GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Releasing on Epic Games Store

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition To Be Released On The Epic Games Store

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition For Epic Games Store!

Over a year ago, Rockstar released the remastered version of its critically acclaimed classic GTA games:  GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas in a bundle called GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. The PC version of the game was exclusively launched for Rockstar Game’s official platform, despite the popularity of Steam and Epic Games Store.

Previously, there have been rumors about a new release of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, but now leaker Billbil-Kun has confirmed that GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is set to release on the Epic Games Store on January 19th.

Billbil-Kun is regarded as a well-known leaker and has previously leaked multiple Epic Store Giveaways. He also mentioned that the game would be on sale during the first week of launch with 50% off. He further says that he does not know about a potential Steam version, but it seems quite likely, according to a new SteamDB update.


The GTA Trilogy was met with many negative reviews on its launch. The game faced poor performance issues, various bugs, and glitches and generally didn’t look good for a remastered game. Many fans called the re-release version of the game disappointing and incomplete.

Although many updates fixed the game’s performance issues and bugs over time, it still needs plenty of updates. A mobile version of the game was also announced for iOS and Android devices and was scheduled to launch in 2022 but got delayed to sometime in early 2023.

A VR version of GTA San Andreas was also in development for Oculus Quest 2, but not much has been known about it since its announcement back in 2021, with many people wondering if they changed their minds.

Despite its bad launch, GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition has sold 14 million copies, exceeding all expectations. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments down below.

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