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Dead Space Remake Was Developed In Less Than 2.5 Years

Hats Off To EA Motive!

Dead Space is a classic science fiction survival horror video game series first released in 2008. It was a huge success and is currently regarded as one of the best horror games. Recently, EA Motive released Dead Space Remake, revitalizing the vintage horror game.

Recently, we learned some interesting information about Dead Space Remake. While answering the questions during the EA Motive Dev AMA, a developer revealed the development duration of Dead Space Remake.

We started (the development) in September 2022

Dead Space Remake Was Developed in 2.5 years
Source: EA Motive Dev AMA

So it means the development of Dead Space Remake took less than 2.5 years. Given the size of the game and the level of complexity and polish needed, this is a remarkable feat. It is also vital to remember that the developers claimed the remake was created entirely from scratch. Developing a game of such quality in such a short period during the pandemic is a tremendous achievement.

The development team put in a lot of effort to make sure the remake stayed loyal to the original while also incorporating new elements to elevate the experience. Making the game visually appealing and faithful to the original simultaneously was a significant task for the developers.

In conclusion, the Dead Space Remake was a remarkable milestone developed in less than three years. The game is currently regarded as one of the best remakes of all time and is an excellent achievement for the EA Motive team.

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