Ex-Gears of War writer and co-director Joshua Ortega teases return to the series

Gears of War 2 Co-Director Teases Return To The Franchise

Veteran Developer Returns!

The Gears franchise has become one of the flagship IPs for Microsoft over the last two console generations. While many of the developers behind the earlier Gears games have moved on to other projects, one veteran developer from the original trilogy may be returning soon.

Back in 2019, Joshua Ortega, co-director and former writer of Gears of War tweeted a list of his career accomplishment and achievements while discussing the history of the series. After almost 3 years, Joshua Ortega has retweeted the thread saying,Once again it’s on! implying the developer’s return to the Gears franchise.Β 


The last mainline game, Gears 5 was released over 3 years ago on September 10, 2019. As of right now, there is no actual confirmation of a new title but rumors have claimed that Gears 6 is under development. If true, this could mean that The Coalition will have support from one of the original minds behind the first few Gears of War games.

Gears is well known for its fast-paced gameplay, cover-based combat mechanics, and gritty aesthetic. It pioneered the way for many modern third-person shooters and continues to be relevant to this day. The series has been praised for its graphics, sound design, and storytelling, producing several sequels and spin-offs as a result.

However, recent Gears games have not had the impact of the original trilogy. While the franchise continues to push the boundaries of visuals and gameplay, fans have found themselves growing distant from the new releases. A returning developer like Joshua Ortega could put the games back on track, rejuvenating the franchise for modern audiences.

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