Netflix Error Code: M7053-1803 [SOLVED]

8 ways to fix the error hoarding everyone's Netflix screens

For most of us, Netflix is often an escape, as, after a tiring day, many want nothing more than to relax and unwind while watching an episode of our favourite TV show. Therefore, things like Netflix error code: m7053-1803 are huge annoyances for most of us as it gets in the way of our daily routine.

Since you’re here, it is likely that you, too, are a victim of the same thing. Fret not, however, since we’ll be showing you nine ways how you can tackle this issue.

The issue typically affects Windows. Hence this article was created for Windows users. Anyone who uses a TV or other device to stream Netflix is still free to do so.

What is Netflix Error Code M7053?

It is a screen that appears and stops you from ever viewing Netflix. You are unable to watch Netflix because of the “Oops; something went wrong” message that appears on the screen. This is especially annoying because the screen won’t go away unless the error is fixed and the user or Netflix take steps to remove it.

However, because Windows offers its consumers a lot of versatility and flexibility, this issue can be readily fixed because it only affects Windows users.

Why Does Netflix Error Code m7053 Happen?

Encountering this issue can indicate a multitude of things. If you see this issue and are unable to play your video, it can be a solid sign that your browser’s cache needs to be updated. The websites’ data may start to be impacted by cookies, which could cause the video to stop entirely. By emptying the cache in the browser, this is often rectified, and it does go away.

It can also be caused by bad data in the cache, which Netflix needs to weed out in order to keep the stream running smoothly; therefore, to minimise the damage, it stops the stream altogether. The cache can also be in your browsing history, which has the same impact, causing the stream to halt.

The Indexed Database can also have bad cookies and can interrupt the stream. Since new updates are regular, it means that compatibility with old systems becomes difficult. Therefore, outdated OS can also cause Netflix error code: m7053-1803.

Because this has more to do with the browser settings than it does with Netflix directly, most of the fixes you’ll see will focus on the browser settings themselves.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code M7053?

Here are the following steps that we recommend that might help. We’ll explain how to do all of these in detail:

  1. Clear your Cache
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Delete the Indexed Database
  4. Go to network settings and create a home group.
  5. Reset your browser to the Default Settings
  6. Sign out and Sign back in
  7. Check Netflix Servers
  8. Change your browser

However, there is one easy fix that we advise you to try before we continue. Make sure your internet connection is steady, and attempt to refresh the page a few times. Sometimes the issue can be quickly and easily remedied by doing this. If it doesn’t work, you can proceed to all of the steps stated below.

You just need to carefully follow each of the simple steps that are provided below, and hopefully, Windows 10 will solve your issue right away.

Clear Your Cache

The most common cause of Netflix error code: m7053-1803 is when your browser’s cache interferes with the streaming service’s data. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to clear the cache in each of the popular browsers out there, which is the first thing you need to do.

Microsoft Edge:

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, then here’s how you clear the cache:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge, and on the top right corner of your browser window, select the three dots.
  2. Visit settings and then privacy & services.
    settings edge netflix
    Settings Edge
  3. Under “Clear browsing data”, go on “Choose what to clear.”
    edge clear browsing netflix
    Clear browsing data
  4. Check the boxes “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data”.clear browsing data edge netflix
  5. Select Clear.

Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome and then select the three dots on the top right corner of your browser window.
    3 dots chrome netflix
    Open settings
  2. Select “More tools” and then “Clear browsing data”.
    clear browsing data netflix
    Clear browsing data
  3. Now, choose the time period over which you’d want to delete the data.
  4. Tick the boxes that say “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files.”
    clear browsing data edge netflix
    Clear History
  5. Select Clear Data.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, and on the top right corner of your browser window, select the three slabs.
    3 dots firefox netflix
    Open settings
  2. Go to Privacy & Security.
    privacy and security firefox netflix
    Privacy and Security
  3. Select Cookies and Site Data, and go to Clear Data.
    clear history firefox netflix
    Clear all history

Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer is an easy repair that typically works. Other apps that are open in the background may occasionally interfere with Netflix. Select the Restart option from the Windows menu in the bottom left corner. You can try Netflix once more after your computer has rebooted.

It is significant to remember that occasionally a restart may not be sufficient, in which case you should try to Shut Down and restart your PC.

This is possibly the quickest option to solve the problem, but if it doesn’t work, you can try the other procedures.

