Exoprimal Gets A Mature Rating By The ESRB

Release Date Reveal Imminent?

Exoprimal is a multiplayer third-person shooter from Capcom, the minds behind well-known gaming franchises like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. The title was announced in March last year, but no official release date has been confirmed for the game yet, except for a 2023 window.

While information about Capcom’s upcoming shooter continues to be limited, Exoprimal has now been rated by the ESRB, which could mean that a release date for the game could be revealed soon.

Exoprimal rated by the ESRB
Source: Youtube

During Capcom Cup IX, Exoprimal was revealed with an M rating from ESRB. Though the official ESRB website has not been updated with the Exoprimal rating, previous trailers for the game showed that the game had not been rated yet.

ESRB usually distributes ratings for games somewhat near the release date, which could mean that Exoprimal is coming sooner than expected. Capcom is set to release Street Fighter 6 in June, so Exoprimal might follow after the highly anticipated fighting game in the latter half of the year.

Exorprimal is set in 2040, with a dinosaur outbreak worldwide wreaking havoc upon humanity. The game is entirely focused on online multiplayer components, allowing players to engage in PVP combat as they fight against the dinosaurs. Players can also pick between multiple exosuits, which can change playstyles in combat drastically.

The highly anticipated release will be available for a wide variety of consoles and the PC platform. What are your thoughts on Exoprimal? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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