How To Quickly Fix Dark Souls 3 Not Working On PS4

Having problems with Dark Souls 3 on PS4? Maybe there is a server issue or poor internet connectivity. Don't worry as my guide has plenty of fixes for you.

Dark Souls 3 is an excellent choice when you are in the mood for action games. However, the game might not always function smoothly, which may leave you wondering, “Why is my PS4 not working with Dark Souls 3?” Your PS4 may not be able to run Dark Souls 3 due to corrupt game files, server problems, bad internet connectivity, and other factors. Don’t worry, I have all the solutions in this guide that will help you get back to your daily dose of action gaming.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark Souls 3 may not work on your PS4 due to faulty game data, server issues, poor internet connectivity, and more.
  • You can resolve the running of Dark Souls 3 on your console by restarting the game, updating your PS4 software, reinstalling the game, clearing the game’s saved data, etc.
  • Go to the Dark Souls Twitter account, or the Bandai Namco official support website to get help for the problem.

Causes of Dark Souls 3 Not Working On PS4

There can be various reasons behind Dark Souls 3 not working on a PS4 console includes:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Data glitches in the games’ files
  • Using outdated system software/ game versions
  • PSN/Dark Souls server problems

Read the next section to find out all about fixing Dark Souls 3 on your PS4.

Methods To Fix Dark Souls 3 Not Working On PS4

In this article, I have explained each solution in detail so that you can follow them without any difficulties. The fixes are listed below:

  • Restart Dark Souls 3
  • Power cycle your PS4
  • Restart the internet device
  • Check the PlayStation servers
  • Get an update on the Dark Souls server
  • Delete saved game data
  • Uploading data to online storage
  • Deleting game data
  • Perform a PS4 system update
  • Reinstall Dark Souls 3
  • Rebuild the PS4 database

Restart Dark Souls 3

You may come across hurdles while playing Dark Souls 3 due to temporary disruption in the file or its data. Thus, exit the game completely on your console and relaunch it to see if you can play it normally. If that doesn’t work then go to the next step.

Power Cycle Your PS4

Power cycling is a tried and tested fix for various PS4 errors, such as WS-116415-8. Here are the steps to perform it on your console. You can also restart your PS4 in the normal way to see if it solves the issue.

  1. Go to your console.
  2. Find the “Power” button. It should be near the center of the console.
  3. Hold the button until your PS4 shuts down completely.
    PS4 Not Working With Dark Souls 3
    PS4 Button – Image Credits: Emopulse
  4. Turn off the main power supply for your device.
  5. Next, you must remove all the plugs attaching the console to the power switch.
  6. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes.
  7. Connect the console to the power socket.
  8. Turn on the switch to resume the power supply.
  9. Now, press the “Power” button on your console.
  10. Finally, wait for it the screen to appear, and then try to access Dark Souls 3.

Restart The Internet Device

Furthermore, restarting your internet device can also solve the issue. You can do it by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Locate the “Power” button on your internet modem.
  2. Press it once to turn off your device.
  3. After a minute, press the “Power” button once again.
  4. Restore the internet connection on your PS4 after all the lights have come on.
  5. Finally, check if you can play Dark Souls 3.

Check The PlayStation Servers

Furthermore, faults in the PlayStation servers can also hinder the proper running of games and apps on a PS console. Hence, it could be one reason you cannot play Dark Souls 3 on your PS4. Use these steps to confirm PlayStation server issues.

  1. Open any browser, such as Google, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  2. Type “PlayStation Network Status” in the search box.
  3. Hit the “Enter” key.
  4. Wait for the search results to appear on your screen.
  5. Go to the first link. It should say, “PSN Service Status.”
    PSN Server
    PSN Server Search – Image Credits: Emopulse
  6. You will be asked to select the country/region where the PS4 console is based.
    Select Country
    Select Country/Region – Image Credits: Emopulse
  7. Selecting the relevant country from the drop-down will take you to the next screen.
    PS4 Not Working with Dark Souls 3
    Dropdown Menu – Image Credits: Emopulse
  8. In the end, if it says, “All Services Are Up And Running,” then the issue is likely on your end. See the next solutions.
    PSN Server Status
    PSN Server Status – Image Credits: Emopulse

Get An Update On Dark Souls Server

Dark Souls tend to malfunction whenever there are complications with its servers. You can get an update on the Dark Souls servers from Down Detector. It will let you in on any server issues, or you can also check out their Twitter account for more game-related updates.

Delete Saved Game Data

Corrupt game data can impair the game’s functioning on your PS4. Therefore, deleting the saved game data for Dark Souls 3 will remove data errors and glitches so you can get back to regular gaming.

On the other hand, you can not get back your game data after the deletion, thus, make sure to back up your progress to online storage or an external USB device. I have a step-by-step guide to help you with the process.

Uploading Data To Online Storage

  1. Go to the console’s “Settings” from the “Main Screen.”
    Settings – Image Credits: Emopulse
  2. Choose “Application Saved Data Management.”
    PS4 Not Working With Dark Souls 3
    Application Saved Data Management – Image Credits: Emopulse
  3. You will see three options.
  4. Proceed with “Saved Data In System Storage.”
    Saved Data In System Storage
    Saved Data In System Storage – Image Credits: Emopulse
  5. Pick “Upload To Online Storage” from the next screen.
    PS4 not working with dark souls 3
    Upload To Online Store – Image Credits: Emopulse

Deleting Game Data

  1. Come to the “Saved Data In System Storage” section using the steps mentioned in the previous section.
    Saved Data In System Storage
    Saved Data In System Storage – Image Credits: Emopulse
  2. Hit “Delete.”
    PS4 not working with Dark Souls 3
    Delete – Image Credits: Emopulse
  3. It will show you a list of all the installed games on your PS4.
  4. Pick “Dark Souls 3” with the “X” controller button.
    Select Game
    Select Game – Image Credits: Emopulse
  5. Mark the boxes for the game’s files and click “Delete.”
    ps4 not working with dark souls 3
    Delete Game Data – Image Credits: Emopulse
  6. Select “OK.”
    OK – Image Credits: Emopulse
  7. Finally, you have successfully deleted the saved data for Dark Souls 3 from your console.
    Deleting – Image Credits: Emopulse

Perform A PS4 System Update

Moreover, using outdated software on your PS4 can also mess with the smooth functioning of many games and applications on the console. As a result, it is necessary to stay up-to-date with the latest system updates.

