Why Spotify Logged Me Out Of My Account? [Explained]

Our guide is here to help you out if Spotify keeps logging you out of your account.

If you cannot log in to your Spotify account after multiple tries, you might wonder, “Why did Spotify log me out?” The error is not new, and several users have encountered this problem on the streaming platform. Luckily, we are here to get you out of this frustrating situation.

Key Takeaways

  • If Spotify has logged you out of your account, it may be because you are using it on multiple devices, you did not update the Spotify app, or you recently changed the password for your account.
  • Restart the Spotify app, change the password, clear the app’s cache, update the app, etc., to fix the problem.
  • Fortunately, Spotify has various support platforms, like Spotify Cares, The Spotify Community, and Spotify Support, where you can get help for this issue.

Why Did Spotify Log You Out Of Your Account?

Spotify may log you out of your account now and then. It can be due to various reasons, which we will discuss briefly in this section. Before that, read our solutions for PS4 Share Play Not Working and PS4 Error WS-37469-9 if you are a PlayStation 4 user.

Here is why you maybe facing the Spotify Log Out Error:

Server Outages

There can be multiple reasons behind server outages, for example, the development of bugs or glitches in the servers or ongoing maintenance by the technical staff. As a result, Spotify services become unavailable to users around the world.

Signed In On Multiple Devices

Even though Spotify allows you to use the same account on multiple devices, you can only play music on one device at a time. Consequently, you may be logged out of Spotify when too many devices try to access the same account simultaneously.

Password Change

Furthermore, if you change the account password on one of the devices, Spotify will also log you out of the account on every other device. Therefore, you need to re-login with the new credentials to continue enjoying music.

Glitches And Bugs

This is another reason why you may be logged out of your account. Your Spotify account may be infected with temporary bugs and glitches, leading to the log-out issue.

Spotify’s Unavailabitily In Your Country

Spotify is still not available in many countries. Hence, if you move to a country incompatible with Spotify services, you will automatically be logged out of the app.

Payment Delays In Spotify Premium

Not making timely payments for your premium subscription is another cause why Spotify logged you out of your account. Check your connected email for any missed updates from the Spotify team related to your payment.

Intervention Of Third-Party Apps

You can connect Spotify with third-party apps like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more. If there is an incompatibility in one of these connections, Spotify may log you out of your account. Other than that, cleaning software may also interrupt its running.

What To Do When You Cannot Login To Your Spotify Account?

We will discuss all the solutions for this issue in detail so you can understand every step and get done with the process quickly. Without further ado, let’s head to the fixes.

Restart Spotify

It is the most basic fix you can perform for many problems on Spotify and other applications. So, close the app and relaunch it after a few minutes to see if you can log in now. On the other hand, if you are using Spotify on the web, close the Spotify tab and reopen it from the browser.

Do A Power Cycle On Your Internet Device

An unstable internet strength may be why you cannot log in to your Spotify account. Power cycling the router will eliminate bugs and glitches, which may slow down the connection strength. Let’s read the steps to this process.

  1. Go to your router.
  2. Locate the “Power” button. It is usually on the back side of the device.
  3. Press it to shut down the router.
  4. Disconnect the power cord attaching your router to the power socket.
  5. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes.
  6. Reconnect the power cord.
  7. Press the “Power” button on the device to switch it on.
  8. Restore the internet connection on your phone or PC, and try logging in to your Spotify account.

Check Spotify Servers

You will undoubtedly face trouble accessing Spotify when its servers are down. In this case, you can only wait until the servers are live to stream your favorite music on the app.

Inspect the Spotify Servers with this easy method.

  1. Open your browser and type “Spotify Servers.”
  2. Press “Enter” to start the search process.
  3. Now, go to the link that says, “Spotify Down?
    Spotify Logged Me Out
    Spotify Server Search – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. If the message says, “User Reports Indicate Possible Problems At Spotify,” there are confirmed server issues.
    spotify server search
    Spotify Server – Image Credits [Emopulse]

Also, you can go to the “Spotify Status” Twitter account and see if any recent tweets are addressing the problem. Wait for the issue to be resolved by the team.

Update The App

Look for any new Spotify updates on your phone and install them to ensure the smooth functioning of the app. Let’s dive into the steps we use to update apps on our phones.


  1. Go to “Play Store” from the “Homescreen.”
    Play Store
    Play Store – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  2. Type “Spotify” in the search bar and hit enter.
  3. Choose the app from the search results and see if an “Update” option is available.
    spotify logged me out
    Update – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. Install the updates if required.


  1. Open the “Main Screen.”
  2. Tap on “App Store” to open it.
    App Store
    App Store – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  3. Search “Spotify” via the search bar.
  4. Select the app and perform the updates if necessary.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your phone or PC will force stop Spotify’s ongoing and background processes on your device. As a result, you will get a fresh start after the restart.

Reinstall Spotify

Deleting the file from your device will remove any reoccurring glitches hindering the app’s functioning. In addition, it will also get rid of any problems that may have occurred during Spotify’s installation process. Consequently, you may log in to your account without any hassles.

Here are the steps to reinstall Spotify on your phone.


  1. Go to the “Settings.”
    Android Settings – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  2. Navigate to “Apps.”
    Apps – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  3. Find “Spotify” and click on it.
    spotify logged me out
    Spotify App – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. Press the “Uninstall” button in the bottom panel.
    spotify logged me out
    Uninstall – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  5. Confirm “OK” to initiate the deletion.
    spotify logged me out
    OK – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  6. Now, go to “Play Store” from the “Homescreen.”
    Play Store
    Play Store – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  7. Search “Spotify” and press the “Install” button in the green box.


