US Cellular Code 408 – Causes & Fixes

Learn how to deal with US Cellular Code 408 in easy ways.

Recently U.S. Cellular users complained of some unknown errors riddling them, subsequently preventing them from using the network’s services. One such error is U.S. Cellular code 408. I will teach you how to fix it in this detailed guide.

Key takeaways

  • U.S. Cellular code 408 indicates a Request Time Out error, meaning the service provider is unable to fulfill your request, resulting in no service.
  • Possible causes of the error include unavailability of services in your area, technical issues with towers or signal providers, or changes in network settings.
  • Solutions to fix the error include rebooting your mobile phone, checking network settings, removing and cleaning the SIM card, updating the phone’s software, and using airplane mode.
  • Rebooting the phone can resolve bugs and establish a new connection with the service provider.
  • Verifying and adjusting network settings, cleaning the SIM card, updating the software, and using airplane mode can help resolve the U.S. Cellular code 408 error.

What is U.S. Cellular Code 408?

Generally, error code 408 means Request time out error, implying that the service provider has exceeded its capacity to satisfy your request and that the time taken to respond will be much more than usual. In this specific regard, it means that the service you are requesting is unavailable. You are shown a ‘no service’ message on your mobile screen, and you have zero bars.

Thus you might not be able to place a call, send a message, or access internet services from U.S. Cellular. This can be a great inconvenience as the modern world is built around these services and not being able to have them practically cuts your off from the outside world.

error 408 in image
Image showing error code 408

What Causes Cellular Code 408?

The primary causes of the error 408 might be:

  • Unavailability of services in your area
  • Technical breakdown
  • Damage to towers or signal providers of U.S. Cellular near you
  • Network settings change in your mobile device

Whatever may be the cause, you are sure to find its solution with us. Just read ahead and find out.

How To Fix U.S. Cellular Code 408?

We are well aware of the nuisance this issue can be, so here are some detailed methods that you as a user can follow to hopefully get rid of U.S. Cellular code 408 and resume using the services.

 Rebooting Your Mobile Phone.

You can start to resolve U.S. Cellular Code 408 by simply rebooting your mobile phone. Although it may seem as unnecessary or not a very good approach, it is indeed a very capable solution. Rebooting your phone clears its RAM removing all the running programs, and the Operating System of the mobile phone is given a restart.

This leads to the fixture of any bugs in the system; also, the connection with the service provider is re-established. Thus any issue with the previous connection is resolved, and the error may be fixed when the new connection is established.

Rebooting your phone is fairly simple; just follow these steps:

  1. Press your phone’s power button for 5 seconds.
  2. A blurred background screen will appear with 2-3 options on it; select the Reboot/Restart option.
    smartphone reboot option
    The type of interface that will display the reboot option
  3. After you select it, your phone will temporarily shut down, and after 5 to 10 seconds, it will automatically power on.
  4. Once it does that, put your password in it(if you have a security password) and then check if your services have been reinstated.

If this does not work out for you, there are other steps you can follow.

Checking Phone’s Mobile Network Settings.

Another possible cause of U.S. Cellular Code can be some kind of change or disturbance in your phone’s network settings. This can happen as a result of a phone’s software update or any unintentional manual settings change. It is very simple to check if this is the case by visiting your mobile phone settings. To do that follow these steps below:

  1. Open the settings in your mobile phone and scroll down to ‘Sim cards & mobile networks” or an equivalent option.
    sim card and mobile network option
    Type of Option in settings, you have to select
  2. Select your U.S. Cellular sim card and proceed to the Mobile Networks option.
  3. Under the Mobile Networks option, there will be an ‘ Automatically select network’ option to make sure it is turned on.
    automatically select network to solve US Cellular code 408.
    The Option you have to turn on is displayed.
  4. Once you have completed this procedure, reboot your phone using the method mentioned above and then recheck if U.S. Cellular code has disappeared or is still persistent.

Removing Sim Card From Its Tray.

Sometimes the issue is not software based. Instead, it might be a physical issue. An example might be the dislocation of the sim inside the tray, or there may be an accumulation of dust specs on your sim card. If this is the case, you might need to remove your sim card from your mobile phone.