Delete The Indexed Database

Indexed Database (also known as IndexedDB) is when your browser uses indexes to improve the performance of your database activity. This is all relatively complex stuff revolving around Data Structures and Algorithms; therefore, you need not worry about knowing what it is.

It basically stores information within the browsers, allowing you to manipulate data without storing it. However, as great as it sounds, it can cause errors at points and clearing it can help in fixing this issue.

If you’re using a Chrome-based browser. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to Privacy and Settings
    IndexedDB priv Netflix
    Privacy and Security
  3. Select Cookies and other site data.
    IndexedDB Netflix Cookies
    Cookies and other Data
  4. Now type Netflix in the search bar. This will give you the cookies saved on the browser by Netflix.
  5. Delete all the cookies in the Local Memory Path
    IndexedDB Netflix Local Storage
    Clear IndexedDB
  6. After this is finished, close the browser and open it again. Now open Netflix.

Go To Network Settings And Create A Homegroup

A home group is a group of PCs on a singular network that can share files between them. It can make things easier to communicate between devices on a singular network. Here is how you can make one:

  1. By typing homegroup into the taskbar search box and choosing HomeGroup, you can access HomeGroup.
    Homegroup Setting Netflix
    Searching for a Homegroup
  2. Next, click Create a homegroup.
    Create A homegroup Netflix
    Creating a homegroup
  3.  After choosing the devices and libraries you want to share with the home group,
  4. click Next.
  5. A password will be displayed; print it or note it down.
  6. This password is required to add more PCs to your home group.
  7. Choose Finish.

Reset Your Browser To Default Settings

There can be times when your browser settings can get in the way too. This can be due to other external applications changing the settings, or this can also be due to changes that you yourself have made manually. Here’s how you can reset these settings back to default.

Sign Out And Sign Back In

Every time you log into an account, a connection is established with the Netflix servers, and you’re connected to them, allowing you to stream. Sometimes you can get a bad connection to the server; worry not, for this is normal and can happen sometimes.

To fix this, you can try to sign out and sign in again, and this generally takes care of the issue.

Check Netflix Servers.

Sometimes, the problem doesn’t lie on your end. Although unlikely, Netflix takes its servers down occasionally for maintenance. This is due to a large influx of users, and it’s a requirement for them to do this to ensure no more significant issues come up. You can check the server status here to ensure that everything is running smoothly on their end.

Change Your Browser

Sometimes, a few arbitrary browser settings are the only thing standing in your way. Now, there could be a variety of reasons why the Netflix error code: m7053-1803 appears. To begin with, make sure your browser is running the most recent version. If the problem is still there, you might try a different browser.

You can switch to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera from Microsoft Edge.

In 2008, Google unveiled Google Chrome for Windows, a no-cost, multi-platform web browser. It has become one of the most widely used browsers. Click here to download it.

From this URL, you can download Mozilla Firefox, one of the most widely used free open source web browsers.

Another choice is Opera, among the most widely used browsers out there. What sets it apart from other browsers is its built-in functional VPN, which can make your browsing a lot safer and secure. You can download it from here.


Why is my Netflix not working?

This information is applicable to other errors besides Netflix error code: m7053-1803. There are numerous potential causes for the errors to appear. Here are a few justifications:

It’s possible that your internet connection is now very unsteady if the video won’t load. You could want to try a different network, or you could just wait for your internet connection to get better.

If you unintentionally log out, it’s possible that your login ID or password has changed. If you are logged in, you can quickly reset your password by entering your email.

How much does Netflix cost?

You will have to pay $9.99 for the Basic plan, $15.99 for the Standard plan, and $19.99 for the Premium plan.

Any wifi-enabled device may stream TV shows and movies with a Netflix membership without being interrupted by commercials. In addition, you may download TV shows and movies to your Windows 10, iPhone, or Android smartphone and watch them offline.

Most shows and television series are available on Netflix, a third-party streaming website. One of the biggest streaming services around the globe is Netflix. They recently increased the range of areas where they provide their services, fully supporting performances there as well.

A massive surge of new users is brought on by this rapid rate of development. As a result, Netflix might find it harder to optimise its programme for all platforms, which raises the possibility that such issues might arise. Fortunately, these issues can be remedied quickly. Here’s another article by us for a similar issue that you, as a Netflix user, might run into.

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