Disney Plus Error Code 401 And Its Fixes [EASY]

Facing an problem with Disney plus? Error Code 401? We have your solution!

In the age of Over The Top (OTT) media services, famous distributors like Netflix and Amazon are competing for public watch hours and popularity, giving tough competition to others. Disney Plus also rises to take the throne to the best, striving to live up to the name of the wonderful world of Disney. The streaming home of the Walt Disney Company provides access to thousands of tv shows and series with an especially dedicated platform to hubs of the famous worlds of PIXAR, MARVEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, STAR WARS and the Originals of Disney itself.

Aside from this many quality brands and content, it holds excellent family packages and features, and its ease of accessibility on a wide range of devices makes it a vile predator in the competition of public watch hours and popularity, holding its place in the top list of the domain. But with this much fame and popularity also comes a lot of responsibility and pressure to live up to the increasing expectations of the users.

Here, Like every other streaming service, Disney Plus has its own fair share of problems in the form of annoying errors like error ode 142error code 91 , error code 92 , error code 93 and even error code 401. These kinds of errors usually render the users incapable of streaming anything at all. Some of them have solutions in the official list, and some are left out. One of the common errors encountered by the users while streaming is error code 401.

Disney Plus
Disney Plus

What Is Error Code 401?

The error code 401 is an annoying error which usually pops up during the streaming, rendering the user incapable of streaming. It usually implies that the user request has not been received. It completely blocks out your access to Disney plus, sometimes automatically signing you out of Disney Plus. There is not a particular cause of this error, and there may be several causes like severe issues, internet connectivity, outdated app and more. So, try the following solutions to tackle the error and continue streaming what you have been waiting for.

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 401?

There are a few easy solutions you can even try yourself to remove the error code 401. The solution includes

  1. Check out the official servers.
  2. Check your internet connection.
  3. Switch to different content.
  4. Update the application.
  5.  Uninstall and Reinstall it.
  6. Clear the data and cache.
  7. Check out device compatibility.
  8. Report it to the Disney Plus help centre.

Check Out The Servers

The first thing anyone should do is check out the official servers of the site. Usually, these kinds of errors arise due to the main servers being down or under maintenance. You can easily check out the server status at the official website or even at Downdetector.

Down detector homepage
Down detector homepage

You can go to the website and search about the servers of Disney Plus instantly. The website will show the stats of the servers and tell whether the servers are working fine or not.

Disney plus server status
Server Status

The status, in this case, shows no problems on the server side, indicating that you have to do a little more to get rid of the error.

Check Your Internet Connection

Internet is the basic necessity for almost everything available out there. So, the second thing that should be done after checking out the servers is to check whether you have a stable connection or not.

Internet speedometer
Internet speedometer

There might be a chance that your internet is working fine, but even then, you can not get rid of the error or stream anything. So, before moving on to the next step, find out the speed of your internet. Open up your browser and run an internet speed test. Chances are that the current speed might not meet the average speed criteria, which is around 10 Mbps for regular streaming and 25 Mbps for 4k streaming.

Internet speed test
Internet speed test

If there is no problem there, then move on to the next step.

Switch To A Different Content

Sometimes, a few tv shows and series do not load due to bad network connectivity and end up causing temporary errors like error code 402. They might become unavailable for a certain period of time. So, figure out if this is the case by going back to the library and loading other shows. If this is not the case, then move on to the next step.

Disney Plus shows
Disney Plus shows

Update The Application

Outdated applications also cause these kinds of errors due to various reasons. There might be a chance that the application is bugged and needs a fix, usually some of the updates provided by the developers. So, to give your application a necessary refreshment and to flush out the error, try updating the app to its latest version.

Disney Plus Update
Disney Plus Update

Even if it does not work, then do not worry. We have further solutions to try, and updating it even without any necessity will not hurt you at all.

Uninstall And Reinstall it

A common type pf problem causing the error might be installation problems. Like, the application could not have been installed properly, or its installation was corrupted. Even after proper downloading, there is some case in which the application can not connect itself to the official servers hence causing errors like error code 401. So, try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it after a few moments to see if it works.

Uninstall Disney Plus
Uninstall Disney Plus

Clear The Data and Cache

The devices tend to store temporary data and cookies to increase efficiency. But the stored data might get corrupted due to various problems and may end up causing an error after all. Although it is not that common, it is better to try clearing the temporary data and cache of your application and re-run it to see if the error code 401 disappears or not.

clear out data and cache
clear out data and cache

Check Out The Device Compatibility

Another thing you should always keep in check is device compatibility. Many error codes, including error code 401 are normally caused by compatibility problems between devices  (or software) and the app itself. Although Disney Plus is available on a wide variety of devices, there does exist a threshold which should be met for those devices to function properly. So, check the compatibility of your device with Disney Plus, and if it is not compatible, try switching it to a compatible one. That will most likely solve your problem.


And if your device is okay to go, then move on to the next step.

Report It To Disney Plus Help Center

After trying everything in your capability, if the error does not disappear, it is time to call the professionals. Contact the Disney Plus help centre and inform them of the error code 401. Tell them about how it was not fixed even after everything you have tried. Ask them for a solution. It is possible that they might have one that will be helpful in fixing your problem.

Disney Plus Help Center
Disney Plus Help Center


Disney Plus, like any other streaming site, is not immune to errors. Not just Disney Plus, the other applications of Disney Plus are not immune to error, considers errors like Disney blitz error and many more. This clearly indicates that error code 401 is not an exception, and errors are likely to occur every once a while. Some of them are listed in the Disney Plus official list along with their solution. For some of them, which are not listed, exists such articles provide help. We hope that you found our article helpful, and we wish that we were able to solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

In how many regions, the service of Disney Plus is available?

Disney Plus is available in around 106 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, and some regions of Africa and Asia. It will soon extend to the unattended regions as well.

Can we share our Disney Plus accounts?

Yes, you can share your subscribed account with whomever you want to share. Just share them your username and password, and each person signing in will have their own profiles, personalized history, watch list, downloads and settings.

What kind of special features does Disney Plus provide?

Disney Plus provides many features such as parental control, Closed Captioning [CC], Audio Descriptions [AD], Text to Speech, keyboard navigation, color contrast and responsive design.

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