11 Ways To Fix PlayStation Vue Error 5001

If the Playstation Vue's list of weird errors doesn't allow you to watch shows, tamper, or browse. Don't worry, I am here with 11 fixes for it!

The Playstation Vue Error 5001 is extremely frustrating since you will not be able to do anything until the screen goes away. This includes not watching shows, not tampering or browsing. You can fix this by updating the app and restarting the internet, among other fixes. I suggest you check my easy-to-follow guide to resolve this issue quickly.

Key Takeaways

  • The PlayStation Vue Error 5001 is related to PS networks.
  • The problem of connection between the PS networks and the device trying to log in is the cause of this error.
  • To fix this, I suggest you update the app, factory reset, and confirm your subscription with the PSN network, and if the error persists and none of the solutions mentioned in this article are helpful, then contact PS support teams for expert help.
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What Is PlayStation Vue Rrror 5001?

When the PlayStation Vue Error 5001 occurs, you’ll usually be greeted by a screen on one of your Rokus that says: “It looks like you don’t have a Playstation Vue subscription on this PSN ID.” This error will occur even though you have a subscription, which is frustrating.

Many users have repeatedly complained since the PS Vue costs about as much as cable in some areas after their recent price hike. Coupled with constant UI errors, many have started to turn away from Vue.

Why Does The PlayStation Vue Error 5001 Happen?

PlayStation Vue Error 5001 is usually a good indication that the PS Network thinks that you’re trying to access PlayStation Vue without a subscription. As I’ve mentioned above, this occurs very simply, even if you already have a subscription.

Through careful analysis, I have listed many issues that could be responsible for causing this issue:

  • Trying to access PlayStation Vue without a subscription
  • Network connectivity issue
  • Outdated app or device
  • connection problem between PS networks and the device trying to log in

Some do suggest that activating your Roku account can take care of this issue; however, the bug is so annoying that many users are simply unable to get to the screen that allows you to enter the activation code.

How To Fix The PlayStation Vue Error 5001?

There are plenty of ways you can go about fixing this, all with varying degrees of success. I shall start with the most useful ones, down to the ones that may fix your issues; however, it is less likely. Here’s a list of all of them, and I’ll explain them all in detail further down the article:

  1. Confirm your subscription to the PSN account
  2. Update the App 
  3. Factory Reset
  4. Disconnect the Device
  5. Connect the device to the main router
  6. Check PSN Servers
  7. Disable your VPN
  8. Restart the Internet
  9. Reset the Internet Device
  10. Restart the Device
  11. Contact PS Support

Confirm your subscription to the PSN account

The system believes you are attempting to use PlayStation Vue without a subscription if you receive error code 5001.

You can check your status on their website to make sure your subscription hasn’t expired, been terminated for any reason, been affected by an error of some sort, or you aren’t still enrolled in a free trial, etc.

Utilize your PlayStation Network ID and password to sign in to use Vue on a regular website from a computer or phone for a second confirmation of your subscription.

Next, make sure you are using the same PlayStation Network ID and password to log in on Roku.

If you have verified that you have a subscription and the same ID and password on your Roku still don’t work, make sure that your Roku device is activated on the Vue network.

Update the App

To allow users to stream PlayStation Vue content from anywhere in the USA, Sony has released an update. Only your zip code, which is used to pinpoint your home address, will be needed.

You will be able to use the app for 59 days before it cuts off, with you receiving a notification that you must sign in from your home location once more.

You might fix the issue with the app if you update it.

Factory Reset the Device

A factory reset removes any data that is currently stored on your account, and it takes care of any bugs, with your device getting a fresh install of everything, including the OS.

This is great if you want to take care of any potential fixes, including the one for PlayStation Vue Error 5001. Here’s how you can do this:

Go to your Rokus remote and perform the following operations:

  1. Press Home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll and select Settings.
  3. Go to System.
  4. Go to Advanced system settings.
  5. Go to Factory reset.
  6. Select Factory, reset everything, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Disconnecting your Device

It is sometimes plausible that your connection to the PSN servers is the issue, and therefore, a fresh connection needs to be established. Therefore, what you can do as a quick fix, is to remove the device and then plug it back in again. It is preferred to wait for about 5 minutes This error likely has between the plugging in and out.

Connect the device to the main router.

You will experience this error on your PS Vue if you have a second router. The error most likely happens as a result of PS Vue identifying the second device’s IP as coming from a different area. Make sure you’re not using a hotspot and connect your device to the router directly.

Check the PSN Servers

This error likely has little to do with your end as it is related to connectivity problems. Verify that the PSN servers are operational. However, it is unlikely that the servers would be shut down for maintenance. Here, you may quickly check the status.

