Sony Working On Huge Increase For PS5 Supply In Japan

Big Increase In PS5 Supply Incoming!

Sony has recently announced the winners of the PlayStation Partner Awards 2022. Games like Elden Ring have proven to be favorites at the PlayStation Partner Awards, while smaller titles like Stray have also received a lot of praise.

However, before the announcement ceremony, SVP of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kiichiro Urata, stated that Sony is working on drastically improving PlayStation 5 supply in Japan.

Playstation 5

Kiichiro Urata said that the current situation and production are progressing at a pace that is better than expected. PS5 has already crossed 2 million sales in Japan, while it has sold over a 25million units worldwide as of November 2022, and the numbers will likely continue to increase.

Moreover, he also talked about the challenging economic environment. He elaborated on Sony’s plans for the holiday season and beyond, hinting at the future of PlayStation 5 in Japan. He said,

“In Japan, we have already established a system that will allow us to significantly increase the number of PS5 units supplied over the year-end and  New Year holidays.”

While many games will still be released on last-generation consoles in 2023, several new titles will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. As such, it makes sense for Sony to increase PS5 supply in the coming months. Additionally, upcoming PlayStation games like Spider-Man 2 are confirmed to be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Despite the chip shortage, Sony has been doing its best to fulfill the fans’ expectations. PlayStation 5 is still doing great, and highly anticipated titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy 16 should help it reach new heights next year.

What do you think about Sony increasing the PlayStation 5 supply in Asia? Please let us know in the comments.

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