Easy Fixes For Xbox Error Code E106

Everything you need to know about the Xbox Error Code E106 - what it is, why it happens, and how to fix it

In simple terms, Xbox Error Code E106 can be regarded as an error associated with starting up your device. What usually happens is that as soon as you start your Xbox, this error appears, not allowing you to go further onto the home screen. Error Code E106 is a whole series of errors, not just a single error code.
This is how the error looks like when it pops up:
image of showing Xbox error E106
Image showing Xbox error E106 – Credits [Emopulse]

Xbox Error Code E106 stems from issues like minor software glitches during startup, BIOS loading errors, data fetching problems between the Xbox hard drive and the system, and connection establishment issues between the Xbox server and your console.

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox Error Code E106 can be regarded as an error associated with starting up your device, not allowing you to go further onto the home screen.
  • Error E106 is related to a minor software issue occurring while starting your Xbox, a loading error of BIOS, a data fetching issue from the hard drive of Xbox to the system, or a connection establishment issue from the Xbox server to your Xbox.
  • Error E106 can be resolved by: Powering off and on Xbox, physically resetting the console, resetting your internet modem, and changing your internet connection temporarily.

Replace The Console’s Internal Hard Drive

A faulty hard drive can cause error 106 on your console. Consider replacing the hard drive to improve performance and resolve such errors. Reddit user GuanoLoco further confirmed that a corrupt hard drive partition indeed causes the error. Therefore, we utilized third-party software to repair the bad sector, and it proved to be effective.

Physically Resetting The Console

This method has been by far the most successful among the users, with most of them eliminating their error code using this. This method physically resets your device and can resolve any software bug by giving your software a rest.

Follow the method listed below:

  1. Turn your Xbox off, and then detach and reattach all of the cords from the back side of your Xbox.
  2. Push the ‘Bind’ and ‘Eject’ buttons simultaneously on your Xbox for about 10 to 15 seconds.
    Image showing the situation of the two buttons Bind and Eject Xbox
    Two buttons Bind and Eject Xbox (Image by Emopulse)
  3. Press the X button on the home screen while still holding the two buttons.
  4. While the whole of this procedure takes place, two beeping sounds will be made, which will lead to the opening up of a troubleshooting page on your home screen.
  5.  The troubleshooting page will have four options; you have to select the ‘ Reset this Xbox’ option at the bottom left of the four options.
Image showing the four options.
reset this xbox (Image by Emopulse)

6. Now choose the ‘Reset and keep my games and apps’ option on the new page. This will prevent your game and app data from being lost so that you can use your Xbox normally after it is Reset.

Reset Your Console Via Startup Troubleshooter

Resetting Xbox via Startup Troubleshooter will reset your console’s system software but won’t delete any games or data. This helps resolve update errors like E106 by resetting the OS of your Xbox.  ivanpenanarvaez4743 on Youtube praises the YouTube channel Electronics&Computers for telling this method as this method worked for him.

Update Your Console Via USB

In my opinion, this is a system updated-related error; it would help if you consider updating your console via USB.

Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Download the latest OSUI file from https://www.xbox.com/xboxone/osu1.
  2. Once the file has downloaded on your PC, plug in a USB.
  3. Click on the update file and unzip it by right-clicking on it and selecting “Extract All.”
  4. Transfer the $SystemUpdate file from the .zip archive to your USB drive, ensuring it goes to the root directory without any other files present.
  5. Afterward, safely eject the USB flash drive from your computer.
  6. Now, plug the USB into the port of your Xbox console.
  7. Navigate to “Something went wrong“> “Troubleshoot.”
    something went wrong image
    Troubleshoot – Image Credits (Emopulse)
  8. Click on “Offline system update” to update your console via the file in UCB. Please wait as it would take several minutes.
    offline update image in xbox
    Offline system update – Image Credits (Emopulse)
  9. Once the update has been installed, the console will restart, and the home screen will be displayed, indicating that the error has been resolved.
  10. Remove the USB from the console and enjoy gaming.

If the error still remains, contact Xbox Support. If you encounter any other Xbox or tech-related error, be sure to check out our website further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Resetting Xbox Risky, can it damage my console?

Resetting is an integrated function in your Xbox, there are no bad outcomes or damages caused to your console as a result. However, it is not advisable to use this function yet again and again as it disrupts the natural flow of operations.

How can a person avoid facing Error codes?

The answer to this question is not a definitive one. There are no certified tips that one can apply to avoid these problems as each problem has unique causes. However, some generic steps such as restarting your Xbox and giving it ample rest while using it are recommended.

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