Hulu Error Code Metadata-2 [Solved]

Facing Error Code Metadata-2 in Hulu? Learn how to fix it effectively in this guide.

A common issue that Hulu users may encounter is the dreaded Error code Metadata-2. This error can be frustrating and disrupt your streaming experience. But worry not, I will walk you through various solutions to fix the Hulu Error code Metadata-2. So, be ready to get back to enjoying uninterrupted streaming in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • Hulu Error Code metadata-2 can interrupt your streaming experience on the popular Hulu platform.
  • Possible causes of the error include Hulu server issues, outdated app versions, internet speed problems, and device-related issues.
  • Troubleshooting steps to resolve the error include updating the Hulu app, clearing browser cache and cookies, using a different browser, disabling VPN, verifying internet connection, refreshing the tab, reinstalling the Hulu app, and checking Hulu server status.
  • If the error persists, it is recommended to contact Hulu support for further assistance.

What Is Hulu Error Code Metadata-2?

Let’s assume you’re watching one of your favourite shows or a riveting Hulu original series when a black screen with the message “Error playing this video” Error Code: metadata-2 appears just as the show is about to reach its peak. And your screen looks like this.

Hulu Error Code Metadata 2
Hulu error screen

Why You May Experience This Error?

It can be frustrating for you if you see the n Error Code Metadata-2 on your Hulu screen when attempting to watch some content or log in. You may need to check a variety of potential causes for the issue.

Several factors that may contribute to an error on your device may include:

  • Hulu server troubles
  • An outdated version of the application
  • Issues with internet speed
  • Problems with the device

How to Fix Hulu Error code Metadata-2?

The Hulu Error code Metadata 2 is essentially temporary and probably will go away on its own. However, if you need to resolve the issue quickly, you might need to utilize a few fixes that are useful and practical, likewise to how you can use any of the solutions mentioned below if you discover that your Hulu app isn’t working.

Update to a new version of Hulu

You must make sure that you are eliminating all potential causes of the issue, including updating the Hulu program to the most recent version. Outdated applications can also be a significant contributor to this Error Code.

You can find Hulu on the Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Store; all you need to do is update it or uninstall it from your device, restart it once, and then download the most recent version from the appropriate App store.

This will not only update your application to the most recent version, but it will also resolve any bugs or faults that may have caused this issue in the first place. As a result, you can be certain that you will have an optimal experience while watching Hulu without any interruptions.

Follow the instructions below to upgrade the Hulu app:

  1. Access to the device’s app store. Different devices and operating systems will have various app stores.
  2. Now look for the Hulu app in the app store on your smartphone and choose the first item that shows up.
  3. When you click on the app, if you see an update option, it signifies you were using an earlier version of the program. To update your application, select the update option.
  4. Try launching the app once it has been updated to see if the error still occurs.

For example, if you are using a Windows device, follow these instructions,

  1. In the search bar, type “Microsoft Store” and press enter
    Microsoft Store in search bar
    Access Microsoft Store from the search bar
  2. Open the application
  3. From the left-hand menu, click on “Library.”
  4. Look for “Apps” from the bar on the top
    Get updates in Microsoft store
    List of installed apps in the Microsoft Store
  5. You can either manually look for the Hulu app from the lost or click on “Get updates”.
  6. Click Update on the Hulu App

Clear browser cache and cookies

You should clear the cache and cookies if you access Hulu through a web browser. The cookies and cache in your browser can be corrupted, resulting in the error code 2 metadata. Most browsers include built-in tools for clearing cache. Nevertheless, we’ll show you how to clear the cache in the most widely used browser, Google Chrome.

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Next, click on the three dotted-line icons in the top right corner.
  3. Select “More tools” from the menu, and then click.
  4. After that, choose Clear browsing data…
    Clear Browsing data
    Clear browsing data
  5. Select the time frame for when the activity must be completed.
  6. If you want to remove all the data, click Clear data and select All time.
    Clear Browser app cache
    Clear browser app cache

 Clear Hulu app cache

If you are using the Hulu app on your smartphone, you can also resolve the error code in your device by deleting the cache for the Hulu app. The instructions to clear the Hulu app cache on your phone are as follows:

  1. Access your phone’s settings.
  2. Choose apps and notifications.
    Apps and notifications settings
    Apps and notifications settings
  3. Scroll down to the list of apps and choose Hulu.
  4. In the list, choose Storage, as indicated below
    storage setting on phone
    Storage settings on phone
  5. Lastly, choose a clear cache, like below.
    Clear app cache
    Clear app cache

Use another Browser

You will need to go to a different browser to ensure that you can permanently remove the error message if clearing the cache or refreshing the tab does not help.

It should be evident that there is a possibility that your browser—whether it be an outdated version or one that you may have installed plugins on—is the source of these issues. You must upgrade the first browser to the most recent version and restore it to its factory settings if you can run it on another browser without receiving the problem message.

