David Jaffe Believes Xbox Does Not Market Game Pass’ Value Enough

God of War Creator Has Tips For Xbox!

David Jaffe, well known for the God of War and Twisted Metal franchises, was invited to a podcast with Destin, where he talked about the current era of Xbox and how Xbox can improve in order to gain more success.

When asked about things that Xbox has not done well, David Jaffe said he thinks Xbox does not market Game Pass value properly and that maybe they are waiting for the Call of Duty deal.

He stated:

There’s like 20 games, and then they’re also all on PlayStation, and it’s like to play these
on PlayStation, it would cost 685 dollars(random estimate), on Xbox 15 dollars.

I don’t think that point has been hammered home enough.

The God of War Director believes that Xbox Game Pass has tremendous potential as a platform. It allows players to try high-quality games at a cheap monthly cost, compared to the $60-70 price tag for new AAA titles.

However, Xbox has been unable to get this point across to the average consumer. Enthusiast gaming fans are already aware of Game Pass and its perks, but David Jaffe thinks Xbox should be more active in making comparisons to rival companies.

The veteran developer might be making a solid point. Recently, even Sony has admitted that Xbox Game Pass is far ahead of PlayStation Plus. While both services provide quality titles, Game Pass has the promise of high-quality games at launch.

Xbox has allowed many new creators to show their talents through the platform. Similarly, veteran developers are also happy with the subscription. The founder of Double Fine Productions believes that Xbox Game Pass allows more creativity and freedom.

Now that Game Pass has evolved into a platform with incredible value, Microsoft might be wise to implement some of David Jaffe’s advice for greater marketing efforts. This could help the gaming giant improve its position against rivals like Sony and Nintendo.

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