Atomic Heart Reaches Top Spot On Steam Best Sellers List

Atomic Heart is Finally Here!

After a number of leaks over the past few days, Atomic Heart has finally been released. Months of anticipation and build-up have created high expectations for the FPS game, and first impressions have shown positive reception for certain parts of the game.

Prior to release, the game had already broken into the top 10 best-sellers list on Steam. However, Atomic Heart has now reached the top spot on Steam’s best-sellers list.

Atomic Heart Steam
Source: Steam

Hogwarts Legacy was released last week with very positive reviews, and the game has taken the world by storm. Even with the hype for the Harry Potter franchise, Atomic Heart has surpassed the latest Harry Potter game to reach the top of the Steam charts.

Despite the anticipation behind the project, Atomic Heart has received mixed reviews so far, with a rating of 75 on Metacritic. At its core, the game offers engaging fps gameplay with a compelling science fiction setting, but some have found aspects like the level design and drawn-out battles less than stellar.

Previously, it was reported that the title faced a difficult development cycle. The team faced crunch, bad management, and early footage from the game showed conceptual footage instead of gameplay from the complete product.ย  However, Mudfish appears to have done a great job with the release.

Reviews claim that the game has not shown many of the stuttering issues that are usually found in Unreal Engine games for PC. Furthermore, Atomic Heart has also reached nearly 24K concurrent players on Steam.

Atomic Heart SteamDB
Source: SteamDB

Atomic Heart offers plenty of content to keep gamers busy for several hours. While the mixed reception might be disappointing to some, the latest title has been able to hold its own against high-quality Steam releases like Hogwarts Legacy and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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