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Atomic Heart Dev Build Continues Trend Of Stutters In PC Ports

The Usual Unreal Engine Stutters Continue!

Atomic Heart has faced several leaks recently. First, a Twitch user live-streamed a few hours of gameplay from the upcoming fps title, and then a complete developer build of the game was spotted on the internet. This information has spread like wildfire, and many users have now downloaded the Dev build.

The Dev build of Atomic Heart is currently being discussed by a Reddit member, and the user leaked the debug menu screenshots on the forum as well. According to the Reddit user, the game runs quite well, but it comes with the usual Unreal Engine 4 stuttering issues.

Atomic Heart Dev Build Continues Trend Of Stutters In PC Ports

Unreal Engine 4 stutters occur when compiling shaders, and many UE games have this problem. A fast PC, SSD, or NVMe will not solve the problem, but developers can implement shader compilation before the game begins to solve this issue. However, many games have shown stuttering even with this shader compilation at the beginning of the game.

The Reddit user also explained their struggle to get the ray tracing to toggle on/off. After much testing, the user concluded that Ray Tracing is always turned off in the Dev build of Atomic Heart, leading to impressive performance, excluding the stutters. Atomic Heart’s dev build also appears to support ultrawide resolutions, but the user claims that a FOV slider is currently missing.

Because the PC has a wider variety of hardware configurations than consoles, it might be challenging to optimize for every device, which can lead to issues. As a result, some players might suffer while others might have a faultless experience. It should be noted that the dev build is not the latest version of the game, so users might not experience these challenges at launch.

Ultimately, it is up to the developers to eradicate the issues before the final release of Atomic Heart. The game is set to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X on February 21, 2023.

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