Fire Emblem Engage Becomes Second Best Selling Game On Amazon Japan

An exciting time for Fire Emblem fans!

Fire Emblem is an over three decades old tactical fantasy franchise, and the latest installment in the franchise is Fire Emblem Engage which will be released on 20 January 2023. Like every Fire Emblem game’s hype, this one has also excited many fans for the game’s release.

Fire Emblem Engage already looks to be doing well, reaching the second spot on the Amazon best sellers video games list.

Fire Emblem Engage Amazon Japan
Source: Amazon Japan

As seen above, the game is only second to Pokemon Violet on Amazon Japan. The Pokemon franchise is highly popular worldwide, so it is impressive to see Fire Emblem Engage coming very close to the most recent Pokemon release. The game is available on pre-order for 6,600 yen ( 49.78 $), and fans can finally play the game in one week.

Fire Emblem Engage carries over the traditional gameplay from the franchise. The game will take place in the continent of Elyos, where Alear, the protagonist, has to take down the ‘Divine Dragon,’ who awakens after 1000 years. The game has twelve Emblem Rings, which Alear can use to summon individual Emblems and other main characters from the Fire Emblem franchise to beat the dragon.

Furthermore, many big titles are coming in January. Games like Forspoken and One Piece Odyssey are coming out this month, but Fire Emblem Engage is selling like hotcakes in Japan. Fire Emblem Engage will be available on the Nintendo Switch platform, and the game is already looking very promising.

How excited are you to try the game? Let us know in the comments.

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