The Halo Franchise Might Continue To Use The Slipspace Engine

Slipspace Engine Is Here To Stay!

The Halo franchise is over two decades old, and the recent installment in the series, Halo Infinite, has not done well. The franchise has been struggling a lot since Bungie departed from the Halo franchise and 343 Industries took over its place.

Halo Infinite showed much promise before release but failed to deliver content and new additions at an acceptable rate. Many believed that 343i’s Slipspace engine was partly to blame for this failure, and rumors pointed at a switch to Unreal Engine for Halo Infinite and future games.

However, this rumor was claimed to be false, and a Linkedin profile has hinted that the franchise will likely continue to utilize the Splispace engine for Halo Infinite and future entries.

LinkedIn Profile
Source: LinkedIn

Alex Corll currently works as a Narrative lightning Artist for 343 Industries. He has been working with them for over five months now, and if you look at his experience description, it states:

Real-time lighting for narrative and cinematics utilizing 343’s proprietary Slipspace engine.

After the disastrous launch of Halo Infinite, many believed that the engine was one of the core reasons for the game’s misfortune. Still, it looks like 343 Industries don’t think that way, and they will continue to work on the Slipspace engine. While previous reports had hinted that this was the case, the LinkedIn profile has confirmed the suspicion.

This could also mean that future iterations of the game will also be based on the Slipspace Engine. 343i has likely spent a lot of time and effort to optimize the engine for Xbox hardware and current-generation technologies, so it makes sense that they would stick with it.

The developer has also stated that Halo Infinite is meant to be supported for many years post-launch, and it looks like future content will be developed with the Slipspace Engine.

What do you think about the Halo franchise? Is it best for them to stay on the Slipspace engine, or should they switch? Let us know in the comments.

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