Disable your VPN

To local stream channels on PlayStation Vue, make sure your VPN is turned off. Every region has unique content, that you can access in that specific region only. Other popular apps like Netflix also implore the same mechanism. By doing so, PS Vue will be able to see where you’re using the app, and therefore, you’ll be able to use the app accordingly.

VPN Connection
Disabling your VPN

Restart the Router

Sometimes all you need to do is restart your internet. Sometimes, at the point where your device is about to connect to the PSN servers, the connection can fail to go through due to a shaky internet connection.

Speed test
Internet Speed

Restarting your router can take care of this issue quite easily.

Reset the Router

Error codes, like the PlayStation Vue Error 5001, sometimes by simply unplugging and replugging the power cable to your internet device can occasionally resolve your issue. As a result after doing a reset, your device will restart, and it will resolve your device issues.

If restarting your internet device doesn’t work, you can also try resetting it. Press the tiny black button on the back of the gadget. Clicking this button will restore your device to its default settings. This resolves the Playstation Vue Error.

internet reset manual
How to reset your Internet device

After pressing the tiny black button continuously for 10 seconds, the device will appear to shut off. Once all the lights are on, and the internet connection is working again, update your PS Vue once more.

Restart the Device

You can also try to restart your PS4 as one of the last-ditch efforts to see if this will work. Sometimes, the device’s internal debugging fails, and all that’s left for you to do is a hard reset, i.e. a Restart.

If this doesn’t work, you can also try to shut it down and turn the device back on again.

Contact PS Support

If the still error persists,  you should head to PlayStation Support and take help from the team.

We regret that you will need to wait until the PS team releases a patch to address your problem if none of these fixes worked for you. With as many people as Playstation must handle, these mistakes are unavoidable, and it is hard for them to weed out every problem like the PlayStation Vue Error 5001 because removing one causes another to appear.

Final Words

When you try to access PlayStation Vue without a subscription, PlayStation Vue Error 5001 frequently appears. It can also happen if there is a connection problem between PS networks and the device trying to log in. To quickly resolve this issue, firstly, try to confirm your subscription to the PSN networks, update the app, and connect the device again after disconnecting. If the error persists, then contact PS support to get expert help.

So that’s it, folks; hopefully, that solved the issue of PlayStation Vue Error 5001. If you’re here, it’s probable that you actively stream stuff online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vue have any premium channels?

There are several packages that you may implore when you get Vue, with the Access package giving you 45+ channels for 50$, the core package giving you 70+ channels for $55 per month, the elite: 80+ channels for $65 per month and finally, the ultra package with 80+ channels, HBO, Showtime for $85 per month.

For an additional upcharge, Vue offers a number of premium channels to PlayStation Plus members. Examples include Cinemax ($14.99), Curiosity Steam ($2.99), Epix Hits ($2.99), and Fox Soccer Plus ($14.99). Additionally, the service provides an $11.49 premium bundle that includes Epix Hits and Showtime. Non-members may add an additional $2 to those costs.

What kind of bandwidth do you need for Playstation Vue?

You will need an internet speed of 10Mbps or more for a single stream in order to have the greatest Vue experience. For each stream, an additional 5Mbps will be required.

Do you need a PlayStation console to use Playstation Vue?

Contrary to popular belief, PlayStation Vue is also accessible on most Windows and macOS web browsers, Roku devices (running OS 7.1 and later), Amazon Fire TV devices, Apple TV (fourth generation and above, running iOS 10.0 or later), and Android TV (running Android OS 4.4 and later).

What other devices does the PlayStation Vue support?

After signing up, you can use the service on mobile Android and iOS devices as well as Amazon Fire HD6 and later tablets. However, some channels and possibly even particular programmes are not accessible via mobile devices.

The iOS and Android apps also support Chromecast and other Google Cast-enabled TV devices, and happily, the typical limits on mobile watching do not apply.

There is currently no information available regarding support for additional platforms like the Xbox or apps for Windows or macOS.

Can you time-shift live programming?

In a limited sense, yes. Live programming on PlayStation consoles can be paused for up to 30 minutes. On certain other devices, like Fire TV, the video immediately resumes playing after a brief interval. Additionally, you can't manually fast through the time-shifted video on some networks, like ESPN and Comedy Central, without going back to the live feed.

In other words, you can take brief bathroom or snack breaks with PlayStation Vue's time-shifting features, but you can't always pause a show and then skip through all the ads.

Can I watch Vue outside of my home?

You may now follow local sporting events in your hometown even while you are not there. But that's not it; not only will you get the ones in the old region, you'll also get the programmes that are being run in the region that you're currently in.

You won't have access to every channel, though, as some are Mobile Restricted and designated as unavailable on mobile devices. To watch the service on mobile devices, you must have an active Vue account with a designated home location which you can use after putting in your zip code. Along with this, you will have access to programmes that were recorded using catch-up and on-demand services.


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