Dead Space 2008 first person mod

Dead Space Gets Scarier With First Person Mod

New Way To Play Dead Space!

Dead Space has become iconic in the horror games genre, with critics praising the game’s horror elements, immersive storyline, and haunting soundtrack. Recently, a remake of the game was released, featuring improved graphics and restructured level design to enhance the game while keeping all the original elements.

While Dead Space Remake is almost perfect and enhances the original game, there is still a good reason to revisit the classic game. Recently, a Youtuber named ReverseEngineeringGamer released a first-person mod for the original game, transforming the 3rd person game into a full-fledged FPS.

The game looks even scarier and more immersive in the first-person mod, mainly because players cannot see Isaac’s stats while in first-person mode. If the players decide to switch back to 3rd person mode to see the player stats, it will break the game’s immersion. The mod can also be used with VR for further immersion.

The Youtuber stated that the mod took just over five days to create, but perfecting it took additional time. The video also mentions that the mod was initially meant to be a free-roam/fly mod for the game but later changed to a first-person mod.

The fine-tuning of this mod took several months; to locate functions, compare variables, stabilize pointers, write bug-free scripts, play-test, etc.

In the comment section, he was asked if the same mod would be possible for Dead Space Remake, to which he replied, ‘Yes, it is possible to do the same with the remake, but not right now.’ This implies that the YouTuber may release a first-person mod for the remake sometime in the future.

One can only imagine how scary the remake would be with a first-person view and the jump scares of Necromorphs sneaking up behind the player.

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