forspoken steelbooks trashed

Several Forspoken Steelbooks Have Been Abandoned In The Trash

Forspoken Steelbooks Abandoned!

Formerly known as Project Athia, Forspoken launched for PlayStation 5 and PC as a timed exclusive on January 24. Multiple trailers and gameplay videos showcased fluid combat and incredible landscapes, leading to excitement for the title.

However, the game was not well received, with criticisms such as a bland look and not much to do in the open world. While the disappointment was previously limited to criticism, a few gamers appear to have taken further action against the game.

Recently, a stranded stock of multiple Forspoken steelbook cases was discovered in a landfill.

It is unclear if the steelbooks seen above contain game discs, but a game being trashed like this is not a great sight.

While the game may have been abandoned by disappointed owners, it is also possible that retailers were unable to sell the game. This may have resulted in them eventually throwing out leftover steelbooks.

First impressions of the game were far from ideal. Forspoken was poorly received by the gaming industry, and the game currently stands at 64 on Metacritic. Most complaints about the title revolved around its open world and lack of a good story and writing at its core.

Following the poor performance, Luminous Productions recently announced that it will merge with Square Enix on May 1. However, there are still plans to release a DLC sometime in the summer.

It is clear that the launch of the game was not perfect, but future DLC could help Square Enix somewhat redeem the game. Nonetheless, Forspoken appears to have disappointed some to the extent that they threw out perfectly fine steelbooks. What did you think about Forspoken? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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