Metal: Hellsinger VR Mod
Metal Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger VR Mod Makes The Thrilling Rhythmic Shooter Even Better

Metal: Hellsinger Gets VR Support!!

Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythmic first-person shooting game developed by The Outsiders. The game boasts a phenomenal soundtrack, having been nominated for The Game Awards for Best Score and Music at Game Awards.

Recently, the game got a new mod adding VR support to Metal: Hellsinger. Modder LivingFray has done a great job bringing the VR mod for Metal: Hellsinger, enhancing an already great experience.


As seen above, the VR gameplay looks like the perfect fit for the unique rhythm-based shooter, turning the game into an immersive experience. With hard-hitting music and fast-paced gameplay, Metal: Hellsinger is worth playing, even more so with the VR supports.

Metal: Hellsinger comes with a large variety of demons and enemies to face as players time their gunshots with the beat. With precisely timed shooting in sync with the music, players can unleash the full potential of their weapons for maximum damage. This mod could introduce a brand new set of players to the game, bringing the same thrilling experience to the world of VR.

The VR industry is not the biggest in terms of frequent game releases, so it is always a treat to see great new additions to the VR genre. Recently, another mod added VR support to Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Metal: Hellsinger has also joined the genre now.

If you want to try the new VR mod for Metal: Hellsinger, you can download it from NexusMods and enjoy the game. What do you think about the game? Are you going to try the new VR mod? Let us know in the comments.

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