Current Final Fantasy 16 Build Needs $2000 PC For Console Like Experience

$2000 PC For Final Fantasy?

Following rumors of Final Fantasy 16 previews, new information about the game has surfaced online. This includes new gameplay footage and interviews with several developers involved in the project, addressing various subjects related to the highly anticipated title.

Speaking with 4Gamer, Naoki Yoshida addressed questions about the timed exclusive agreement with Sony for the PS5 version of the game. The Producer explained that the contract extended to receiving technical support and optimization, with Final Fantasy 16 being designed around the perks of the PS5 hardware. He said:

FF16 has relied on PS5’s performance for game design, creation, and optimisation.

This is not the first time Naoki Yoshida has praised the PS5 hardware. The developer has stated that Final Fantasy 16 will showcase the power of the PS5, utilizing the console’s architecture and innovations for an epic Final Fantasy experience that fans will enjoy.

He also pointed out that simply porting it to PC would not provide the same experience unless the PC was of high cost. The Producer said:

If you simply put this into the PC version as it is, you will not be able to have the same experience unless it is an expensive PC that costs nearly 300,000 yen (2000USD).

Currently, the game needs more work to support various PCs worldwide. Graphics cards like the GTX 1060 are still extremely popular, so the current build would not work well for most consumers.

However, this means the developers will not release the PC version anytime soon since it requires additional optimization. Yoshida stressed that Square Enix wants to maintain the quality of the game across different platforms while delivering it to as many people as possible.

Recent previews for the game focused on the combat segment of the game and showcased boss battles that have players excited about the grand scope of the next game in the legendary franchise. Final Fantasy 16 may also appear at the rumored PlayStation showcase, which will lay out the second phase of PlayStation 5.

Which platform will you be playing Final Fantasy 16 on? Let us know in the comment section below.

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