6 Ways To Fix Minecraft Not Loading On PS4

Our guide contains 6 solutions that can help you if Minecraft is not loading on your PS4.

Minecraft has plenty of issues attached to it, and players on every platform face them. One of the most frustrating issues is Minecraft not loading on PS4. And today, in this guide, we are going to explain how you can quickly fix this issue.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft sometimes does not load on PS4 for hours, which prevents users from accessing the game.
  • There are several reasons why this issue can take place, such as an overloaded cache.
  • The issue can be resolved by following methods, including restarting your PS4, updating your console, etc.

Why Is Minecraft Not Loading On PS4?

The issue arises when you launch the Minecraft app. The game gets stuck on the loading screen and does not proceed to the game itself. It is also possible that the game loads up eventually, but the amount of time it takes to load up is surreal. In both cases, the solutions are exact, so do not worry.

Through careful analysis, we have listed a bunch of issues that could be responsible for causing this issue. They include an outdated software version of the PS4, an overloaded cache of the PS4, glitches in your PS4, connectivity issues between PS and Minecraft, and discord overlay.

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How To Solve Minecraft Not Loading On PS4

Note: You are kindly advised to follow the complete instruction to prevent any inconvenience. Also, please follow the solutions in chronological order, as they have been specifically listed in that manner.

Before implementing specific remedies, we would recommend a few generic solutions that you try first. They may fix your problems because they are simple and do not require much explanation.

  1. Restart your PS4 to remove any software faults.
  2. Restart your internet device.
  3. Restart your app multiple times.

If none of these methods work for you, let’s jump to full-on descriptive ones.

Reinstalling The Game

Deleting and reinstalling the game might solve your issue. This is because many glitches in the game’s software can be removed in this manner, allowing the game to function correctly. The process is pretty simple; follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Minecraft app from your PS4’s main home screen.
  2. After you’ve chosen the app, press the “Options” button on your controller.
  3. When you press the choices button, an app menu will appear on the left side of the screen.
  4. Select the “Delete” option from this menu. This will uninstall Minecraft from your PlayStation 4.

Reinstalling Minecraft

  1. Go to your PS4’s Play Store and search for Minecraft.
  2. Once the game is shown, select “download” to reinstall the Minecraft app on your console.

Relaunch the Minecraft application to see if the problem has been repaired or if it persists. If the problem persists, try the solutions listed below.

Disabling Discord Overlay

You may be using Discord while playing games to communicate with your friends. It has been found that loading the game simultaneously with a launched Discord application may be causing this issue. If this is the cause, it can be removed by disabling the Discord overlay. This can be done by:

  1. Open the Discord application on your PS4.
  2. Under “Settings,” open “User Settings.”
  3. Click on the “Overlay” option.
    Minecraft not loading on PS4
    Overlay settings – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. Once there, move the slider to the appropriate position to enable or disable the in-game overlay.
  5. After this, launch the Minecraft application and check if it loads up successfully.

In the case it does not load up, try other solutions.

Check For An Update

The issue can be solved by updating Minecraft; if there is an update available for it. To check if there is a pending update to the game, do this:

  1. From the PS4 home screen, proceed to the “Library.”
  2. Search for Minecraft in there and once it opens, proceed to “Options.”
  3. Choose the “Check for update” option; if an update is available, install it.

After installing the update, relaunch the game, and hopefully, your game will load successfully.

Update Your PS4

Another probable cause of this error can be an old PS4 software version. Such a thing will not allow your console to have the latest optimization and requirements needed to launch the game, which is the sole purpose of such updates. If this is the case, you need to update your console to the latest version, and you can do such by:

  1. Launch your homepage, then click “Settings.”
  2. Click the “System Software Update” option from the displayed list of options.
  3. System Software Update PS4
    System Software Update PS4
  4. Once you click it, a message will appear indicating whether or not your console is updated to the most recent version.
  5. If not, a console update option will be presented; select it and update your console.

If your console has been updated, you should restart it and launch Minecraft. In case this does not resolve your issue, you should try other solutions.

Clearing The Cache Of Minecraft

A while ago, Mojang, the company that created Minecraft, released a feature called “Hotfix” through an update for the game. It aimed to help users in clearing the cache of their game. Over time junk accumulates in the cache, slowing down the game and causing issues like Minecraft not loading on PS4. Thus it is also worth a shot to clear your cache memory, as that might result in resolving your issue. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. After opening Minecraft on your console, use the controller and press the following keys simultaneously: “L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Options + Touchpad”
  2. Do not stop pressing the buttons until the “Splash” screen appears.
  3. Restart your console after this, and then relaunch the game.

Hopefully, by now, your issue will have been resolved.

What To Do If None Of The Methods Work

There is a slight chance that we could still not resolve the issue despite following all the solutions. In this case, it is advised that you contact PlayStation’s official facilitation center through emails, calls, or by visiting them. They will be able to better guide you as to what you should do further. You can contact them here.

Final Words

We hope we have resolved Minecraft not loading on PS4 entirely, and now you can play Minecraft again. You can also check out our guides on Netflix not working on PS4.

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