Users Reporting Poor PC Performance For Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The Stuttering Saga Continues!

Poor video game optimization leads to stuttering and other noticeable performance hiccups that ruin the overall experience, and recent games have showcased a plethora of stuttering and frame-rate issues. The latest game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, might be gearing up to launch with similar problems, hinting that the awful trend of stuttering in new-generation video games is here to stay.

The popularity of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – a soul-like game developed by the team behind the Nioh franchise – that has attracted a plethora of players from all corners of the world is indisputable. Many users have recently tried the new demo and reported poor PC performance when playing the game, which has frustrated and dissatisfied them.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PC

The poor performance of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on PC is compounded by several factors. One of the most prominent reasons might be the shader & loading stutters, which cause stutters whenever new areas are loaded. These problems also exist on high-end systems, as the users with the latest hardware report the same issues. A user on ResetEra reported that they couldn’t get a smooth 60 FPS experience on any mode using an RTX 30 series card.

Couldn’t get a steady 60fps with a 3070 @ 1080p on any mode.

An easy solution to low frame rates on an optimized title would be to reduce the graphic settings in the game. However, the shader compilation stutter is not affected by graphical settings, and many users are reporting that this has not made any difference in the performance.

Another user on Steam Forum with a top-of-the-line graphics card reported that the game is not utilizing the full potential of their graphics card. So it is possible that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is also plagued with CPU Bottlenecks, causing the players to encounter choppy or slow gameplay.

Similar shader stutter problems were noticed with The Calisto Protocol and Dead Space, and now it seems Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is next in line. Hopefully, the developers will take these complains serious and start working on an update for the latest release and better optimization of their games.

Have you tried Wo Long’s Demo? How was your experience with the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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