Nintendo Most Popular US
Nintendo Most Popular US

Nintendo Is Reportedly The Most Popular Gaming Company In The US

Nintendo On Top!!

Nintendo is over three decades old, but the Japanese giant has always made the best games for its fans. The company is well known for gaming IPs like Mario, Super Smash Bro, Metroid, and many others.

While the company is the biggest giant in Japan, a recent report from Statista Consumer Insights Gaming & eSports has confirmed that Nintendo is the most popular gaming company in the United States. According to the report, Nintendo left many US giants like EA, Activision, and Blizzard Entertainment behind.

Nintendo Most Popular

Nintendo is known by 75% of the US market, and 47% of them enjoy Nintendo. Second, we have EA, well known for games like Fifa and Need For Speed, known by 52% in the US, and over 39% enjoy their games.

The reports also show that people do not always like popular companies. We have a perfect example of Roblox; though the company is known by 50% of the people in the US, only 18% of them liked the company.

The data further showed that Nintendo has three titles among the top-selling list in the US in 2022. Though the list is led by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Pokemon: Scarlet/Violet was the sixth best-selling game in the US last year. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was 8th, and Mario Kart 8 ranked 10th on the list.

Nintendo has been performing outstandingly well in recent years, becoming a massive force in the Japanese market and now in the US gaming market, while also making it to the list of best-selling games thrice in a year.

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