ESPN Error Code 321 [FIXED 2024]

Your account has set up a flag for misuse of the community guidelines, here's how to fix this!

Being one of the biggest providers of sports TV, it’s a bit strange to see how many people consistently complain about ESPN error code 321, which arises due to browser issues or ESPN’s crackdown on account sharing.

The error code is usually a screen that comes up when you’re trying to play a live video overall. The error will not let the video play; therefore, you’ll be stuck staring at the boring, uninteresting screen.

However, worry not, for I’ll help you fix it with some very straightforward methods.

Key Takeaways

  • ESPN Error Code 321 occurs due to ESPN cracking down on account sharing or configuration issues with the browser.
  • It is advisable to disable adblockers, VPNs, firewalls, and antiviruses to fix the error.
  • If the error persists, try not to share your account any further.

NOTE: before you begin troubleshooting, try fixing your internet.

1. Disabling AdBlock

AdBlock has been there to save us for many years, blocking out a lot of malware and slaying pop-up ads, stopping them dead in their tracks. However, it is the bane of many companies’ existence. Because of this, they do their best to crack down on any devices that they find using it.

ESPN is no exception, with many reporting that the error went away as soon as they disabled AdBlock. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the extensions tab > click the three dots beside Adblock.
    ESPN Error 321
    Disabling AdBlock
  2. Disable it from the dropdown menu.

2. Disabling Your VPN

I’ve already established that ESPN is cracking down on people using the same account. Apart from viewing adblockers, companies also target VPNs. This is because the main use of a VPN is to change your location. It does this by routing your connection to different places.

The ESPN servers will see you change places from the USA to Japan in a split second, and all the red alarms will go off; therefore, I advise you to turn the VPN off. User testimony aside, our team could use this to treat the error on a handful of devices.

3. Disabling Antivirus

One other problem that our team faced was that certain Antivirus software, such as McAfee, also caused the error to occur. We couldn’t diagnose the exact reasoning behind this, but this is likely a side effect of ESPN trying to identify users breaking their guidelines.

The same goes for disabling firewalls, protection built into your PC to protect you from the internet so that the malware doesn’t get to you. Although these programs are brilliant, they can sometimes unnecessarily block data and make regular data come across as harmful.

4. Clearing Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Cache and cookies are data that your browser usually stores temporarily or just generally to keep track of your activities. Although handy, it can become overbearing for the browser, and it starts to slow down.

Therefore, a more general fix I tried was to clear the browser’s cache. Sometimes, when corrupted data gets stored, you can expect to run into errors. So, I would advise you to clear the browser’s cache and cookies.

This fix also helped me solve another ESPN error in the past, and is just a good fix for any errors popping up on your browser.

5. Changing The Browser

Sometimes, configuration problems within the browser can cause these problems. A user has recommended to switch the browser you are using.

Our team tried a bunch of different browsers for this, but there isn’t a single best one you can use. From what I could gather, the problem lies more in what the browser changes to adapt to your needs rather than the actual browser.

As such, switching to any other browser that you don’t usually use is another fix that works.

6. Try Not To Share Your Account

A lot of people pitch in to buy the same account together since it’s cheaper and just all around a better deal. This is especially the case for families who’ll otherwise have to pay for separate subscriptions just to watch a show on a different device in the same room.

However, ESPN’s guidelines state that this is forbidden. As such, the moment the system catches you doing this, you’re faced with this error. This is also an effort to crack down on those third-party services that offer cheaper rates for the services based on account sharing.

The other fixes are mostly for users who are falsely tagged as such, but they can still work temporarily if you’re sharing an account. Still, if you wish to be clear of this error in the future, the only foolproof method is to have only one device use one account.

The Verdict

While we can’t do anything if you really are breaking the guidelines except provide temporary fixes, I found a lot of users claiming that they got the error despite not sharing their accounts. This is a problem on the company’s part, and it’s becoming more prevalent as more time passes.

They have the right to crack down on anyone violating their guidelines, but causing innocent users to get caught up isn’t worth it. If you’re one such user, I hope this guide manages to help you, but be sure to contact support and have them fix the issue permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact ESPN customer support?

In the top right corner, hover your cursor over the More Icon. Next, Select "Contact Us" from the dropdown menu at the bottom. Select the " (Fantasy, Insider, Video, Mobile)" option on the "Contact ESPN" page. A contact form for ESPN Customer Care will now display. When the chat box appears in the bottom right corner of the page, you have the option of using the form to submit your query or chatting with a Customer Care representative.

My ESPN keeps out giving random errors, what do I do?

When you attempt to play a live streaming video on, error messages from your video service provider can show up. When there is a problem with your cable subscription or video service, messages emerge. For more help in this situation, get in touch with the customer support team at your cable or video service provider.

Can it be a problem if I have too many devices logged into ESPN?

Most of us almost ever really consider how many devices we have accounts set up on. And given that many of us now own numerous gadgets, this may potentially result in issues. Various performance problems may arise if you have too many devices logged in at once. Therefore, in order to achieve the best results, we advise you to log out of ESPN on any device that is not in use right now. Once you've completed this, try signing into your account using a single device.

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