  1. Hold the “Spotify” icon on the “Main Screen.”
  2. Wait for the mini-menu to appear.
  3. Tap “Remove App.”
    spotify logged me out
    Remove App – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. Choose “Delete App” from the pop-up
    Spotify logged me out
    Delete – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  5. Next, head to the “App Store.”
    App Store
    App Store – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  6. Type “Spotify” and hit search.
  7. Tap the “Get” option to install it on your phone.

Clear Spotify Cache

Clearing the app’s cache is another good fix that helped us resolve Hulu errors RUNUNK13 and P-DEV322. It will clean Spotify’s files of any data glitches or bugs hindering its operation.

So, how do you clear your Spotify cache? Read the steps below.


  1. From the “Settings” menu, find and select “Apps.”
    Apps – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  2. Choose “Spotify.”
  3. Click on “Storage.”
    spotify logged me out
    Storage – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. You will see a “Clear Cache” button on the extreme right of the bottom menu. Press it.
    spotify logged me out
    Clear Cache – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  5. The “Cache” column will not change to “0 B.”
    Cache Cleared
    Cache Cleared – Image Credits [Emopulse]


iPhone does not offer a clear cache option to its users. You need to restart your phone to clear all the processes for the Spotify app.

Sign Out On All Other Devices

You would require a laptop or a PC for this method since we need to access Spotify’s web version to sign out of other devices in one click.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step method for this fix.

  1. Open your computer’s default browser.
  2. Type “Spotify Web” in the search bar and hit the “Enter” button.
  3. Go to “Spotify  – Web Player.”
    Spotify Search
    Spotify Search – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. Log in to your account if required.
  5. Click on your “Profile Name” box at the top-right corner.
    Profile Icon
    Profile Icon – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  6. Pick “Account” from the drop-down menu.
    Account Spotify
    Account – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  7. Highlight the first option, “Account Overview,” in the left panel.
    Account Overview – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  8. Scroll to the bottom of this page.
  9. You will see a “Sign Out Everywhere” button.
  10. Click on it to remove your account from idle devices.
    spotify logged me out
    Sign Out Everywhere – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  11. Finally, log in with your device to see if the problem is gone.

Delete Cleaning Apps On Your Device

Cleaning apps may also affect Spotify’s smooth running on your device. They are designed to save your phone’s battery by terminating the ongoing processes of the installed apps. Try uninstalling the cleaning software on your device and check if you can log into your Spotify account.

Change Spotify Password

You might face problems logging in the first time after a password change, especially if you mistakenly enter the old password after the reset. Hence, resetting your account’s password can send away the issue. Again, this method requires a laptop or PC because you cannot change passwords on Spotify’s mobile or desktop app.

Use the process below to change Spotify’s password.

  1. Open Spotify Web on your computer by searching it on the browser.
    Spotify Search
    Spotify Search – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  2. Press the “Log In” button in the white box at the top-right edge.
    Log In Button
    Log In – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  3. From the next screen, click on “Forgot Your Password?”
    Forgot Password
    Forgot Password – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  4. Enter the email linked to your Spotify account and hit “Send.”
    spotify logged me out
    Send – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  5. Check your email for a link containing instructions to change your password.

Disable Third-Party Apps

Sometimes, the third-party apps connected to your account may hinder Spotify’s proper functioning. Thus, you need to see which apps have full access to Spotify. Disable the permissions and then try to log in to Spotify.

In addition, if you are using Spotify on your web, use the following steps to disable third-party apps.

  1. Open “Spotify Web.”
  2. Select your “Profile Name.” It should be in the top-right corner.
    Profile Icon
    Profile Icon – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  3. You will see a drop-down menu.
  4. Go to “Account.”
    Account Spotify
    Account – Image Credits [Emopulse]
  5. Click on the second last option on the left panel, “Apps.”
  6. “Remove Access” for the third-party apps.
    Third Party Apps
    Remove Access – Image Credits [Emopulse]

Check The Country’s Availability On Spotify

You can match your country with the official Spotify availability list. If you do not find the concerned country or region in the list, you may not be able to use your Spotify account.

Contact Spotify Support

Lastly, contact Spotify Support if you are still stuck with the problem. Ask them to check if there is an issue with your Spotify account. Moreover, a dedicated Twitter account, Spotify Cares, can help resolve your queries or send you to a specific thread on The Spotify Community that contains the answer to your problem.

Why Am I Logged Out Of Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium will log you out if you fail to make the month’s payment by the due date. In addition, if someone else has access to your Premium account, they may have canceled the subscription without informing you. However, if you are sure that none of these reasons caused this issue, contact Spotify’s support team to know more.

Final Words

We hope you got the answer to your question, “Why Spotify logged me out?” Try the fixes above to resume Spotify’s working on your device and get back to an uninterrupted music session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Spotify Log Me Out Of My Account?

If you are logged out of your account, it can be due to ongoing server issues, using older versions of the app, the presence of faulty cache data, using the account on various devices, etc.

Spotify Logged Me Out And I Cannot Log In Again?

In this case, make sure your app is updated, get the Spotify server status, clean the app's cache on your device, reinstall Spotify, sign out of the account on all other devices, and more to resolve the trouble.

Why Am I Logged Out Of Spotify Premium?

If you are logged out of your Spotify Premium account, it may be because your subscription has ended, you did not pay the Spotify fee timely, or someone else cancelled your account's subscription.

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