Hulu Error Code P-dev336 [SOLVED]

Can't watch Hulu content cause of an error? There may be a problem with a particular video's playback. Don't worry, I have simple fixes for you.

Hulu users have reported facing Hulu Error Code 2(-975), which stops them from watching any content of the Hulu service. When there is a problem with the content you are trying to access, Hulu Error Code P-dev336 appears. This error code often denotes a problem with a particular video’s playback or a brief issue with Hulu’s servers. We know how annoying it is to face such errors. You can check that one on emopulse. Furthermore, if you don’t know precisely about the playback video error, then I am here to elaborate on everything.

Key Takeaways

  • Hulu error code p-dev336 is a video playback error that prevents you from watching any video.
  • The reason for this error to occur is the video player software on your device.
  • Though Hulu hasn’t talked about the error code, many users have been facing it.

The Hulu Error Code p-dev336

Hulu users face many errors. When the “Hulu Error Code p-dev336” occurs, a message like “We’re having trouble playing this. Hulu Error Code: P-DEV336” appears on the screen and stops you from watching any content. Playback video error usually occurs when your player fails to play the video you chose. It can be due to minor glitches in the video player.

Hulu Error Code p-dev336
Error message

Causes of Hulu Error Codep-dev336

I have listed many issues that could be responsible for causing this issue:

  • Lousy internet connection
  • Hulu server issue
  • Problem with the content you are trying to access
  • Problem with particular video’s playback
  • Video player software issue
  • Outdated Hulu app

Now, I am going to list down some easy fixes for you to troubleshoot the error code.

Ways To Fix The Error Code

Now that you know what the error code is and why it occurs, let’s talk about how you can fix it. 

  • Check your internet connection
  • Change your device
  • Check Hulu servers
  • Clear cache
  • Update the Hulu app
  • Contact the Hulu support team

Moreover, a lot of Hulu users have reported facing the Hulu Error Code: metadata-2, which pops up with a black screen and a notification saying, ” Error playing this video. “ I know how annoying it is to face such errors, so I have made a simple guide on that so you can go back to watching your favorite content soon. 

Check Your Internet Connection

Hulu Error Code P-dev336
Internet speed testing

If you are facing the error code, there is a high chance that you have a lousy internet connection. Though Hulu has an HD 4k, 1080, 720p, and even 60 fps video resolution, you just need a strong internet connection to enjoy your favorite Hulu content. Furthermore, If you’ve subscript to the best internet services and still face internet issues, contact your internet provider or check your internet speed. Listing down the simple ways for you to check the internet speed.

For PC Users

  1.  Firstly, open your Google browser.
  2.  Next, search ‘internet speed test.”
  3.  Then, open any of the first websites to check your internet speed.
  4. Lastly, contact your internet provider if you are not getting enough speed you’ve purchased.

For Smartphone Users

  1.   First, open your Play Store/ App Store.
  2.  Then, search ‘internet speed test.”
  3.  After that, download the app to check your internet speed.

Change Your Device

Many users have reported fixing the error by changing their devices. There are chances that the device you are using to stream Hulu content isn’t updated or has some bugs or glitches. If your device is outdated or has some issues causing you the error code, then your only option would be to reset your device.

Furthermore, before you reset your phone and remove every data from it, it’s best to change the device. If Hulu works fine on another device, then the culprit is your old device. If Hulu doesn’t work, check other ways to fix the error code.

Check Hulu Servers

After changing your phone and restarting your internet connection, if you still face the error code, there’s a high chance that the error is not at your end. Server going under maintenance or an outage is unavoidable for any company; however, fixing them soon is in their hands.

Hulu servers
Hulu servers website

Furthermore, if you think the error is at Hulu’s end and not yours. You can search Hulu Servers on your browser. Open the website of Hulu servers to see if the servers are actually down or if they are running fine and the error is at your end.

Clear Cache

Many users have reported fixing the issue by clearing the cache files. It’s important at times to clear the cache files since they corrupt your data and make your app runs slow.

Hulu Error Code P-dev336
clear cache option

Furthermore, cache files interrupt your app files and corrupt them, and as a result, you face the error code. The simple and easy to fix the error is to clear them. Let me show you if you don’t know how to add it.

For Android Users

  1. Firstly, open the settings.
  2. Next, click on Apps, then search for the Hulu app.
  3. Then, select Storage and Cache.
  4. After that, clear the cache after clearing the storage.

For IOS Users

  1. First, Access settings.
  2. Then, Select Hulu from General Storage by clicking on it. Next, delete and remove the application.
  3. Next,  Download it again from the App Store.

Update The Hulu App

If you are still facing the error code after following all the above-mentioned, then there is a chance that your application needs an update. You should always update your app to keep it up to date. Though I may suggest you open the auto-update option so you don’t always have to update apps yourself, here’s a simple way for you to do it

  1. First, open the Google play store/ App Store
  2. Next, search “Hulu.”
  3. Then, click on the Update
  4. Lastly, open the app again.

I hope updating your app to the newest version helps you fix the issue. This has helped many users.

Contact Hulu Support Team

If none of the above ways helps you fix the error code, then it’s best to contact the Hulu Support team. Since Hulu does not consider this an error and they haven’t mentioned Hulu Error Code p-dev336 on their site, it’s frustrating to fix it.

Furthermore, the simple way to get to the Hulu support team is by opening your browser and searching Hulu Support Team. Open the Hulu team’s official website and discuss your issue with them.

Final Words

Most users face Hulu Error Code P-dev336 error because of their lousy internet connection, so I suggest you restart your internet connection or contact your internet provider if you do not have the speed you are paying for. You can also check if there is a new update to the Hulu app.

Moreover, many users face the error code because of their outdated phones. The simple way to check if you are facing an error because of your outdated phone is to change it. Login to your account on any other gadget to see if the error persists or not. Sometimes third-party apps also cause the error, so I suggest you not use them while working on streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, or even Amazon. Lastly, if nothing helps, I suggest you check Hulu servers. You can also contact the Hulu support team if none of the ways help you fix the error.

I know how annoying it is to face such errors while wanting to watch your favorite Hulu content. I hope this simple-to-follow guide helps you fix the Hulu error code p-dev336.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Hulu constantly sending me errors?

Some Hulu error codes signify a problem with your device, while others result from slow internet connections or hardware problems. You may even see an error code if Hulu is experiencing service maintenance issues.

How do I remove the cache on a Smart TV?

Select Delete Cache and Clear Data under Settings next Apps then Hulu to clear Hulu's cache and data.

What's wrong with streaming from Hulu?

The two main issues that can cause Hulu to break down are: A poor data connection or software problem is usually caused by a bug or problem with the Hulu application on your device.

Why won't Hulu work in 2022?

To put the Hulu app on the right track, you must delete the cache on the Hulu app or device. Cache and cookies for the Hulu app can be erased to fix any errors. You must go to Settings on your smartphone, choose Hulu, and then clear cache.

How can I make Hulu on Roku current?

Periodic updates are necessary for all Roku channels. To look for system-specific updates, go to the Hulu support page. The Hulu app may be highlighted on Roku by hitting the star button on the remote control and choosing the Look for updates option.

How do I update Hulu on a Samsung Smart TV?

Firstly, click the Smart Hub icon once.
Then, choose Featured.
Next, Press and hold the Enter key while choosing Hulu until a submenu appears.
After that, choose Update applications.
Then, select All by clicking.
Finally, Choose Update.

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