How To Fix Netflix Error AIP-703

If you are facing the error aip-703, here's simple solutions for you

Netflix is more than just a streaming service; they now run its studios and have produced a large number of shows. Furthermore, Netflix Original simply means that Netflix owns the copyright to the content. Additionally, Netflix Original has produced Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, Squid Game, and The Crown.

Thanks to its content, Netflix has long been the undisputed leader of OTT. Netflix has a large collection of shows and movies. Viewers can easily find shows that appeal to them. Even though Netflix is the leading streaming platform, it does have errors and bugs. Today we will discuss one of them, Netflix error aip-703.

netflix original series
Most popular Netflix original series

What Is The Netflix Error Code Aip-703?

Netflix error aip-703 usually occurs when the Netflix server crashes. It’s a really annoying error. Netflix error aip can even pop up between your show. Netflix error aip-703 also happens when a single account is simultaneously logged into two different devices. It frequently comes with an error message. Some of the pervasive error messages are:

  1. A message stating that my account is already in use appears.
  2. Netflix informs me that my account is suspended because of an issue with my most recent payment.
  3. This account is no longer active.
  4. Netflix thinks I’m in another nation.
  5. It appears that you are using an unblocker or a proxy. Turn off these services first, then try again.

What Causes The Netflix Aip Error?

When there are problems with Netflix, the aip-703 Netflix error turns up. However, this error can happen for several reasons. If you attempt to log into your Netflix account on multiple devices while subscribed to the basic plan, which only offers a single screen, you will receive the error code.

Additionally, it might take place if your Netflix subscription expires or if your payment method doesn’t meet Netflix’s requirements. To switch the payment method, log back into your account.

Sometimes the Netflix error aip-703 appears, stating that you are in a different country. This typically occurs when you cannot access the same shows or subtitles that people in your country can. Users can ask their internet service provider to modify their IP address.

How To Fix The Netflix Error Aip-703?

The Netflix aip-703 error can appear for various reasons, and we have a variety of fixes for it. The majority of them are simple and quick. We do our best to offer you the most suitable solutions so you can resume binge-watching your preferred shows. The following list includes several solutions to the aip-703 error code:

  1. Stop streaming to other devices
  2. Make sure your Netflix account is active
  3. Sign out of Netflix
  4. Update the firmware
  5. Reset to factory settings
  6. Check your IP address
  7. Update your payment method

Stop Streaming To Other Devices

Netlix error code aip-703
List of sharing account errors

If you encounter one of the errors mentioned above, it simply means that more devices than your subscription have been logged into your account. With Netflix Basic, you only get one screen; with Standard, you get two; with Premium, you get four. The Netflix error will appear if you log into more devices than Netflix has permitted you to.

Simply stop streaming to multiple devices to resolve this issue. Visit Netflix viewing activity if you’re unsure who is using your account. Change your Netflix password if you believe someone you don’t know is using your account. Try the alternative methods if this doesn’t work.

How To Remove A Linked Device From Netflix

  1. Sign up for Netflix first using a mobile browser.
  2. Next, select the profile menu.
  3. Then, choose an account.
  4. After that, Click Manage Download Devices.
  5. Lastly, select Remove Device on any device you wish to remove.

Make Sure Your Netflix Account Is Active

Netflix Error code aip-703
signing error in Netflix

If you experience a similar error to the one mentioned above, your device needs to have its data updated. Corrupted files on your device may also result in this error. Even though Netflix error can sometimes be annoying, fixing it is very simple.

Make sure your Netflix account is active and hasn’t been closed. Simply log back in to check if your Netflix account is active and hasn’t been terminated. Restart your account if you receive an error message stating that you need to restart your membership.

Sign Out Of Netflix

Netflix app sign out
Netflix sign-out option

This one is straightforward but helps the user fix the fault. You should log out of Netflix and then sign in back again. Users can benefit from signing back into their account in several ways, including confirming that their account has not been terminated, refreshing their device, and, hopefully, fixing the error.

For Android Users:

  1. From the Netflix app, tap The More icon or your profile icon.
  2. Then, scroll down and tap Sign Out.
  3. Next, tap Sign Out once more to confirm.
  4. Finally, Once you sign out, sign back in and try Netflix again.

For IOS Users:

  1. In the top right corner, select Profiles.
    Netflix application
    Netflix on IOS
  2. Or
  3. Click More in the bottom right corner if you don’t see Profiles.
    Netflix sign out
    Netflix IOS settings
  4. Then, Click Sign Out.
  5. Next, to confirm, press Yes.
  6. After that, re-login and try Netflix once more.

