8 Ways To Fix PS5 Error ce-10002-3

The error caused by software issues, scrubbed clean right now!

Error codes, like PS5 Error ce-10002-3, can be annoying. However, they shouldn’t be a reason for panic because they frequently indicate short-term problems or are simple to remedy if you know how. You should be aware of only a few typical PS5 error codes.

Nonetheless, when using your PS5, error codes are a frustrating sight, especially given the large investment you’ve made in the console’s hardware and any games that go with it. However, worry not, for we’re here to explain what they mean and offer potential remedies, so you may resume playing on your PS5 as soon as possible without additional interruptions.

What Is The PS5 Error code-10002-3?

The Error is a screen with the error title, and it will not let you continue forward until the Error has been completely dealt with. The Error will cause you to not have certain files that you require to update your applications. The PS5 Error ce-10002-3 does occur when you try to update your game, with the screen telling you that you have failed to update the app.

Nonetheless, the Error is not exclusive to that since the Error does also happen when players try to launch their games. This means that the players cannot play their games when the Error is inbound. It is especially frustrating to deal with this since there isn’t much of anything that you can do until and unless you take care of this issue.

What Causes The Error?

There are numerous reasons why the Error may occur. The first is that your system software may be outdated. This is a bit counter intuitive since the Error does not allow you to update your files; however, do not fret, for we’ll show you a way around that as well.

Coming off of that last point, some of your files may be corrupted, and some items may have files that haven’t been installed properly, which once again ties into the fact that the Error does not allow you to download the files.

Another thing that may cause this Error is if you’re running out of storage space, which means that the stuff that you’re downloading cannot be downloaded because there’s simply no space to store it in.

Finally, this may also be caused because of your shaky Internet connection. Sometimes, your console will simply not have a stable connection to the Sony servers, and for that, you’ll need to fix it. It is also possible that the Sony servers are down and that you cannot connect to them, which will also prompt PS5 Error ce-10002-3.

How To Fix PS5 Error ce-10002-3?

There are several ways how you can fix this Error. Here’s a short list of all of them:

  1. Moving the game back to console storage
  2. Deleting and Reinstalling game items
  3. Trying to Update the PS5 Software version
  4. Restart your Console in Safe Mode
  5. Check your Internet Connection
  6. Check if PS5 servers are live
  7. Use an External Hard Drive on your PS5
  8. Contact PS Support

Moving The Game Back To The Console Storage:

  1. Go to settings and then go to Extended Storage
  2. Go to Games and Apps
  3. Select the game on which you are experiencing the Error and move it to the internal storage
    Moving the game
    moving the game to drive
    moving the game to drive
  4. Now check if the game appears on the internal hard drive
  5. Return to the home screen (Check if the download button has disappeared, it should have).
  6. Try to relaunch the game; it should start.

Deleting and Reinstalling Game items

A very primitive and effortless fix that somehow still works doesn’t matter how technologically advanced we get. It’s very simple to reinstall a game; you just have to make sure that your files have been saved on the cloud storage. The following is how you can reinstall a game:

  1. Hover over the game that is facing the issue
  2. Click the options button on the controller
  3. Delete the game, and go over to your Game LibraryDeleting the game off of PS5Deleting the game off of PS5
  4. Download the game, and update the game if it has any updates.

Trying to update the PS5 software version

Sometimes, this might actually work even though the Error prevents that, and once it happens, the Error will go away for good.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Go to settings and select System.
  2. Go to System Software.
  3. Go to System Software Update.
    System Software
    System Software and Updates
  4. Select Update System Software to update the console.
    The software will be updated
    The software will be updated.

Restart your console in safe mode:

Similar to PS4 Safe Mode, PS5 Safe Mode is a diagnostic tool that allows the PS5 console to start with only the most fundamental features enabled. Users can fix data and display issues on the PS5 by booting in Safe Mode.

  1. To turn off the PS5 console, press and hold the power button for around three seconds. The indicator will flash while it is happening.
  2. Press and hold the power button one more once the console has been entirely turned off.
  3. Release the power button when you hear the second beep, which should release a sound after around seven seconds.
  4. Connect your controller to the gaming system, and press the PS button. Then you will be in Safe Mode.

You should turn off the console and try again if the aforementioned methods did not successfully unlock PS5 Safe Mode. If PS5 Safe Mode still doesn’t boot, make sure the HDMI, power, and USB connections are connected properly.

Check your Internet Connection

You can check to see if your Internet is functioning properly as slow Internet can frequently result in a number of other problems. Unreliable or subpar internet connections are a major problem, particularly in developing or third-world countries. You must therefore take all necessary steps to ensure that your Internet is stable. To perform a speed test, click here.

Check the PSN Server Status

It is extremely likely that this Error has little to do with your end as it is related to connectivity problems. Verify that the PSN servers are operational. The servers occasionally do get shut down for maintenance. You may quickly check the status here.

Use an external Hard Drive on your PS5

This is usually a fix if your console is running out of space; therefore, you can only move those games having backward compatibility to the extended storage.

Here’s how to do this:

1. Insert the extended storage

2. Format this storage

3. Set it as your install location

4. Select the game that you want to move, and then move it to your extended storage.

5. Check updates and download and install.

Contact PS Support

If none of the aforementioned fixes worked, then the only option is to contact PS Support. This is a crucial step that you need to do if nothing else works; otherwise, the Error will persist.

We know that there are regions where PS Support is not available, so we suggest you use a VPN.

We also suggest you check if PSN servers and if they are life.

One may anticipate that because the consoles have been available for almost two years and have sold a sizable number of units, causing a stir in the game industry, these problems would have been fixed. Thus, it is upsetting to learn that it is still rife with a number of these faults and problems, making it quite challenging to use the platform without experiencing any difficulties.

Hopefully, this solved your issue of PS5 Error ce-10002-3. If you’re here, it’s likely that you’ve also run into other PS5 errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a USB drive to play my PS5 games

Yes. You can now move PS5 games from your console's internal storage to USB extended storage thanks to the April PS5 system software update. You can easily copy your PS5 games back to the internal storage of the system when you're ready to play, and it's a terrific method to increase the storage capacity of your PS5 console. Reinstalling PS5 games from USB extended storage is quicker than downloading or copying them again from a disc.

Does the PS5 have a rest mode?

Yes. The screen will go dark, the status indicator will change to orange, and PS5 will go into a low-power mode when the system is put into rest mode. While it's in rest mode, you may programme the system to do things like download files or charge the DualSense wireless controller from a USB port.

Can I use third-party controllers with the PS5?

If the PS5 or PS4 game supports it, "speciality" controllers already in use that are created for and licenced for the PS4 system, such as steering wheel controllers and arcade combat sticks, will function on the PS5.

PS4 games played on the PS5 will function with authorised PS4 controllers with a typical gamepad form factor. They cannot be used to play PS5 games.

Can I play PS4 games using a USB drive?

Yes. An excellent solution to play PS4 games on a PS5 without using any of the internal storage is to store them on a USB drive and have simple access to PS4 games. As PS5 games cannot be played from an expanded storage drive, we advise doing this to free up space on the internal console storage.

Can I upgrade my PS4 games to PS5 versions?

On a PS5 console, certain PS4 games can be updated to the digital PS5 version of the game. You might have the choice to convert a disc-based or digital PS4 game to the equivalent digital PS5 game when utilising a PS5 console. Depending on the game, this improvement could be free, expensive, or only available for a short period of time. There must be an internet connection.

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