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Major Gaming Reviewers Have Not Received Forspoken Review Codes

This Is Concerning!

Forspoken is a brand-new title from Square Enix that is launching as a console exclusive for the PlayStation 5. Fans have typically come to expect a certain level of quality from games associated with PlayStation, but the recent news surrounding Forspoken has many concerned about the upcoming release.

Some video game reviewers and journalists have now reported that they have not received any review codes from Square Enix for their upcoming title Forspoken, raising some red flags for the game.

Andy Robinson, the owner of VGC, just confirmed in a tweet that they won’t be publishing an early review of the game because of a lack of review codes.

The well-known video game critic from Windows Central, Jez Corden,  also stated that he had not been sent a review code for Forspoken.

A popular reviewer with nearly 900k Youtube subscribers, SkillUp reports a similar story. Additionally, SkillUp also states that seven major outlets have not received review codes.

For now, it’s unclear how many reviews we will get on Monday. As stated earlier, Forspoken review embargo lifts just one day before release. Typically, a review this late is bad news for users because they typically do not have enough time to cancel their pre-orders if the game does not live up to expectations.

Moreover, late review embargos also show a lack of confidence from the publisher and developer. Forspoken is not among the biggest games of 2023, but there has been a fair amount of anticipation for the game. However, impressions from the recent demo have been less than stellar, and the review situation also sounds concerning.

If you plan on buying Forspoken, you may want to use this news as a precautionary measure. It is entirely possible that the game will be great despite the limited review codes and late review embargo, but it would be wise to wait for further information to make the best decision. Forspoken is set to release on January 24, 2023, exclusively on PC and PS5.

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