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Microsoft Suggests COD Will Continue Supporting PS5 Features Like Haptics

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Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition is the biggest in the gaming industry and is currently pending approval from multiple regulators, including the CMA. The CMA has opposed Microsoft’s deal without remedies, to which Microsoft has published a response.

In the response, Microsoft clarified that Call of Duty would remain multiplatform. Additionally, the deal will make the franchise available to more platforms like GeForce Now and Nintendo Switch. Microsoft also said it would give Sony a decade-long deal for Call of Duty on PlayStation.

The gaming giant further confirms that exclusive PS5 features like Dualsense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will be supported.

Microsoft suggests cod will continue to support ps5 features
Source: Microsoft Document

Previously, Sony has claimed that Microsoft may try to sabotage Call of Duty for PlayStation by making the PlayStation version buggy. While this was hard to believe, Microsoft appears to have cleared the air with this response.

Sony offers exclusive support for PS5 in terms of features like adaptive triggers that create the feeling of weight on the DualSense’s trigger, adding immersion. Other features include haptic feedback, which uses vibrations on the controller to make the player feel the impact of every move in the game.

These features are currently unavailable on platforms like Nintendo and Xbox because of the innovations found only in the DualSense controller from Sony. Since the ten-year deal will extend to the next generation of PlayStation consoles, Microsoft claims that any future innovations will also be supported.

This is good news for Sony and PlayStation users who enjoy the Call of Duty franchise. The innovations found in the DualSense controller have revolutionized gaming experiences for many, and some may have found it hard to play the popular FPS franchise without these features.

However, Microsoft has assured regulators that fans can expect continued support of such features, but it remains to be seen if this will be enough to make a strong case for the acquisition.

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