Hunt Showdown Steam Deck

Hunt Showdown Now Works On The Steam Deck

Hunt Showdown On Steam Deck !!

The Steam Deck shook the world of gaming handhelds last year. With its capable hardware and an extensive library of games, gaming enthusiasts worldwide have enjoyed Valve’s latest hardware offering. On top of the already large library, Valve has continued to support more games on the console, adding up to over 7500 playable and verified games on the handheld.

Another game, Hunt Showdown, is now compatible with the Steam Deck. While the developers have made no official announcement, fans can now enjoy the game on the go.

The game did not previously work on the Steam Deck due to problems with the anti-cheat system. This has been a common issue across multiplayer games like Destiny 2 on Valve’s hardware in the past, but installing Proton Easy Anti Cheat Runtime on the handheld solves the problem for Hunt Showdown.

While running on lower graphical settings, it performs well, offering a great experience for a portable device. Hunt Showdown is best played with a 45 fps cap, but frame rates can drop when the game becomes more intensive.

Hunt Showdown delivers an exciting multiplayer experience where players can compete against online opponents as they fight for survival. In addition to the threat of online opponents, players also have to think about the monsters roaming around the dangerous world of Hunt Showdown.

This makes for an exciting multiplayer offering, and it is only made better with the portability of the Steam Deck. What do you think about the game? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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