5 Ways To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 93

Disney Plus is an online streaming service that provides features such as video-on-demand and multiple exclusive shows.

It has actively collaborated with big studios such as PIXAR, MARVEL, and STAR WARS. Due to these collaborations, it has been able to produce shows such as SHE-HULK: Attorney at Law, Daredevil, MS Marvel, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and many other such shows.

Due to the popularity of Marvel, these shows gained traction leading to an influx in the user base of Disney plus as more people bought their subscriptions to enjoy Full HD quality weekly episodes.

Thus, it is no surprise that after it was launched in late 2019, by April 2020, it had managed to gain 50 million users; by October 2021, the figure rose to 118 million users. Such a large user base means that the possible errors faced by the people have also increased exponentially. One such error is Disney plus error code 93, which has left many users baffled and worried about the continuance of their services.

disney error code 93
The image shows a possible representation of error 93 while Disney plus streaming.

What Is Disney Plus Error Code 93?

Disney plus error code 93 is a newly emerged error that has been displayed to many users across the world. It displays a message on the user’s screen: “Due to suspicious activity from this account, we have blocked your access. If you believe this is in error, please contact customer service. This error has been nicknamed Error Code 93 suspicious activity following this message. As evident from the name and its description, it means that due to doubtful commotion detected by Disney plus, you cannot avail of its services.

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What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 93?

Although generally unspecified, there are a few ways due to which Disney Error Code 93 can occur. Some of the possible ways are listed as follows:

Maximum user profiles available used

There is a limit to the number of user profiles that can utilize and use a specific account depending on the package that you have subscribed to. Disney plus allows a maximum of 7 user profiles to be opened on an account simultaneously. If by any chance you may have exceeded that number, that can be causing the issue.

disney available user profiles
image showing user profiles on an account

The maximum no of devices has been reached

Apart from a maximum number of user profiles being used, there is also a possibility that a lot of devices are being used to reach those multiple user profiles. If that is the case, then it might be causing Disney Plus Error .

Accounts can be hacked.

It is also a possibility that due to a security lapse at your end, your account details got out and your account got hacked, leading to this specific error being caused.

How To Solve Disney Plus Error Code 93?

Here are some of the methods you can apply to eradicate Disney Plus Error. Many users that faced this issue have reported that one of the following methods helped them resolve it, so let’s dive right into it.

Updating your Disney Plus Application

It is very much possible that you are facing Disney Plus Error code 93 because you are using an older version of the application. The older version may not be completely compatible with the security standards of the app, and as a result, due to the possibility of a security lapse, Disney is showing you the error.

To check for updates, go to the Google play store on your mobile phone or to the Microsoft store if you are on a PC. Search for Disney plus in respective app stores; if there is an update option alongside the uninstall option, kindly update your app; hopefully, this will fix the issue.

Removing All Your User Profiles

As mentioned earlier, user profiles can be the cause of Disney Error , so deleting all your profile accounts might be able to solve the error code. To do this, simply follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch your Disney plus app on your mobile or pc by clicking on its icon.
  2. Once the app launches, allow it to load up completely.
    Disney plus screen
    An expected UI when the app opens
  3. Go into Disney plus settings; once there, you will see your user profiles on the top-most part of the screen and underneath their edit profile option.
    edit profiles in disney plus
    EDIT PROFILES option highlighted
  4. Once in the edit profiles option, proceed to each user profile individually. Once there, select the ‘ Delete Profile’ option so that the user profile is deleted.
    delete profile disney plus
    Delete Profile option in Disney plus settings

After deleting two to three user profiles, kindly check if the error has been removed or not. Suppose the error has been removed well and good. Although it may take some time, you can easily recreate the deleted profiles.

Log Out of All Devices.

Disney Plus Error Code 93 can also be caused if multiple devices are logged in to your account. These devices might be accessing one or multiple user profiles, flagging it as a suspicious account leading to suspicious activity. To resolve this issue, you can try to log out of your account from all of the devices. The process is fairly simple now as due to the recent update, all of this can be achieved with just one simple click regardless of being used on a smartphone or Pc.

For personal computers:

  1. After opening up your account in your browser, proceed to the top left corner of the tab and place your cursor on it.
  2. This will open a multi-option tab, from which you have to select the accounts option.account option disney plusImage showing the multi-optional tab
  3. After selecting it, you will be further directed to the account option. There you will see an option of ” Log out of all devices” select that option.disney plus log out of all devicesLog out of all devices in Disney plus
  4. Then, you will be asked to confirm your action by entering your password; once your password is entered, the desired action will be completed.

After following this step, recheck by trying to watch any program with your current device. If you are successful in doing so, it means that you have eliminated Disney plus error; if the message still stays, try following other methods.

For smartphone devices:

  1. Open the Disney plus app on your smartphone.
  2. Once it opens and loads, click on the profile icon at the bottom right side of your screen.
    profile icon Disney plus
    Arrow towards profile icon
  3. Afterwards, a new screen will be opened, with the Account option on number three; click on that option.
  4. Then Tap on the ” Log out of all devices” option once the new screen loads up.
  5. Like on a computer, it will again ask for password confirmation to follow through with the action. Type out your password and then after the account is logged out from all devices, recheck if you can do any streaming. If yes, then your error has been resolved; otherwise, try the other methods mentioned.

Updating the Security Of Your Disney+ Account

Another possibility is that your Disney plus account can also be hacked. The hacker may be using your account for some malicious purpose, resulting in your account being flagged by Disney. If this is the case, we strongly urge you to follow the given steps and also to consult with a cyber security professional, as your whole device may also be hacked, possibly putting all your private data at risk.

Following is the step you should follow:

Changing the password of your account.

If your account is hacked, there is a very high probability that changing your account’s passwords might make it secure, as your account will be logged out of all devices, and the hacker won’t be able to log back in using the same password. To change the password of your account, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open your Disney plus account and head out to your profile icon.
    profile icon Disney plus
    Arrow towards profile icon
  2. Choose the account option from the multi-option taskbar.
  3. In the account option, select the ‘Change Password’ option.
    Disney plus change account password
    change password of account Disney plus
  4. After selecting this option, you will be asked to enter your old password and then you will have to choose a new password and enter it twice to confirm it and apply it to your account.

Be sure to provide this password to other people you are sharing this account with, as they will need to relog in.

You may also find it beneficial if you try to change the E-mail id of your account to eliminate any risk of lingering potential security threats.


So, if you have followed all of the steps mentioned above but are still unable to resolve your issue, this means that the issue is from Disney’s end and not yours.

Well, I would now suggest you get in touch with a customer representative and tell him about your error code. Hopefully, the company will be able to fix your issue from their end, allowing you to resume your services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will removing user profiles also delete the data in them?

Unfortunately, yes after you remove a user profile all your watched shows, bookmarks and timestamps are completely removed. So, you have to find a suitable method to note all of these down before deleting the user profile

Can my new password be similar to my old password?

Yes, the 2 passwords can be similar however, we suggest that you place a stronger password now so that the hacker does not get a chance to hack your account again through the brute force method.

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