PS5 Sees Over 3x Boost In Sales Numbers With Over 70k Units In Japan Last Week

3x Sales boost!

Japan has been the home of PlayStation, and the console has traditionally seen huge success in the region. However, stock shortages and supply problems have caused hurdles for the PS5 in various regions, including Japan.

While recent sales numbers have been disappointing for PlayStation in Japan, Famitsu’s latest report shows a huge 3x boost in weekly PlayStation 5 sales.

PS5 Japan Sales
Source: Famitsu

Though Switch remains on top and going solid, PlayStation 5 has seen a huge boost in sales in Japan over the previous week. Looking at last week’s sales records from Famitsu, PlayStation 5 had sold 18.8k units, and the current 70k number shows that this is one of the biggest PlayStation 5 sales weeks after its launch.

Moreover, the PlayStation 4 sold over 3.1k units, surpassing both Xbox Series X and S combined, which gathered 910 units this week. This is surprising given Microsoft’s recent push in Japan. The Xbox Series X|S consoles have also been doing much better in the region, but it looks like Sony has come out on top this week.

The SVP of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kiichiro Urata, recently stated that Sony is working on improving PlayStation 5 supply in Japan, and it looks like we can already see the results. The console has finally started picking up the pace, and fans can expect similar sales in the coming weeks for PlayStation 5.ย 

It is great to see that Sony is delivering on what it promised, and PlayStation’s future looks promising in Japan. What do you think about this rise in PlayStation 5 sales in Japan? Please let us know in the comments.

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