ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle [FIXED]

Server outages, faulty internet connections, and more may cause ESPN+ not to work with the Hulu bundle. Learn about how you can make ESPN+ work with the Hulu bundle again.

Many users encountering the issue “ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle”. These issues range from server malfunctions and poor internet connectivity to compatibility problems and subscription-related concerns. I am here to sort out these problems with my easy-to-follow guide. This error was also reported on Reddit.

Key Takeaways

  • The ESPN+ may not work with the Hulu bundle due to; server outages, faulty internet connection, using an incompatible device, and more.
  • You can fix the issue by updating your device and the Hulu app, ensuring that your bundle includes ESPN+, power cycling the internet, etc.
  • ESPN+ and Hulu cannot be accessed in many regions, so ensure that your location matches the supported list of countries.

Why Is ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle?

I found the following reasons for ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle as reported by different users:

  • Malfunction in the Hulu or ESPN+ servers.
  • Poor internet strength.
  • You are using an outdated version of the Hulu app on your device.
  • Your TV/PC is not updated with the latest software.
  • You are using an incompatible device to run the Hulu bundle.
  • Problems with the bundle subscription.
  • Either Hulu or ESPN+ is not available in your country/region.

How To Fix ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle?

I tested these fixes and found them effective in resuming ESPN+ functioning:

  • Take an internet speed test
  • Power cycle internet router
  • Check for the server status
  • Re-login to your account
  • Check the status of your Hulu bundle
  • Inspect your ESPN+ Add-on
  • Restart the Hulu app
  • Update your device
  • Update the Hulu app
  • Use a compatible device
  • Ensure that the bundle is available in your country
  • Contact the Hulu support team

Take An Internet Speed Test

I suggest you ensure a strong and stable internet connection for an internet speed test. You need at least 2Mbps of net speed to stream live content on the app.

Power Cycle Internet Router

It is considered a fundamental step when troubleshooting networking problems. Power cycling eliminates temporary issues with your internet connection, speeding it up.

Check For The Server Status

If the servers for either Hulu or ESPN+ are down, no solution will resolve your trouble, and you can only wait for the technical teams to fix the servers. So, before proceeding to the fixes, let’s see how you can get a server update for Hulu and ESPN+.

Re-login To Your Account

Another way to eliminate this trouble is to sign out of your Hulu account. Wait for a minute before you log back in. Doing this will clear any temporary glitches in your profile that may hinder the proper running of ESPN+ on Hulu. If you are still facing the error, re-login to the ESPN+ account. Be vigilant that you are adding the correct credentials to both accounts.

Check The Status Of Your Hulu Bundle

It may be possible that you did not include ESPN+ in your Hulu bundle. You need to make a separate purchase for ESPN+ to make a Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle. Therefore, ensure that you have purchased the right plan that consists of ESPN+.

  1. Head over to
  2. Press the Log-in option at the top-right edge.
    ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle
    Log In – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  3. Enter the Account Credentials to your Hulu account and hit the Log In button.
    Account Credentials
    Account Credentials – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. Click on your Profile Avatar to open a drop-down menu.
  5. Select Accounts from this menu.
    ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle
    Accounts – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  6. In the Overview section, re-check your subscribed Hulu Bundle Plan.
    ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu Bundle
    Overview – Image Credits [Emopulse]

Inspect Your ESPN+ Add-On

See if the ESPN+ on Hulu price package is still active. You cannot stream content if the add-on has expired or the company canceled it for some reason. If you find that your ESPN+ add-on in the Disney+ bundle or Hulu bundle was canceled without your approval, refer to Hulu Help and ask the customer support team about the situation.

Restart Hulu App

If you cannot stream live sports or other content on ESPN+ in your Hulu bundle, restart the app. See if the issue is gone.

Update Your Device

I suggest you update your device firmware, as it will be helpful to sort out some errors.

Update The Hulu App

Go to your device’s store and ensure the Hulu app matches the latest updates. If you see an update option for Hulu, click on it to install the latest version of the app. Once installed, restart Hulu and check whether ESPN+ has resumed functioning.

Use A Compatible Device

Device incompatibility is one of the many reasons why you cannot stream live sports on ESPN+. To rule out this case, log in to your Hulu account on another device, such as a smartphone or smart TV, and see if the bundle works.

Ensure That The Bundle Is Available In Your Country

As of January 2023, ESPN+ services are still not supported in many countries. In addition, Hulu is limited to the United States and Japan. So, if your virtual location is set in any country other than these two, you cannot access the Hulu + Live TV Bundle or the Disney Plus Bundle, which includes ESPN+.

Contact Support

When nothing works, it is best to refer to the support team to get an insight into your trouble. Contact Hulu Help and explain your problem to a support agent. Apart from this, you can post your queries on Hulu Community to get help from fellow users.

Important Note

You must sign up for the Hulu+ TV Live Bundle or the Trio Bundle (ESPN+, Hulu, Disney+) to run ESPN+ on Hulu. A separate ESPN+ subscription will not work on the Hulu network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is ESPN+ Not Working With Hulu?

It can be because you have; a weak internet connection, not installed the latest Hulu updates, not subscribed to the right plan which includes ESPN+ and more.

How Do I Activate ESPN+ With Hulu Bundle?

Go to the "Hulu Account Page." If you have included ESPN+ in your plan, you will see an "Activate" option next to ESPN+. Create an account and your account will be ready to use.

Why Is My ESPN+ Subscription Not Working?

If your ESPN+ subscription is not working, there is a possibility that the subscription may have expired due to payment delays.

How Do I Log Into ESPN+ If I Already Have The Bundle?

Use the same email and password as your Hulu Bundle or Disney Plus in order to log in to ESPN+.

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