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Lego’s Racing Game Reportedly Titled Lego 2K Drive

On It's Way!!

Last year it was reported that 2K had secured the Lego license for various sports games, and the publisher was set to kick off with the football game. 2K is well-known for sports franchises like the NBA games, and the publishers will expand with this deal from Lego.

The report also stated 2K and Lego were working on a new racing game with a 2023 release target. Nothing has been officially confirmed so far, but a new leak may have revealed the title of this game.

Speaking on the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast, famous leaker Nick Baker stated:

I believe I know the name of this game, which is called Lego 2k Drive; that’s the name of this game.


Previous information confirmed that the game would be set in an open world, and the developer behind the WWE games would be working on the racing game.

The game was meant to release after the Lego football game from Sumo Digital, but neither title has been officially confirmed yet. As such, Lego 2K Drive may be delayed further than expected.

The current year is already full of exciting and anticipated releases, so a delay might allow Lego some room to breathe for their new sports line-up. Since nothing is set in stone yet, it is best to wait to take information with a slight grain of salt.

The original report also believes that fans may see crossovers from IPs like Marvel, DC, and more. This deal between Lego and 2K seems exciting as it will help Lego expand, leading to more possibilities for future games.

The racing genre is currently dominated by a few major competitors, and new games could help drive more innovation for all kinds of racing games. Are you excited to try Lego 2K Drive? Please share with us in the comments.

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