Microsoft Activision Blizzard Deal

Nearly 75% Of Public Responses To CMA Are In Favor Of Microsoft’s Activision Merger

The Public Wants This Acquisition!

Microsoft is currently looking to complete a $68.7 Billion deal with Activision Blizzard. The company has acquired big publishers like Bethesda Studios, and the gaming giant’s sights have been set on Activision for several months. However, the deal has proven to be an uphill battle for Microsoft.

New updates on the merger are coming out nearly every week, and we spotted that the latest update reveals some positive information for Microsoft. According to CMA, almost 75% of the 2100 public responses favor Microsoft.

Microsoft Activision Acquisition Merger
Source: CMA Document


The CMA document states that responses in Microsoft’s favor highlighted several relevant points about the gaming industry. Many gamers quickly pointed out that Sony and Nintendo are currently the market leaders.

The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch massively outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One last generation. The Japanese giants also had a much bigger and higher quality first-party output, while Microsoft struggled throughout the generation.

While Xbox Series S|X consoles are in a much better place, Microsoft missed the Game Pass subscriber target by 10 million users. Additionally, responses also pointed out Minecraft is available on all platforms. This highlights Microsoft’s approach to multiplayer titles, and users claim that a similar strategy will be implemented with Call of Duty.

However, nearly 25% of users have stated that the acquisition should not go through. These respondents reiterated previous issues like Microsoft’s possible dominance after the Activision acquisition. Many users claim that Microsoft could make Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox consoles.

Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass appears to be concerning for some users. Previously, Activision stated that Call of Duty would not come to subscription services if the merger failed. Concerned users believe that Microsoft could use this opportunity to capture a huge market segment through Game Pass.

The survey indicates that the public is siding with Microsoft. The Activision Blizzard deal is currently under close observation from regulators worldwide, and it would not be surprising to see the acquisition dragging on for several more months.

What do you think about the responses? Do you agree with the majority? Share your opinions in the comments.

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