart PS5 from the menu.

Factory Reset Your PlayStation 5

The best course of action, in my opinion, is to factory reset your PlayStation 5 if none of the methods we’ve discussed has been able to solve your ce-10005 issue. All your information and data will be deleted, and your console’s settings will return to their original condition. You can back up your data to a larger storage device or the Playstation Plus cloud service before factory resetting your system. We are here for you if you don’t know how to factory reset a PS5.

ps5 reset options
playstation5 factory reset option
  1. First, open Settings > System on your PlayStation5.
  2. Then, choose System Software > Reset Options > Reset Your Console in step two.
  3. Next, you will receive a message ” every Data and all users will be removed. For all users on this PS5, console sharing and offline viewing will be disabled “. You should select the Reset button.
  4. Lastly, your console will start, and you will have to set up the PlayStation.

Contact The PlayStation Support Team

playstation support
PlayStation support team

We advise you to contact the PlayStation support staff if you cannot determine what is causing the error in your console. The PlayStation support staff has assistants who can discuss your problems in depth and provide step-by-step instructions for resolving any ps errors. You may access the official website of PlayStation to assist you with any issues by simply searching for “Playstation support” in your browser.


We sincerely hope that at least one of the solutions we’ve provided will assist you in resolving the error. We know that it is frustrating to try playing your favourite games on a console but encounter issues like ps5-error-ce-10005-6. Additionally, we made sure to provide you with the simplest remedies so you can go back to enjoying your games.

Furthermore, as we all know, ps5-error-ce-10005-6 can happen for various reasons, making it difficult to pinpoint the problem and its solution. The damaged disc is the most frequent cause of error; thus, I advise you to start by cleaning your disc and ensuring you’re cleaning it properly.

Moreover, you can look at the PlayStation servers. The outage occasionally damages PlayStation. If the PlayStation servers are down, there is nothing you can do to fix the situation, so I advise you to wait until they start working again. Restarting the console is another option you have because it has frequently proved to be helpful. It may be possible to resolve the error by restarting your PlayStation.

Additionally, you can restart your console in safe mode, which won’t delete any of your data. If nothing else works out for you, I advise factory resetting your console as a last resort. Your whole data set, including your personal information, will be deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a error CE 10005 6 mean?

The PS5 error number CE-10005-6 denotes a problem that prevented your console from downloading and installing your game.. This error usually occurs when you're trying to install your game from a physical disc. The disc might likely not be read by your PS5 system.

How do you power cycle a PS5?

Holding down the power button will switch off the console entirely. Remove the power cord once the power light stops blinking, then let the console alone for 20 minutes. Reconnect and try starting Safe Mode.

Why do PS5 issues constantly happen to me?

Corrupt game files, improperly installed game update files, software incompatibility, or hardware failure might all result in this error. However, when this error initially appeared, Sony's customer service representatives said they were certain it was a hardware problem caused by a software fault.

Why do the games on my PS5 stop downloading?

Since new PS5 games are stuck in a queued for the downloading situation without being loaded on the system, your Playstation 5 won't download games.

Why can't I use an external hard drive to play PS5 games?

Most importantly, keep in mind that any PS5 games transferred to an external drive may only be used for storage and cannot be played. You must move them back to internal memory and apply any fresh updates when you wish to play them again.

Could a power outage harm the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 can be harmed by a power outage. An unexpected power loss has the potential to irreversibly destroy the hard drive or harm the power supply. Additionally, a sudden power interruption during a rainstorm might permanently damage the PlayStation 5.

Can I leave a CD in my PS5?

Keep unused discs out of the drive. Your PS5 won't necessarily get damaged if it is turned off or fixed. However, suppose your disc-reader is continuously trying to scan an unused disc while you enjoy a digital version of a game loaded on your PlayStation. In that case, it might result in unnecessary wear and tear.

Why is my PS5 not reading my disc?

The PS5 is suffering disc-related troubles mostly due to any of the following reasons; the disc you are attempting to insert is broken or unclean, your console's firmware is not current, or there are hardware problems with the console.

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