You will no longer have to deal with the error warning on Hulu, thanks to that, which is undoubtedly going to be helpful.

Use Hulu without a VPN

Hulu servers may deny your access to a video if you are using a VPN to stream it, and error metadata-2 may show up. Disable your VPN before refreshing your browser or Hulu app to resolve the issue. This usually puts an end to the error code. Disabling your VPN differs depending on the platform and device you are using.

  • How to switch off the VPN on Windows
  1. Select Network & Internet from the Settings menu
  2. After selecting VPN, click the VPN connection you want to disable.
  3. To disconnect, simply click the button.
    Disabling VPN on windows
    Network and Internet settings on Windows
  • How to switch off the VPN on MAC

You may access the VPN profile in the network settings, much like on a Windows device:

  1. From the System Preferences window, choose Network.
  2. Select the VPN profile from the left side.
  3. The specifications of the VPN are shown in the right panel. Click to disconnect.
    Disconnect VPN on MAC OS
    Network settings on Mac OS
  • How to switch off the VPN on android devices 

Because Android phone interfaces vary depending on the manufacturer, you might need to explore a little more to find your VPN options. When you first connect an Android VPN, it will ask for permission to establish a VPN profile. This should focus your attention on the VPN settings. In order to disable a VPN on an Android device:

  1. Look for the Network & Internet or Connections area under Settings on your phone.
    Network and internet settings
    Network and Internet settings on Android
  2. Tap VPN to select the VPN profile.
  3. Depending on the phone’s manufacturer, you might see a toggle switch, in which case, simply turn off the VPN or a pop-up window with a Disconnect button.
    Disconnect VPN
    Disconnect VPN
  • How to switch off the VPN on iPhones

Your iPhone’s General Settings are where you may find all of the VPN profiles that iPhone VPNs make. To switch it off:

  1. In Settings, click General.
  2. On the right side, tap VPN.
    Disable VPN on iphone
    Settings menu on iPhone
  3. The Status switch should now read “Not Connected” (by toggling it).

Verify your internet connection.

Internet connection
Internet connection

When using a slow internet connection, you can experience this problem. First, you should try verifying your internet speed if you have this issue. You can check the speed of your internet here. If the internet speed remains constant, there must be a problem with the app or possibly with your device. If you cannot watch on a wireless network, you can try connecting a cable. Try rebooting your router or mobile data if your internet is running slowly.

Refresh the Tab

It’s possible that a defect or problem in one of the web browsers you’re using to stream Hulu will result in this error, preventing you from watching the content you wanted to. Therefore, you will need to reload the tab once to ensure that you can get rid of any such problem messages. After refreshing the tab, you will need to press the play button once again for the problem message to likely disappear.

Delete and reinstall the Hulu app.

If you’re still having problems with the login error code Metadata-2, you can try reinstalling the Hulu app. You can fix any corrupted data on your device by reinstalling the Hulu app.

  1. On Hulu’s device, go to Settings and select General > Applications > Manage Applications.
  2. Search for Hulu in the list of applications, select it, and then choose Uninstall & Clear Data or Clear Cache, depending on which choice appears first in this list (we’ll choose Delete Data here). Restart your phone, tablet, or computer as usual after you’ve finished erasing data from this app.
  3. Google Assistant will offer you to download the most recent version of Hulu when you search for “Hulu.

The most recent version will always be at least a year old, so you don’t have to worry about having an out-of-date version. Whatever the displayed file type, it will be downloaded. Reinstalling the application removes the issues and restores them to its factory settings.

Check the status of the Hulu servers

Hulu server status
Hulu server status

You can check the status of the Hulu servers at If Hulu claims that something is wrong with its servers, your only option is to wait for Hulu to resolve it. If you have tried the aforementioned solutions and Netflix still appears as in the image below, it is advised that you contact Hulu for further assistance.

Contact Hulu

Hulu help webpage
Hulu help webpage

If, after trying the aforementioned methods, you are still getting Hulu error code metadata 2, and the error code is still keeping your device from running, then you should contact Hulu support. You could then try contacting the Hulu staff by using the Hulu help site. To get help fixing the error code metadata-2, get in touch with the Hulu team and provide them with details about your Hulu account.

Final Words

Hulu’s Error Code metadata-2 can frustrate users during streaming on the platform. The causes of the error are server issues, outdated apps, internet speed problems, and device-related issues. Some of the troubleshooting techniques are updating the Hulu app, clearing browser cache and cookies, using a different browser, disabling VPN, verifying internet connection, refreshing the tab, reinstalling the app, and checking server status.

Following the mentioned steps helps users overcome the metadata-2 error and enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Hulu. But if you notice that the problem still exists, I recommend that you contact the Hulu support service

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