There are two separate methods to do so depending upon your mobile. If your mobile phone is from 2016 onwards, it is most likely you have a phone with a Nano sim support tray. To eject such sim trays, follow these steps:

  1. Use a sim ejection pin and put it in the sim ejection hole.
    sim ejection tool
    image showing the sim ejection tool and hole
  2. Press the ejection tool so the lock unlocks and the tray pops out. Take the tray out and remove the sim from it.
  3. If your smartphone is 2016 backwards or if it is a feature phone, use this method:
  4. Power off your phone and take the back cover of your mobile phone off.
  5. image showing battery removed in old phones
  6. Remove the battery of your mobile phone carefully by pressing it in the direction against the connector pins.
  7. This will reveal the sim tray beneath the battery. Take the sim out of it.
    backcover removed from mobile phone
    image showing battery after removing back cover

Now that the sim is out, gently clean the sim using a very soft cloth. Also, clean the sim tray very gently, and use a soft brush in the case of the old smartphone. Now reinsert the sim into the phone and power on the phone. Give it a minute or two and check if your services have returned or not.

Updating Mobile Phones Software

Telecom companies sometimes update their frequencies or some other methods of their working due to some technical reasons or a certain government policy. Smartphone companies are quick to incorporate these changes into their devices so that users do not face any type of service unavailability such as the one in question.

These updates are sent well in advance. However, there is a possibility that due to the unavailability of the internet or turning off the feature of automatic updates, you may not have received the update. To turn on this feature, kindly follow the mentioned steps:

  1. 1. Go to the additional settings in your mobile phone settings.
    The Option that has to be selected.
  2. There, you will find an option with the name ‘Developer Options
    developer options
    Developer options in settings you have to choose
  3. These options are universal for all androids so you will scroll down to the 10th Option, ‘Automatic System updates.’
    automatic system updates in additional settings
    option that has to be turned on
  4. Once there, ensure this option is turned on as its marker will be blue.

After following these steps, reboot your smartphone device. Make sure you are now connected to a WIFI network and then go to the settings of your mobile phone. Hopefully, there will be an update.

Download and Install the update on your phone and after the device reboots, check if the network has become available. If it has still not become available, this is the last step you can follow from your side.

Using Airplane Mode

Even if, after applying all of the above-mentioned solutions, U.S. Cellular code 408 is still not fixed, try applying this small method. The wider logic behind this method is not known; however, it is speculated that doing this gives a restart to your ‘ Antenna Switch’. The previous connection is dismantled completely, and a newer connection is established, possibly fixing your error. You have to simply do this:

  1. Turn on your mobile phone and scroll down its control panel.
  2. Once in your control panel, look for ‘Airplane Mode.’
    airplane mode in control centre
    image shows the option you have to turn on
  3. Turn your airplane mode on and leave it on for about a minute or two.
  4. Then turn your ‘Airplane Mode’ off and immediately check if your services have been restored or not.


Error code 408 in U.S. Cellular signifies a request timeout error, leading to a loss of mobile services. To resolve this issue, several solutions can be attempted. Firstly, rebooting your phone can help establish a fresh connection. Checking network settings and ensuring the “Automatically select network” option is enabled may also fix the problem. If applicable, removing and cleaning the SIM card can address physical issues. Updating your phone’s software ensures compatibility with network changes.

Lastly, enabling and disabling airplane mode can reset the antenna switch, potentially restoring services. If these steps fail, contacting U.S. Cellular support for further assistance is recommended. Ask your neighbours and other people around if they are also having the same issue. Then you have to wait patiently and let the technical staff of U.S. Cellular look into and fix this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take U.S. Cellular to fix its outage of services?

Well, usually, it takes a day at most to fix error codes such as 408. However, depending on the seriousness of the matter, it might take a little more time or less.

Is U.S. Cellular code 408 harmful to my device?

Not at all. U.S. Cellular code 408 is just a network issue having nothing to do with your smartphone device or its components. So it is completely harmless.

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