I use the following steps to check for new updates and install them on our PS4.

  1. Open the console’s “Main Screen.”
  2. There is a range of icons near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Navigate your way to “Settings” using the “Left Analog Stick” of your controller.
  4. Once there, highlight the “Settings” icon and press “X” to select it.
    Settings – Image Credits: Emopulse
  5. From the settings menu, go to “System Software Update.”
    PS4 Not Working With Dark Souls 3
    System Software Update – Image Credits: Emopulse
  6.  Hit “Next.”
    Update File
    Update File – Image Credits: Emopulse
  7. The screen will say, “The System Software Of The PS4 Will Be Updated.”
  8. Choose “Update.”
    PS4 Not Working With Dark Souls 3
    Restart Update – Image Credits: Emopulse
  9. You will see a blue screen reading, “Restarting the PS4.”
    Restarting PS4
    Restarting PS4 – Image Credits: Emopulse
  10. Another screen should appear after a couple of seconds.
  11. It will now install the PS4 system updates.
    PS4 not working with Dark Souls 3
    Installing Update File – Image Credits: Emopulse

Reinstall Dark Souls 3

If your problem is still not fixed, delete the Dark Souls 3 application from your console, and download it again from the PlayStation Store. However, you might lose all your saved progress in the game if you have not backed it up on the online storage.

  1. Go to the “Main Screen.”
  2. Navigate to the “Library.”
  3. Select it with the “X” button on your DualShock controller.
    Library – Image Credits: Emopulse
  4. You will see a list of all the games and apps installed on your console.
  5. Choose “Games” from the left bar.
  6. Highlight “Dark Souls 3.”
    Games Library – Image Credits: Emopulse
  7. Press “Options” from your controller.
  8. A menu will appear on the left side.
  9. Pick “Delete.”
    Delete Dark Souls 3
    Delete Dark Souls 3 – Image Credits: Emopulse
  10. Go with “OK” to confirm the uninstallation process.
  11. After successfully installing Dark Souls 3 from your console, go to the PlayStation Store and reinstall the game.
  12. Finally, launch the game after the process and see if you can play it fine.

Rebuild The PS4 Database

This solution looks for errors in all the stored data on the console’s hard disk and removes any potential problems. Rebuilding the database can make Dark Souls 3 work on your PS4 again since it eliminates data glitches and reorganizes the system files for efficient working.

I also used the steps below to fix the error CE-35694-7.

  1. Press the “Power” button to shut down your PS4 device.
  2. After it has turned off completely, long press the “Power” button for about 7 to 8 seconds.
  3. Release the button once you hear two “beep” sounds.
    PS4 Not Working With Dark Souls 3
    PS4 Button – Image Credits: Emopulse
  4. Your PlayStation will go to “Safe Mode” after the second beep.
  5. Use a cable wire to connect your PS4 controller to the console.
    Safe mode
    Safe Mode – Image Credits: Emopulse
  6. Pick up the controller and hit the “PlayStation” button.
  7. You will see several options.
  8. Select the 5th option, “Rebuild Database.”
    PS4 not working with dark souls 3
    Rebuild Database – Image Credits: Emopulse
  9. Choose “OK.”
    OK – Image Credits: Emopulse
  10. The device will enter the rebuilding phase.
  11. Do not turn off your device in the middle of the process.
PS4 not working with dark souls 3
Rebuilding Database – Image Credits: Emopulse

What To Do If Nothing Works?

Moreover, if none of these solutions make Dark Souls 3 work on your PS4 again, get help from Bandai Namco Support. Tell them your issue and what fixes you have tried so far.

Final Words

Due to data glitches, using outdated system software or game version, PSN/Dark Souls server problems, and a poor internet connection, Dark Souls 3 may not function properly as intended. So, when you try to fix errors like “Dark Souls 3 not working on a PS4 console” the best option to start with is to restart dark souls 3, If that doesn’t work, then power cycle your PS4 and restart the internet device, if the error persists, then try to check the PlayStation servers, get an update on the Dark Souls server, delete saved game data, upload data to online storage, perform a PS4 system update, reinstall dark souls 3, rebuild the PS4 database.

You are now aware of all the possible fixes you can apply when PS4 is not working with Dark Souls 3. So, I hope this guide eliminates the trouble.

Make sure to check out our solutions for PS errors”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Dark Souls 3 Not Working On My PS4?

If Dark Souls 3 is not working on your console, it can be due to a weak internet connection, the presence of corrupt game data, using outdated game versions/PS4 software versions, etc.

How Do I Fix Dark Souls 3 Not Responding On PS4?

You can resolve the problem by restarting the game/console/internet device, rebuilding PS4 data, reinstalling the game, updating system software, and more.

Will I Lose My Progress By Deleting Dark Souls 3 Saved Game Data From PS4?

Yes, you will lose all the game progress after deleting the saved game data for Dark Souls 3. However, you can upload the data to online storage or copy it to an external storage device to avoid losing your in-game progress.

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