Job Listing Hints At Riot Games’ Project L Coming To Consoles

Upcoming Fighting Game Is Coming To Consoles Too!

Riot Games has recently begun to branch out to different genres of gaming. With the release of Valorant (mobile version also coming in 2023), the developer launched a highly successful first-person shooter. Soon after, Riot Games also announced an upcoming fighting game, Project L, a tag-team fighter.

The game is currently in development, but an upcoming release date has not been specified. Additionally, Riot Games has not elaborated on the platforms for the game either. While Riot games have mainly focused on the PC platform exclusively, it looks like Project L might be headed to consoles.

We have spotted a new job listing for Senior Software Engineer, which suggests that the upcoming project L will not be a PC exclusive and will also be available on consoles.

Looking at the job listing states:

Design and implement solutions from ground-up or additive improvements to the build and automation process that powers our feature development on multiple platforms.

Furthermore, we noticed that the required qualification for the hiring position states:

Riot Games Project L Consoles

The desired qualifications also state:

Riot Games Project L Consoles

With all the mentions of the consoles in the hiring position, it looks like Riot games might finally be considering releasing an upcoming game on the console platform.

Compared to Valorant, fighting game console players do not have an inherent input device disadvantage over PC players. Console players can be just as effective with controllers and arcade sticks, making the genre incredibly popular on consoles like the PS4 and PS5.

Project L is a fighting game, so consoles are a natural fit for Riot’s upcoming release. FGC games such as Tekken and Street Fighter have done remarkably well on the platform, and consoles are the platform of choice for tournaments.

Additionally, recent fighting games are also incorporating cross-play into the genre. With Project L, Riot games could introduce cross-play between PC and consoles to maintain a healthy player base.

Not too long ago, it was reported that a Valorant console port might be in work, and now Riot games are hiring for Cross-Platform Development for Project L; it is clear that Riot games want to expand from just PC games.

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