Job Listing Hints At Ray-Traced Lighting For The Division 2

Ray Traced Lighting Support For The Division 2?

Update: We have spotted another job listing posted on 14th January, and this time, Ubisoft is looking for a Lighting Artist for The Division 2. The new job posting further strengthens our coverage of the possibility of Ray-traced lighting coming to The Division 2.

The Division 2 Ray Tracing
Job Listing For Lighting Artist(The Division 2)

Original Story: Last year in early 2021, The Division 2 got a next-Gen update, adding higher resolution and 60FPS support on the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles. However, this patch did not include additional graphical features.

However, a new job listing has now hinted at an exciting feature for the game. We noticed that Ubisoft is looking for a Senior Lighting Artist for the game, and Ray-traced lighting could soon be coming to The Division 2.

The Division 2 Ray Traced Lighting
Job Listing for Senior Lighting Artist [The Division 2]
Ray tracing is not a new concept for the gaming industry, and it can breathe new life into older games. Ubisoft could be looking to do the same for The Division 2, but the job listing explicitly mentions RT lighting, so it would not be far-fetched to assume that techniques like ray-traced reflections might be out of the equation.

Furthermore, Ubisoft is no stranger to ray tracing either. Previous titles like Watchdogs Legion featured support for real-time ray-traced reflections, providing detailed reflections across the game.

Ubisoft could implement techniques like Ray-traced global illumination to give The Division 2 a brand new look, enhancing an already great-looking game. Previous titles like Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition have shown the transformative effects of RT lighting, and Ubisoft might be gearing up to capture audiences with similar enhancements.

Additionally, The Division 2 already supports Nvidia’s DLSS on PC. As such, a form of ray tracing would be the perfect match for the title. Modern consoles have also proven to be reasonably competent regarding ray tracing, so fans across all platforms should be able to enjoy the enhancements.

The future looks exciting for The Division 2, and RT lighting could provide players with a new kind of experience. What do you think about this, and how excited would you be for The Division 2 with potential RT lighting support?

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