Redfall Will Require A Persistent Internet Connection For Single Player

Redfall Going Online Only!

Redfall is one of the most anticipated games of the year, which will come out on 2 May 2023 as an Xbox console exclusive. The game comes from Arkane studios, best known for developing single-player games like the Dishonored franchise.

Now that the game is just some months away from its release, Bethesda replied to some most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on their official website. We spotted that one of the answers states the game needs an active internet connection, even for a single-player mode.

Bethesda Redfall FAQ's

Bethesda answered many questions that were frequently asked by the fans. However, one of the questions asked if Redfall requires an online connection for single-player and co-op. Bethesda team replied with the following:

A persistent online connection is required for single-player and co-op.

While single-player should not require an online connection, it looks like Bethesda has decided to make Redfall an online-only game. Fans are usually not too happy about this decision for any new game since it limits the replayability of said games if the servers are closed down the line.

Games like Destiny have previously incorporated an online-only approach. However, those games are mainly focused on multiplayer experiences. Redfall was compared to Far Cry by the developers, but this discovery means that the game has a much bigger online focus than Ubisoft’s franchise.

Redfall could be a massive departure for Arkane Studios since the development team has made a name for themselves based on their single-player titles. Fans have come to love Dishonored, Prey, and more, but it looks like Redfall will be a new kind of game for Arkane Studios.

Like every other Xbox Game Studios title, Redfall will be available on Game Pass from day one. Let us know your thoughts on Redfall being online only in the comments.

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