For Smart TV Users:

  1. First, open the left-hand menu on the Netflix home screen.
    Netflix TV
    Netflix on smart TV
  2. Then, select Settings or Get Help.
    Netflix get help
    Netflix get help with settings.
  3. Next, pick Sign out.
    Netflix sign out
    Netflix sign out on intelligent TV
  4. Finally, re-login and try Netflix yet again.

Update The Firmware

motherboard firmware
Motherboard’s firmware

You probably watch Netflix series on your smart TV if you enjoy watching them on a bigger display. Users shouldn’t be concerned if running into the Netflix error on their smart TV because now we have remedies.

You must update your firmware if the error code aip-703 keeps appearing. Without requiring any new hardware, a firmware update will give your device new, implementing innovation directions. You can try out new features that have been added to the device and have a better user experience when using the device by updating the firmware.

You can also upgrade your smart TV’s operating system to the latest version. Simply call the device manufacturer if you are unsure how to update it, and they will help you.

Reset To Factory Settings

TV factory reset
tv settings to factory defaults

Additionally, you can also reset your smart TV to the factory settings. Sometimes when your device has corrupted or missing files, the Netflix error code aip-703 appears. Your smart TV will start over if you perform a factory reset.

One of the reasons why users don’t prefer factory reset settings is because your smart TV’s data and settings will be removed entirely. Netflix cannot be viewed on the same device if the manufacturer doesn’t help you, and the other solutions we’ve mentioned don’t work either.

Check Your IP Address

If nothing has yet worked for you, check your IP address. Netflix may assume you are in another country if you can’t watch titles that people in your area can watch or if movies and TV shows aren’t available in your language.

Netflix recent acitivity
Recent device streaming activity page

1. Visit the  Recent Device Streaming Activity page in your account.

2. Look for the name of the problematic device in the list.

Netflix device streaming activity
Devices connected to Netflix account
  1. Copy the IP address from under the device name.
  2. Go to Enter the IP address f in the search bar and hit Search.
  3. You should scroll to the country in the search results.

Deactivate your VPN or proxy if your country does not match your current location. You can request your internet provider to assign you a different IP address that fits your country.

Update Your Payment Method

Netflix error code aip-703
Netflix payment method error

The above-mentioned error indicates that your payment method was unable to complete. Prevalent texts that users receive include:

  1. The payment method may not have sufficient money.
  2. The payment method may be invalid or expired.
  3. The monthly charge was rejected by the financial institution.
  4. Your bank’s records and the payment information you provided to Netflix don’t match.

You can either retry your payment method if you believe it is working properly and is not your problem or choose a different one. Suppose you’ve been a customer of Netflix for some time. They would check your billing cycle to help you resolve this issue.

Final Words

I truly hope that one of the solutions we have provided will help you. Although Netflix error code aip-703 can be very inconvenient at times, it is no different from other Netflix errors. I’d recommend you start by disconnecting any random devices from your Netflix account.

The error code aip-703 will be displayed if three users try to log in at once while using a standard subscription because Netflix’s standard plan does not include three screens. You can’t trick Netflix, so it’s best to remove random devices connected to your device.

Furthermore, you should also verify that your Netflix account is active. Users occasionally encounter the same error code when using a VPN or proxy to change their IP address in order to access different content. It occurs when you use an outdated device to access Netflix. The Netflix app needs to be updated to the newest version. Simply log out and back in to confirm that your account is active.

You can also verify your payment method. Occasionally, payment methods are unsuccessful as a result of numerous issues. If the current payment method isn’t working, you can just switch to another one. Additionally, make sure there is enough money in your current account.

So that’s all you need to know about the Netflix error code aip-703.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Netflix streaming error?

If, for some reason, you can't stream Netflix on a device, simply do these things;

1. Restart Netflix after turning off the app or service.

2. Reset the network configuration on the problematic device.

3. Reset the default settings on your modem or router.

What browser works with Netflix?

The following browsers allow you to sign up for a Netflix account and binge-watch it.

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

How do I fix Netflix's black screen on a smart TV?

Follow the guidelines for your device below to resolve the issue if you try to watch or launch Netflix and get a black or blank screen with no sound error.

1. Use the remote control's Smart Hub button.

2. Draw attention to the Netflix app.

3. Use your remote to press the Tools button.

4. Choose Reinstall.

5. Retry using Netflix.

How do you update Netflix?

Here is how you can update your Netflix app:

1. Firstly, start the Play Store application.

2. Enter Netflix into the search box.

3. Then, select the Netflix app from the search results.

4. Finally, Click Update

Why is Netflix not working on my phone?

Here are the quickest solutions for you,

1. Restart your smartphone.

2. Clear the Netflix app data.

3. Reinstall the Netflix application.

4. Restart your router.

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