Atomic Heart Xbox Biggest Launch
Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Is Reportedly The Biggest Xbox Launch Of 2024

120,000 Players!

Atomic Heart has finally been released after months of anticipation. It quickly became popular on PC and reached the number-one spot on the best-selling Steam games right after its release. Consoles gamers are also very excited about the game as it supports a solid 60 FPS on next-gen consoles.

The game was released on Xbox Game Pass, and the subscription service appears to have helped the title tremendously. According to TrueAcheivements, a website that tracks Game scores for applications, Atomic Heart is the biggest Xbox launch of 2023.

Atomic Heart has beaten huge titles like Hogwarts legacy, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Hi-Fi rush has also been left behind, despite the positive reviews for the rhythm brawler.

The game is standing at number one with 120,000 players in the first week, almost 20k more than Hogwarts Legacy, which reached a total number of 100k players in its first week. While Hi-Fi rush surprised everyone with a shadow drop, it couldn’t reach even 100K tracked players. Golden Eye 007 showed similar results, falling short of 100K.

However,ย  the data should be taken with a slight pinch of salt. It is difficult to believe that Hogwarts Legacy has not reached the top, but it is possible that Xbox Game Pass gave Atomic Heart a considerable boost.

Atomic Heart is performing exceptionally well on every platform, and speedrunners are also having a great time with the FPS title. The game has already been completed in just over 7 Minutes.

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