Disney Plus Error Code 142 And How To Fix It

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Disney Plus is another competitive streaming site which gives access to thousands of movies and tv shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. In this age, where the popularity and demand of streaming platforms are increasing, Disney plus has become a potential competitor in terms of watch hours and demand as it provides a large variety of content of amazing quality.

Its wide range of digital devices and its excellent family packages helps it maintain its place on the top streaming sites. But like every streaming site, Disney plus has its problems, like unwanted errors while streaming your favourite content. Likewise, a common error that users have encountered is Disney plus error code 142.

Disney Plus

What Is Error Code 142?

Disney Error code 142


The error code 142 is an unlisted error in the Disney Plus official error code list that renders the site incapable of streaming any kind of content, and the users keep getting it on whichever content they stream. The error code 142 usually appears due to general issues like server problems, poor internet connections, or an outdated app. So, here are some fixes you should try to remove the error and continue enjoying your streaming.

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 142?

There are many ways to fix the error code 142, which are:

  • Check out the main server.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Restart your system.
  • Log out and then again log in.
  • Uninstall and reinstall it.
  • Update the app.
  • Change your browser.
  • Turn off the proxy or VPN.
  • Switch your streaming device.
  • Contact Disney Plus Help centre

Check your Disney server

The better thing to do is to check out your servers immediately. There is a chance that the error has occurred due to the server being down or being under maintenance. To check the server status, you can use downdetector.

down detector


But if you experience no problem here and the site shows the normal status with everything working fine, then try the other steps.

Check your Internet Connection

Internet meter


If the servers are working fine, then make sure that you are connected to a strong internet connection. It is possible that the content you are trying to stream requires a more stable and faster internet than what you are currently using. So, if you have a poor internet connection, the error 142 is very likely to occur. You can perform your internet speed test on your browser and find out your internet speed. The usual speed for stable streaming is usually around 10 Mbps for regular streaming and 25 Mbps for 4k streaming.

Internet speed test

If your internet is giving you the required speed, then your internet connection is working fine, and the error 142 has occurred due to some other reason, and you should move on to the next step.

Restart your System

System restart Mac

Another cause due to which the error is likely to occur is that your system might be bugged and needs to be refreshed. The best thing you can do is restart your system, and the chances are that a simple reboot might work. But if it still gives you the same error, then move towards the next step.

Log Out Of Disney Plus


Another trick that might work for you is logging out and signing in again, which may refresh the app. So, log out of your Disney plus account. Then close the app, open it again, and sign in after a few moments. Check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Uninstall And Reinstall


Another reason for this error is that there might be a chance that your Disney plus account cannot connect itself with the Disney plus servers, therefore causing trouble. So, to tackle this, you can try to reinstall your app again after uninstalling it from your devices, which might solve the problem for you.

Update Your App

One cause of the error is that the service might be outdated or bugged. To resolve that, the best thing to do is update your app so that if there is a fix in the new version, it will eliminate the error. So, check to see if an update is available or not, and if there is one available, do it even if you are not having any problems as it makes things smooth, and it is always better to jump to the updated version.


Turn Off Proxy Or VPN


One of the causes for the error code 142 to occur could be the use of proxy and VPN. Proxies and VPNs often cause problems on the server side and get you an error. Users usually use proxy or VPN to stream content which is not available in their country, and that might become problematic instead of being helpful, as it would cause an error, and you would end with nothing to stream at all. So, the best way to get rid of the error is to turn off your proxy and refresh and retry to see if it works.

Try Switching Devices

Digital-devicesThere might be a slight chance that the device you are streaming on ends up being problematic, and the error is likely to occur. Although rare, it can happen, and you can fix it by simply changing your device. It means that if you are having trouble streaming on your regular smart television, try to enjoy it on your tabs, smartphones, other devices or even firesticks.

Try Using Another Browser


It is nothing new that browsers are usually a part of many problematic situations. Browsers often tend to cause errors while being used, and they are not problem specific. So, instead of wondering about the cause of your error while using a browser and streaming, try to change it. It is possible that shifting to another browser might do the trick for you.

Contact Disney Plus Help Centre

The last option left after having failed to get rid of the error code even after trying all these fixes above is to contact the Disney Plus customer care centre and inform them about the problem you are facing. There is a chance that they might know the exact cause of your problem, and they might have a solution for your problem. Hopefully, they will be helpful in fixing your issue.



Disney Plus is a huge platform with a wide variety of content. Many users face error code 142 while using the platform. Error code 142 is not officially listed in the Disney plus error code list, so many people do not know how to resolve it. The above article briefly explains the causes of the error code 142 and its tips and fixes. We hope that the article was helpful to you.


  • How can I fix Disney plus problems on Firestick?

You can fix any kind of error or problem by following the general tips like checking your internet connection, checking your internet speed, and checking out if the Disney plus servers are working fine or not. Check out if your app is outdated and if it is, then update it. Try rebooting your device. Try logging out and signing again after a few minutes. The problems are likely to be resolved by these methods, but if it still does not work, then contact Disney plus the help centre and find out what is wrong.

  • Why do I keep getting error codes on Disney Plus?

There might be several causes for it, among which the most common are a poor internet connection, the server might be down, or the app needs to be updated.

  • In which regions Disney plus streaming service is available?

Disney Plus is available for streaming in around 106 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, and some regions of Africa and Asia.

  • What devices can I use to watch Disney Plus?

You can use a lot of devices to stream Disney Plus, which include

  • Pc, Laptop or mac.
  • Apple iPhones and iPad.
  • Android phone and tablets.
  • Fire Tv devices
  • Fire Tablet
  • Smart tv devices

Although streaming on these devices also demands specifications like compatible models, browsers, space and software, these are all the general devices to use Disney Plus.

  • Does Disney Plus support 4K streaming?

Yes. Disney plus supports 4k streaming of much of its content, available immediately on your call.

  • Can you download the movies and tv shows on Disney Plus?

Yes, you can download it and very easily at that. Just pick the content of your choice, select the episode you want to download, and you will see an arrow icon facing downwards. Just hit it, and your content will be downloaded.

  • How many screens does Disney Plus provide?

Disney plus allows the usage of up to four screens and four separate devices simultaneously. Although, there are no area or network restrictions. So, you can stream on four separate devices simultaneously, anywhere in the world.

  • What accessibility are features available on Disney Plus?

The accessibility features include Closed Captioning [CC], Audio Descriptions [AD], Text to Speech, keyboard navigation, colour contrast and responsive design.

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