Blizzard’s Upcoming Survival Game Will Feature “Procedurally Generated Environment”

Apart from Diablo 4, which is coming out in June 2023, Blizzard is working on many other projects, like a new AAA unannounced IP currently in development for PC and Console users. The game has been announced for some time now, but details on the project are presently limited. 

Though only a little has been revealed about the game, today we spotted a new job listing for Software Engineer World Generation hints that the game will feature procedurally generated environments.

Blizzard Survival Game Procedural Generation

As seen above, the listing description mentioned the expertise with procedural worldbuilding tools. Additionally, if we take a look at the Extra awesome points for the hiring position, it states:

Familiarity with procedural generation tools and algorithms.

Blizzard Survival Game Procedural Generation

It is helpful to automate video game content for those who may not be aware of procedural generation. Developers can create unlimited content with the help of procedural generation, which takes less effort than crafting everything themselves.

An example can be seen in No Man’s Sky, where players can travel up to 18 quintillion different procedurally generated planets and moons. Similarly, the Borderlands series relies on procedural generation to create over a million different weapons.

Since Blizzard is working on a survival game, the title could feature a vast and expansive world. As such, procedural generation could be a vital aspect of the game. Moreover, games like Minecraft have also shown endless possibilities with procedurally generated levels so that fans might see something similar from Blizzard in the future.

Procedural generation could allow unpredictable gameplay and scenarios well-suited to a new survival game. Fans have already experienced several games with such implementations, but Blizzard could put their spin on the concept for a unique experience.

What do you think about Blizzard’s survival game? Let us know in the comments below.

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