PlayStation’s Next State Of Play Is Reportedly Set For March

A Big Showcase Is Also Coming Before June!

For many fans, the State of Play and PlayStation Showcase are the year’s most anticipated events. This highly anticipated event has the gaming community excited, as it is an opportunity for Sony to showcase its cutting-edge products, upcoming games, and innovative services.

Luckily, PlayStation users won’t have to wait too long before the event takes place. The next PlayStation State of Play is quickly approaching, and as reported by Jeff Grubb, a renowned video game journalist, it is slated to take place in March. While talking on the Game Mess Decides Podcast, Grubb said:

There’s going to be a State of Play here pretty soon. It will be a pretty low-key State of Play, but very soon.

However, according to Jeff Grubb, this year’s event will likely be low-key and won’t feature many games. Sony is reportedly saving bigger games for a Playstation Showcase scheduled before June, essentially before E3.

They are apparently saving stuff for actual PlayStation Showcase that will likely come before E3 time (before June)

We are unsure which games will be announced in the upcoming State of Play event. A gameplay video of Spider-Man 2 should make the fans excited about the game again. with the showcase serving as the perfect stage to reveal gameplay for this much-anticipated title. However, there is potential for even bigger reveals.

The significance of PlayStation events in 2023 cannot be overstated. The gaming giant has not conducted a major showcase since 2021, so it would serve as an excellent opportunity for fans and gaming enthusiasts to get a glimpse at the future of the PlayStation 5 platform.

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