Final Fantasy 16 Previews Rumored To Be Coming Soon

Excited For Next Week!!

The beloved JRPG series is returning with the sixteenth mainline entry in the franchise, Final Fantasy 16. Square Enix has set a release date for June 22, 2023, and the game will come out as PlayStation 5 console exclusive.

While the title is currently months away from its release, recent rumors indicate that Final Fantasy 16 previews will be coming out soon.

Andy Robinson FF16 Previews Tweet

Gaming journalist Andy Robinson has hinted toward the previews, but the tweet was deleted shortly after. However, this is not the only hint point to a potential preview event.

The Skill Up Youtube channel is well-known for gaming videos and reviews, and the content creator has been known to participate in coverage for various games. He is currently in Japan, hinting at exciting news set for next week. This has led to more speculation about the initial Final Fantasy 16 rumor.

Finally, two Italian Youtubers have also claimed that a Final Fantasy 16 embargo will expire this month. These rumors combined make a strong case for the rumored event, but it would be wise to wait for an official announcement before being too excited.

While some might think it is too early for previews, Square Enix could be looking to tease the game for its appearance at an upcoming PlayStation showcase. The PlayStation event is said to highlight the second phase of the PS5, and it would not be far-fetched to imagine an appearance from the highly anticipated Final Fantasy game.

How excited are you for the next Final Fantasy title? Do you think a preview event is likely? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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